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Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Ladies, I am DYING to see what everybody ends up hauling as you come off your March no-buys.  I know some folks will be extending their no-buys until April 11 too.  If you haven't hauled yet, what are you planning?  And pictures please! ^_^


For myself, I'm pretty sure I will be taking home that lovely Too Faced Sweethearts blush at looooooong last!  So excited!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I also brought the one in Dim. Love it, use it everyday. I also want to pick up either Diffused or Mood next.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I have Diffused because my skin is more yellow-toned with some red areas and I don't like to add more pink than I have to (except blush).  I love how finely milled this powder is, it seems super high quality to me.  Also love that it gives a very soft, subtle glow to my skin without using any sparkles or glitter at all!  From what I understand Ethereal, Dim and Diffused are more all-over setting powders whereas the other three are shimmery enough to use as highlighters.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I've got so much on my shopping list, I don't know what I'm ultimately going to decide on! Here are a few things I'm debating:

Make Up Forever Lip Line Perfector

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse (and also the Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner)


Dr Jart+ BB Cream Set


LORAC Private Affair Collection (or maybe the PRO Palette, because I've heard such awesome things about it!)

And I guess that it was maybe a blessing in disguise that I never got the VIB email about the eye cream, because it's less temptation to spend before the event on the 11th. Last year I just got an empty tote and the umbrella...the store near me is really crappy about giving out samples. The sales associates like to hover, but if you ask them for samples they seem annoyed. Oye. I find the mods here and on the Sephora fb page are super nice, though. I wish I could clone them and bring them to my local Sephora!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Nice haul, what do you think of the Dr. Jart BBs and the Lorac Palette?


Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I purchased the Dr. Jart BB cream set a while ago, and I figured I would let you know that they are all different shades.


It's great to try out all of the different ones. But if you could get to the store and ask for samples, then you can save the money on the set and get the full size of the one you really like Smiley Happy I did some swatches for you in order of the photo above.


Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I'm waiting on something to arrive, then I will post the sum total of goods as well as a picture, will probably have it up by Thursday with good weather and shipping speed willing! Smiley Tongue

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Ah I can't wait! I was SO very low on my clinique take the day off remover, and then they had the promo for the SB CC cream sample, so i had to order then lol. I got that and then origins  white tea toner, and i was low on my clinique gel moisturizer so i ordered that little over a week ago... so that knocked off a few things from my list


then i got a renewed vib 10% code LOL. and they had that plantscription eye cream offer SOo.... hmm yea i got the SB under eye primer, which my sample ran out and unexpectedly tried the new nars concealer... haha and i still have to get during vib wk- a new mufe fdn, the sb cc cream, my fresh soy cleanser and now that i exchanged the concealer today, i saw the mufe 28 purple lippie Smiley Happy *sigh, deep breath*

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I'm going to wait til after April 11th to post my haul. But I did end up getting another 217 brush from Mac and other items from Mac today! I also got non beauty items as well. I'll post them all together!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

ok i feel like everyone has that 217 brush but me!  LOL.  I have a Macy's coupon so I'll have to remember to check out that brush next time I swing by the MAC counter.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I wish the coupons worked on beauty lol. I still want the 217 and a few others, that aren't like the sigma versions.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

That brush is amazing! I did my whole eyeshadow look with that brush today. So fluffy...Maybe I'll post what I brought today here later. 

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

at least post a close-up of the 217!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Anything for you drrragon! I'll post it tonight.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Heheheeee yay thanks!!! <3

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Heres the things I brought today,
Non Beauty:

I got some things from Victoria's Secret
A pair of Ray Bans
Michael Kors Bag
Coach Wristlet
A Northface jacket.



Mostly Mac items
Got another 217 brush and 168 from Mac

(Compare to UD brush that comes in the Naked 2 palette)

Another Beauty Blender to replace my worn out one
Melba blush from Mac

3 paint pots(Frozen Violet, Let Me Pop, and Chilled on Ice)

4 shadows(Pink Venus, Girlie, Mythology and Pro Long eyeshadow in Mauveless)

Mac Mineralize Lipstick in Posh Tone

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Juicy Melon

Benefit Ultra Plush gloss in Poutrageous

Whew that was pretty long.


Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I freaking love that Michael kors bag and if I wasn't about to be dead broke from my sephora/ulta haul that I'm about to drop big bucks on, I would totally buy it! But, I have had my eye on that coach wristlet for awhile, even though I already have one, but I missed the last 25% off coupon I had so I'm waiting for the next one to roll around!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

yeah that MK and Coach looks beautiful together!!!!  and you really did a closeup of the 217, LOL!  I love the new lippies and the pinky eyeshadows.  Wow you took major closeups of EVERYTHING!  Your pix are usually so interesting to look at...i think because of the interesting framing/angles you use.  Plus the black background for the lippies makes the colors so vibrant!!!


Awesome haul!  I can't believe you're gonna do another at sephora, haha!



Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

LOL Sephora haul will have to wait till the 11th. Super excited though

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Is the chilled on ice paint pot very similar to bare study? I use bare study everyday but I saw that and thought it looked pretty. I will definitely pick up the frozen violet though!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Chilled on Ice is very similar to bare study except Chilled on Ice has a bit more colored shimmers, its more vibrant in color.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Ooooh I'm jealous, the Micheal Kors bag is soooo cute and I absolutely love the color of the Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Smiley Happy

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I love the color of it too except its a lot sheer(er?) lol Its not as vibrant yet its not sticky. Goes on smooth too.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I don't know why my pictures are hella HUGE, sorry for taking space everyone

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

LOL, go big or go home! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I came home to a mailbox (and porch) of goodies from a variety of sources! I'm overwhelmed- and I have another Sephora order due to arrive tomorrow!
 (And one the day after that... and I went to the mall this past weekend. However, it's my birthday this week so it's the one time I splurge this much.)



Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes- Fuller Fudge

Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes- Massive Midnight

MUFE Aqua Cream- Purple



VIB Cartier Baiser Voile Spray



Dior Lilac Colorvision

Chanel Rouge Fatal

SquareHue box

Nail wheels and sticks (I swatch on nail sticks and group per color for ease of reference)



Benefit Fake Up

Soap and Glory

YSL Touche Eclat

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