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Products everyone else loves that you're just kinda 'eeehhhh...' on.

This is not a place to bash any one product, but to get a different view of things. We see all the time what people like, but what about what they don't like? So my question is simple:


What's that product, or products, that everyone seems to adore and hype about that you aren't that fond of or just don't like? 


♥ For me it's the Urban Decay NAKED palettes, though the NAKED 3 is growing on me the more I see it swatched, they just don't appeal to me. I bought NAKED 1, used it for a bit, and then never touched it again after I bought the Lorac Pro Palette. It just seemed so much better. 8 mattes, 8 shimmers, and a black and dark brown that meant business. What more could I ask for? So my NAKED palette is getting exchanged for something else.


♥ My other 'ehhh' product has to be MAC Carbon. It's suppoed to be a great black shadow but mine is chalky and really doesn't do anything for me. 


♥ Benefit They're Real Mascara. Nope.


Re: Products everyone else loves that you're just kinda 'eeehhhh...' on.

I'm going to be a rebel (can't believe I'm doing this) and say that ALL makeup palettes leave me feeling "ehhh."  I've never been a fan.  For some reason, I love picking out my colors individually.  I tend to do a monochromatic eye shadow look for daytime anyway, in some sort of neutral color, so it's easier to just have one shadow to keep turning to.  So far, I like Nars, Stila, and the Sephora eye shadows, and the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks.  



Re: Products everyone else loves that you're just kinda 'eeehhhh...' on.

I hate to say it because I feel like I'm the only person on Earth that doesn't like it, but I wasn't thrilled with the Clarisonic.  I gave it 2 months, but I truly saw no change whatsoever.  I was so disappointed because I was expecting amazing results!

Re: Products everyone else loves that you're just kinda 'eeehhhh...' on.

Reader beware. This post is fueled with PMS cattiness.


- Benefit Porefessional Primer: I still have some of this left but I swear this makes my t-zone oilier. Breaks up my foundation.

- Benefit They're Real Mascara: I have long lashes and lots of them... but this it makes it look like I only have two on each eye. Horrendous.

- Macadamia Oil Treatment Masque: Very average. I don't understand the hype behind this at all. Plain old organic coconut is much better for my bleached hair than this mask.

- YSL Rouge Volupte: Feel free to attack me. Yes, pretty packaging. The formula doesn't last on me and it bleeds like crazy.

- MUFE HD Foundation: Great color selection. I find the formula soooooo meh. I swear it feels & wears like the any drugstore L'Oreal foundation.

- Chanel Skincare, actually most high-end skincare: I like to see some science behind my skincare. Sure, I've been suckered in by nice packaging and the oh so luxness or even "OHHH it's newwww" but some of these high-end formulations are disgraceful. I mean some products actually contain ingredients that are cell damaging. Also, no thanks to perfume on my face.

Re: Products everyone else loves that you're just kinda 'eeehhhh...' on.

Yes to several primers (w silicone) making me OILIER, I swear, you're not imagining it.  Gross. Agreed -- "breaks up foundation" is a great description.

Re: Products everyone else loves that you're just kinda 'eeehhhh...' on.

I know some people commented how it actually reduced oil. And I'm just thinking to myself? waah?

Re: Products everyone else loves that you're just kinda 'eeehhhh...' on.

It's the worst thinking something's gonna be great, but isn't. Haha. i have a couple.

First, Revlon Colorstay foundation. I have the one for dry skin, yet it always makes me skin look cakey and... dry. And I'm not super impressed with the color selection either. The coverage is nice though!

Also Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick. I got this as a sample expecting great things, and to my dismay it showed up very brown on me. Just didn't do it for me.

And I wouldn't really consider this one too hyped, but Tarte's Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation. I was looking for something like Bare Minerals, but... better? And while the color was perfect, it accentuated my pores so bad, and I had to use tons of product just to cover anything. I returned it.