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Pretty pets

540002_184664888323231_1963853766_n.jpgShow me your pretty pets! Smiley Happy Here's Mikey - Mikey is no longer with us, but for a short time, Mary really did have a little lamb! Smiley Happy

Re: Pretty pets

Oh Mary - the pic of you with Mikey the Lamb - This is Bliss. Smiley Happy


I think most of us know that I go a bit crazy over animal pics - but this is in a category all by itself. Can you tell us the story of Mikey and how he came to reside in your home, life and heart?


You're like Snow White with all kinds of animals flocking to you. So very Sweet.


I have to learn to post pics, I'd love for you all to see my beloved, and often mentioned Greyhound, Brinny, and those who came before her.


Thanks for this Awesome thread Mary. Smiley Happy

Re: Pretty pets

Dogs44a.JPGHouse Pictures 043.jpg33.jpgMy babies! Smiley Happy <3

Re: Pretty pets

Both of your dogs are adorable! Is the tan colored one a Shiba Inu? Do you know what breed the white fluffy one is?

Re: Pretty pets

Thank you! Yes, he is a shiba inu, his name is Tanner. And the white fluffy one is a pomeranian, his name is Toby. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Pretty pets

Lets see...daves cell 002.jpgfrom the left was Mel (Melody) who past away...

then it's Maddie with the pink collar  who also passed away....

Then it's My baby Sadie <3

daves cell 014.jpgHere is Felicia and Bear..



daves cell 025.jpgBoodro

311362_316534225025679_707943217_n.jpgAnd Finally Katie

They are all located in Arizona living with my grandparents, Uncle, brother and cousin.


In Oregon, living with my aunt is....



With me currently:



Re: Pretty pets

I'm so glad you have your little Buddy with you - I was getting a bit sad there for a while. I'm sorry you've lost 2 of your cats but I know all of the love & laughter remain to turn those sad tears into happier ones. They are all so beautiful. Smiley Happy

Re: Pretty pets

Thanks....Ya, unfortunately I can't stuff all of them in a 20ft trailer  

Re: Pretty pets




This is Sheridan, or Sher Sher for short. We adopted her from a no kill organization called M.E.O.W. Foundation 9 years ago now when she was a year old. Her previous owner dumped her at a construction site when she became pregnant, but luckily she was taken in by M.E.O.W. and came into our lives! She's the best cat and I can't imagine my life without her.

Re: Pretty pets

You're so lucky to have found each other!  She's so pretty!

Re: Pretty pets

We are incredibly lucky! Both of my parents have had lots of different cats in their lives (especially my dad) and they both say they've never seen a cat like her. And I agree, animals aren't disposable and I would love to meet the person who dumped her and give him a piece of my mind!

Re: Pretty pets

Yes, animals aren't disposable but, some people don't seem to get it.


If you find the jerk who dumped Sheridan, Please Call Me - I'll go with you to give him what for - I've got your back there, for sure! Smiley Happy

Re: Pretty pets

Animals are not disposable!! Why don't people understand this?


I'm thankful for M.E.O.W. and thankful for the loving home Sheridan found. She's much better off with you. She's a beauty and she's clearly well loved and cared for. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Pretty pets

My babies:



Re: Pretty pets

They are beautiful!

Re: Pretty pets

My Goodness! They are sooooo gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen such long beautiful whiskers in my entire life (well, except for the guys in ZZ Top + Duck Dynasty)

They're beautiful, would you like to share their names? It's okay if you don't want to, sometimes people use their pets names in passwords etc. So I understand why you might not want to mention your cats names. Smiley Happy

Maybe I'll make up names for them on my own. 

Re: Pretty pets

They're soo adorableSmiley Happy!

<3 Melissa

Re: Pretty pets

This is my baby Bishop:

(Crested Eyelash Gecko)

too cute.jpghandsome lizard modeling school.jpgI love him and can't wait to get more animals...a cat, bunny and hedgehogs on the way. (:

Re: Pretty pets

I love lizards, so cute!!!

Re: Pretty pets




*calamity knocks over the computer chair/runs and hides like a little girl*

Re: Pretty pets

Oh, Calamity - It's like we we're living parallel lives for just a brief 'freak-out' moment - I just love the way you make me laugh! Smiley Very Happy


I was trying to think of the right words but I had Nothing! Luckily You had something big-time - I couldn't have worded it better if I tried! Thanks for the laugh, it came at just the right moment. Smiley Happy

Re: Pretty pets

Oh bvnny, I won't lie - like **calamity** (post below) I had a bit of a fright for a moment there. I'm not a lizard girl but the more I look at Bishop the more endearing things I see. He's so tiny and I love the way he holds onto your finger with his little hands (do you call them hands?) He's got a cute little nose & mouth, he gives the term 'lizard lips' a new, cuter meaning. I think many of us may like the Geico Gecko - how far removed are lizards from gecko's? They're kinda like cousins, I think. I can see why he's your baby & why you love him. I also love your love for him.


Hedgehog! Hedgehog! Did you say you're getting a Hedgehog?? I wanted a Hedgehog in the Worst way, I was making plans & getting ready......until....I found out what I have to feed them!!!!! Deal-Breaker!!


I'd love to see pics when you get him, they are so incredibly adorable and I wish I had a friend who had one so I could do the sweet, loving. fun stuff I wanted and not the.....'other' stuff. Thanks for sharing your pic.



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