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Prom Dress didn't fit :(

I got my prom dress in the mail today and I was so excited to try it on. It came from China and we ordered it last Tuesday which was really fast. So I did and it didn't fit. Oh my god. I ordered it in a US size 6 which is what I normally wear in dresses due to my bust being a size 6 and my waist and hips a size 4. It had the measurements also on the websites. It probably is a Chinese size 6. On the order form and tag it says US size 6 and I had my mom measure my bust and it was a little bit less than the bust measurement for the size 6 that was on the website. When I tried the dress on I tried it with a bandeau top and a strapless bra and sucked my gut in. But it still did not fit. Smiley Sad 

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

I didn't go to my junior prom actually. My mom wanted me to wear all these dresses that were made for older women and she wanted me to take my older brother as my date because he missed out on both of his proms to due him forgetting to buy a ticket each time. We clashed so much over it that I decided to have a spa night with my sister instead and she got upset that I did that.


Thanks so much for the advice! 

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

First, take a deep breath. And another one. I am 30+ years out from my senior prom (anyone remember Gunny Sack dresses?) and I know the world won't end. 


Second, go watch "Meet Me In St Louis". Heck, Judy Garland is great, there are some great songs, and there is a point to this. It will at least distract you. 


Now, go check out some consignment stores. Seriously. My niece went to her prom at least 2 weeks ago. Does everyone in your whole area have the prom so late? If not, you will find shops that just sell Prom dresses. The prices will be great, the dress might not even have been worn, and the best part is you can try it on. Is it your "dream dress"? Maybe not, but it might still be wonderful. And being at the prom is something you should not miss if you want to go. 

Get something that looks fine, save perfect for another occasion (I promise there will be others and have the dresses to prove it), and an attitude that all of these women know I am fabulous helps a lot. 


Sorry, I don't still have that Gunny Sack dress to lend you. LOL! 

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

Proms here in NY vary depending on where you live and go to school. It usually is in the same time frame as graduation which is usually 1-2 weeks. Private schools usually finish earlier than public schools so their proms and graduations are late April to mid may. Some of the public schools in my area have already had their proms and they graduate the week before or the same weekend I do. My school likes to have prom 3 days before graduation so we can get all the tears and goodbyes out. Prom is on June 20 and graduation is June 23.   I LOVE this dress. But it isn't my dream dress though. I'm saving that for when I get married which isn't for a longggggg time.

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

I emailed the company who I bought the dress from and I attached pictures of the measurements I took and they said they mixed up the size and thought we ordered a size 2 instead of a size 6. They are giving me a full refund and they'll reimburse us for the shipping charges to ship it back. My dad talked to a friend of his this morning who is the manager of the store where he gets his suits from and his friend's wife is the manager of a bridal salon that makes all kinds of formal dresses ranging from wedding to quinceanera gowns which is right across the street from the suit shop. *insert derp face and face palm*  She called and told me to come in and try some other dresses. So we made an appointment for Tuesday after school. She is giving me a 50% discount on the dress I choose at her store. She said also if my dad had spoken to her husband earlier, she would have made me a custom dress. Things are looking up! Smiley Happy Thanks ladies for giving me advice! I feel a lot better and a lot less stressed about it!

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

Glad to hear this ILoveToPurplefy!I can certainly empathize with you. I've purchased some items from overseas and it's almost always been a miss. Yes, it's cheaper but the time it takes for delivery and the cost of alternations is almost never worth the garment's price. I purchased a 'custom' gown many years ago for $50. $150 later my seamstress was able to 'fix' the rushed job.


Please be sure to keep us posted on your new dress! I'm excited to see it.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

yes! Please post pics of your new dress. I am so happy for you!

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

I'm sorry they screwed this up on you, but I'm glad things are looking up. Good luck at the dress shop. My advice is try on everything you vaguely like until you find something. Some things just look totally different on the hanger vs on you. I was looking fora formal dress once and in desperation tried on something I thought was far too fussy. It fit me like a glove and looked stunning. (That is how I found out a sweetheart neckline and dropped waist look great on me and my wedding dress had the same style.) Don't give up until you exhaust all possibilities, and I hope you find something great much sooner than that!


Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

@ilovetopurplefy- YAY! I'm so happy for you see all the positive vibes you got pulled you through. I can't wait to see your new dress!Smiley Happy

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(



Don't feed bad, I am usually a size small or xsmall and my friend brought me back some pants from china and they were a size XL and they fit me perfectly!


Try looking in stores so you can try all the dresses on! Make a day of itSmiley Happy When I had my prom that's what I did with my friends so that I could get a 2nd option on the dress.

<3 Melissa

Re: Prom Dress didn't fit :(

Oh my god, the same thing happened to me with my junior prom. I ordered a $400, beautiful dress from this website called When it came in the mail, like three days before the prom, it was the wrong size, the wrong COLOR (oh my god, it was hideous), and it was way too long. I ended up ordering from with expedited shipping. It was about the same price as the other, but it was beautiful, and I was so happy with it. My hair was another story... :'(

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