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Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Ladies, I am DYING to see what everybody ends up hauling as you come off your March no-buys.  I know some folks will be extending their no-buys until April 11 too.  If you haven't hauled yet, what are you planning?  And pictures please! ^_^


For myself, I'm pretty sure I will be taking home that lovely Too Faced Sweethearts blush at looooooong last!  So excited!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Oddly enough, I really haven't been even thinking of buying makeup or skincare for the past couple of weeks! I guess I'll get some more GLO whitening gel at the 15% off sale because at $45 a pack, it's crazy to pay full price and I'm going to run out in about 1 1/2 months. Now I'll actually have to think about what to get, using my huge backlog of stuff lately has really brought home the fact that I have duplicates of duplicates of back-ups....

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Yay for blush buying, Drrragon!!!


Funny thing is, within the past few days I realized how much stuff I ran through!


I finished up my conditioner, shower gel, face lotion, foundation, mascara, and even realized my flats were getting worn on the back heel!


Luckily I had my hair and body stuff stocked up already, but soon enough I'll be snagging another tube of Fairy Drops Scandal Queen on Amazon (still sad that Sephora discontinued it), and I'm on the market for another foundation, but there's not a huge rush as I still have tinted moisturizers and some fuller coverage foundations.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!


So I ordered a few items from philosophy that we have talked about. The package arrived at my place but I am out of town. Cant wait to get home and open it Smiley Happy

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Ooooo, nice! That's almost even better, you get to come home to presents!!!!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Yeah, I ran through a bunch of stuff, but still have a lot of replacements in the wings. I finished Dr Dennis Gross Eye Cream, PTR Unwrinkle Pads, Biore Face wash, a couple of mostly empty bottles of shampoo, First Aid Beauty 4-1 cream and almost all of my Dior Creme Abricot. The no-buy actually did me a lot of good in that it kept me out of ULTA and other deadly traps and made me use up stuff that was just sitting around.


All in all a good thing, and I'm in it until April 11th, at least!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Yeah, luckily I had replacement/replenishment items too!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

@drrragon - you should def get that blush it looks so pretty!    


Well I was going to buy that big too faced kit i had been eyeing for a while, but when I went on line last night it was gone. Oh well.  I am extending my no buy till April 11th, although i did allow myself to buy the blinc amplified mascara and the benefit fake up concealer.  my new motivation for staying on no buy - I was able to pay off my credit card over the weekend!!!!! wow was that liberating!  Now I just have my department store card to pay off! yay!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Wow lady! This is great news. I'm proud of you, keep it up!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

@drrragon - I am so excited to try Blinc Amplified! Thank you for telling me about it!  I will let you know how it is!  Did you get your stuff from Trish? 


@Fabz - awwweeeee thanks!  its a weight off my shoulders. i am proud of myself too, but there's no way i could have done it without the help of all of you here!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

ooh quenbee you gotta come back and let us know how you like the Blinc Amplified!!!  I am soooo curious! Smiley Happy

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!


Package came today and soooo excited to try out the Blinc Amplified Mascara! What a let down - this version of their mascara is very dry and took 3 coats to get any length and volume!  Also ended up with some mascara on my eyelids kind of like eyeliner just in the center.  Not a big fan and will not purchase again (I actually like the l'oreal double extend from the drugstore better).   havent tried the concealer yet. I will try to post a pic of my haul 

1 Blinc amplified mascara

2 benefit fake up light

3 Cartier basked vole sample

4 FAB face cleanser

5 fresh soy face cleanser

6 FAB dual repair face cream deluxe sample





Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

nope didn't work - drat

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

That's awesome queenbee! 

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Well, I HAVE to take advantage of the Origins Plantscription eye cream promo, altho I was almost unable to due to clumsiness on my part when ordering (but thanks to the mod here, I got one). I ordered Koh Gen Do premium powder with it, cuz it's online only and the $70 price tag doesn't hurt as much when I know I'm getting a $40 free item with it. Since my credit card is not charged until today, does this count as......ok, nvm.


When I go instore, I really just want the bag of samples and nothing else, so I just intend to buy the SPF lotion for my ma (she's running out of it).

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!



I keep reading about a bag of samples that you have mentioned. Last year my friend only got a tote with nothing in it. So this year every store will give out a bag of sample for VIBs or just depend on the stores? Thanks.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

It depends on the store. From what one store associate told me, the company does not provide stores with samples for specific events, so whether or not they give away samples, and what kind and how much depends on the inventory of individual store. The big Sephora I usually go to just gave me an empty bag , but the little Sephora that I went to for the last event actually set aside samples for VIB periodically just so they can have good samples for these kind of events. So, yeah, call the store you want to go and ask about bag of samples. =/

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

I can't wait for the samples! Last year the samples kind of sucked but I got an umbrella that I use all the time.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

Oh I got that umbrella last year too. i was expecting a compact little thing, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was a big golf umbrella! I didn't get any samples or anything else either!   I wonder what they will do this year!

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

*rubs hands together*


Oh man. I'm planning on getting a lot of natural skincare/makeup from Sprouts. They are doing away with a few lines so everything is on sale in the sale section. There's all natural lipbalms, cleansers, scrubs, masks, toners, day creams, eye creams, blushes, lipglosses,  night creams, serums etc. Hold me back y'all.


From drugstore I need mascara and some more rimmel london stay matte powders.


From cosmetic company outlets I need origins youthtopia foundation in 02 and 03 shades. And maybe some MAC stuffs too.


From Sephora I need Benefit Fake up concealer, and KVD foundation and I'm not going in the store until that foundation is back in stock. It was supposed to be back at the end of march, its now april and still sold out.

Re: Post-No-Buy HAULS for April!!!!!

lol i was just saying on another thread, how could you not take advantage of the origins promo . I usually miss them but i happened to be checking my email when i got it and then i ran to Sephora on my break =P

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