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Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

OK, raise your hand if you overspent. *raises hand*


I was doubly bad because my Nordstrom Spring Beauty Trend Show was smack in the middle of Chic Week. For those who have attended, you know how insane the GWPs and perks are there.


I still have a few things to pick up, and some online orders to arrive.  After that, I'm proposing a No Buy! (With a few exceptions because I can't go cold turkey)


I can see this lasting all summer, with these caveats (at least for me):

* If a purchase is pre-planned more than a month before its release, it's ok (Chanel Summer Vernis/mascara, I'm thinking of you)

* Monthly subscription services are still ok

* Replenishment of actual daily staples that you totally run out of are ok (but just those!)


Who's with me?

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

*raises hand*

I requalified as VIB from mainly one shopping trip. Yikes. Then I promptly went to MAC and picked up another $100 in makeup. However, I did not buy anything from Nordstrom! *pats self on back* This was so tempting because their free gift with purchase were super amazing. Like think of the best Sephora 500pt perk, but for only spending 125 dollars. So, I am in for the summer.

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

** Raised hand over here timidly and hope no one actually notices her** haha I way overspent cause after chic Week I went to Nordys and to the MAC counter bad girl!!! I know i was just browsing I swear. I could be down with a no buy my wallet would love that!!! Not sure I will make it all summer I can probably do it month by month so i dont go crazy once the spending ban is lifted ya know??

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

I haven't done my Chic Week shopping yet, but... I know I'm going to over spend! I also bought so much from theBalms 50% off sale. I just can't pass up such great deals! I will definitely be on a no buy all next month. I made a deal with my boyfriend, I will not buy any makeup at all next month and he can't buy any movies next month (he buys movies as much as I buy makeup). If I buy makeup I can't wear  any makeup for a week, and he gets to pick which week! That would be miserable. Ha. If he buys any movies he can't play his xbox for three days, and I get to pick those three days. Next month shall be pretty interesting!

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

*also raises hand*


Yup, definitely have bought far too much makeup in the last 1-2 weeks. I'm on project a-million-pan in the meantime as well Smiley Wink

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

*raises hand*


Between Sephora, Kate Spade's FF 20% off, and LUSH having a kiosk at the mall this weekend my husband is not happy with me.


I'm in on the "No Buy" for at least the rest of the month!

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

Goodness... how I would love to, and need to, and totally could, enter this pact with you. I used Chic Week to re-stock and indulge in one of the Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks (fuscia!) and in an Illamasqua peach blush (Lover!). 


And I really don't need anything else Smiley Indifferent but want?... hmmm...

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

I'm in! I keep telling myself this too. There are a few things I need/want... The Sun Kit when it comes out & the Givenchy purple waterprrof mascara or the new YSL, both won't be out until May. I have a few items on my shopping list so if I order on-line I can fill up my cart for free shipping. But I'm sticking to my list, no more impulse buys & no more skincare until  I use up EVERYTHING I have LOL. 

I may even get a new Chanel polish. But seriously, that's it Smiley Wink 

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

Sounds awesome! I hope its possible....

Re: Post Chic Week Detox No Buy

Sounds good! I WAY over spent this month so I'm in Smiley Happy

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