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Positivity Thread

Hey all! I feel like we have needed one of these every few weeks because of all of the negativity that has been floating around BT! So here's to another positivity thread! Post anything positive: a quote, a picture, anything that makes you happy!



I chose this picture because at the end of the day, we are all here because we all love makeup, and helping others. And I think that its great to have such a large community of people that have the same passion that I do. But I hate when people start to get into arguments, it really creates a negative vibe here on BT. I sometimes wish I could just make all of the mean things on here just disappear, wouldn't that be great? But let's counteract the negativity with positive posts!

Re: Positivity Thread

sleepy belly.jpgPuppy Belly!  My dog is a big fatty now, but looking at her puppy belly always cheers me up Smiley Happy

Re: Positivity Thread



Re: Positivity Thread

Some of my favorites. For an instant uplift of spirits, go to  Smiley Happy





What'chu talkin' 'bout, Owner.jpg




dog frog.jpg

















Re: Positivity Thread

OMG THAT DOG IN A MEGAPHONE I can't even take this! Thanks so much for posting, these pictures are great!

Re: Positivity Thread

I must have an Angel on my shoulder because I somehow managed to miss out on whatever 'icky' stuff is in the air, thankfully. Hope it wasn't too bad and that nobody was really hurt or offended in any way and I hope good people won't be driven away because of it.


Maybe one little thing we can keep in mind is that you don't always know what's going on in someone's life and I try to say, well....maybe this is the worst day of someone's life - lost a job, a friend.... a Dad Smiley Sad  - or any number of things. Maybe they reacted a little harshly or took something they read the wrong way just because they were in a bad, dark place and their dander was up and they worded something improperly. I like to try to give the benefit of the doubt as much as possible but sometimes there are things that are hard to excuse or........


Hey, let me stop. I just scrolled down a bit and Man Alive are these some of the funniest, cutest, sweetest, most heartwarming pics I've Ever seen. Think this is the rainbow after the storm. So we got something wonderful out of something bad, yeah! Smiley Happy


@glossyguru - thank you for guiding us out of that storm and into this amazing light and beauty - Special girl, I thank you. My heart needed that, very rough, emotional week, that was good medicine.


In top 3 favorites is definitely "Is it humid?" white bunny - <3



Re: Positivity Thread

Shopping for brushes, so made a funny...


Re: Positivity Thread

one of my 2 kitties, Yukiwa. 


Re: Positivity Thread



Re: Positivity Thread

High five to positivity!!! Smiley Happy


Re: Positivity Thread



Re: Positivity Thread



A soft color palette. I have grey and violet contact lenses and have been playing with colors I would not normally use on my green eyes. Delving into something new and creative chases negativity for me. 

Re: Positivity Thread






Re: Positivity Thread

Oh my gosh... I'm dying! Too funny!

Re: Positivity Thread

yay-oladios.jpgThis photo just makes me smile and want to do a happy dance!

Re: Positivity Thread

Rubber ducky always make everything better. I need this.
ankka-_2-525x351.jpg*deep breathe* Aaahh, I thought my other thread was just gonna get a "thank you for your feedback" and fade into oblivion, not taking up my whole evening. *phew* I usually go for funny instead of unbearably cute, so:

AwkwardLolcats1.jpgdownload.jpgNot Guilty.jpg

I hate it when cops are driving behind me! Oh wait, it's suppose to be positivity, errr......I LOVE it when cops are NOT driving behind me!

Re: Positivity Thread

Love that Ducky!

Re: Positivity Thread

There's a Giant Rubber Duck in the rivers of Pittsburgh. I know so many people have gone to see it, but I've been so busy and haven't had the chance! But it's so cool, it's got everyone singing "quack and yellow quack and yellow quack and yellow quack and yellow"

Re: Positivity Thread

NoWAY! I go to Pittsburgh often and nobody ever mentions it! Thanks for the tip, now I NEED to visit!

Re: Positivity Thread

Great thread. These pictures are too adorable! Awe. Smiley Happy

Re: Positivity Thread

Cuteness overload ahead! Viewer discretion advised!














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