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I'm feeling bummed today since my kitty is very sick and I can't be home right now to take care of him... Normally if I'm having a bad day, my fiance knows to just text me a picture of one of my 2 kitties and it'll definitely make me smile. Anyone feel up for sharing some pics of their little furry buddies? My two kitties are Niko 9 y/o black short haired (he's the sick one Smiley Sad ) and Yuki who is 2. I'm totally okay with being a crazy cat lady. No shame.


Niko being ashame of his weight.JPGNiko REALLY into soccer.JPGNiko being a rockstar.JPGcuddles.JPGYuki with her fave toy.JPG

Re: Pets?

Thank you! Yeah I love her so much. <3

Re: Pets?


those pictures are so sweet, and I'm sorry about the kitty diabetes. *hugs*

BTW, your makeup DID stay on really well. my makeup is usually much more off by the time I fall asleep with it do you do it?

Re: Pets?

Layering...I can't remember if I used a primer, but layering a long wearing liner like UD 24/7 and shadow tends to help a lot.

Re: Pets?

So adorable!  And kitty diabetes is difficult Smiley Sad

Re: Pets?

SOOOO freakin cute!!Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Pets?

Kitty snuggles!!!! Cute photos!

Re: Pets?

Thank you! What a cute kitty.  I'm sorry for your loss as well.  And you're right, they really are like little people--definitely members of the family!  She will be missed but at least she's pain-free and livin' it up in doggy heaven!  

Re: Pets?

The only thing that makes it feel ok is to know they aren't suffering any more! I love dreaming about her!

Re: Pets?

Today I just had to put my family dog down. She was a red golden retriever.  I'm super bummed.  She was almost 13, and was a three-time cancer survivor.  So we were lucky to have her as long as we did.  Now she's in doggy heaven eating filet mignon and chasing rabbits.  I was holding her in my arms when we put her down and her head fell into my lap.  yeah, talk about emotional!


She was honestly the most loving, caring dog.  I remember one time when I was younger and when I was sick, I was home from school.  My mom had to go to a business meeting and my dad was at work.  Before my mom left, she brought my dog to my room and laid her down next to my bed.  She told her "you stay here and watch her.  Make sure she's okay."  Sure enough when my mom got home, she was still in the same exact spot and hadn't moved a muscle.  It was like she knew i was sick.  What a sweetie.


She was so loved and will be greatly missed.  I would post a pic, but this picture uploader here on BT always gives me problems and I can't summon the strength/energy to deal with that right now--I've been sobbing ALL day.  When will it stop??


Anyway, give all of your pets a big hug and kiss right now and show them just how much you love them.

Re: Pets?

Thank you so much for sharing all that babybear! I'm so so so sorry to hear of your loss. It's really hard making that decision since our little furry guys are our family and you build such great bonds with them, but it sounds like she lived a very fulfilling life that provided you with such amazing memories. That's what you have to hold onto, those sweet experiences you shared with them and smile back on them. It'll forever hurt losing a loved one (Even a pet), but as the days go on the pain isn't as overwhelming and becomes more manageable. I wish I could give you a big hug!

Re: Pets?

That's really difficult Smiley Sad *ehugs*

Re: Pets?

Just thought I'd share that my wonderful roommate got me a Sephora gift card today to try and cheer me up! What a sweetie, huh?


I'm doing better as the day goes on.  I took my younger pup to the park today and gave her lots of hugs and kisses. It definitely helped to put a smile on my face, although I'm still battling tears every now and then.  


It was so strange--this morning when we put her down, it was gray and dreary outside.  But eventually, the sun came out.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I took it as a sign that she is at peace and lovin' doggie heaven.  I also took a quick nap and woke up after having a dream of her as a puppy.  Weird how things like that brighten your day!

Re: Pets?

I'm so sorry for your loss. It must be so difficult to lose a pet. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Animals have an amazing way of being there for us when we are ill. They truly are mans/womans best friend!

Re: Pets?

Aw, Babybear04, I'm so sorry to hear! She sounds like quite a might dog to be 13 and a 3x cancer survivor, I'm sure she had lots to fight for and didn't want to let go of the love you and your family gave to her. 


Kudos to keeping your head held high and looking at the bright side....any dog would be lucky with chasing rabbits and filet mignon!


All the best!

Re: Pets?

Sorry to hear about your member of the family's passing Smiley Sad

I know it's tough, time will heal. I promise. I had my furry friend pass away from a not so pleasant death last month, and he was only 3 in human years. Maybe they're chasing eachother around in pet heaven! The Rainbow Bridge is a very healing story about the passing of our pets. It made me think happy things oppose to the negative. Atleast she got to live her entire long life with your family, and I imagine you guys gave her the most loving and caring home as she did for you Smiley Happy Got to focus on the positives, but I know how hard it is. Many of us do. 

Re: Pets?

It was so hard to put Pinky down...this sounds terrible but it was harder losing her than it was losing my own father! She was my baby!

Re: Pets?

I love seeing all the pictures of everyone's pets!

They seriously are the best way to make my day better Smiley Happy


Here are my lovely animals.

This is my baby Allie. This is my favorite picture of her but she's older now.



This is a more recent picture of her fishing. She loves to go on the boat and sunbathe after a long day of swimming. Her favorite place is at my grandparents house because they have a huge yard and lake for her to have fun.



Here she is swimming her heart out.




These are my babies Hannah (left) and Herman (right) when they were babies. Aren't they cute?!




Here they are cuddling:




Here they are older. Herman in a pan? lol. And Hannah laying on her favorite chair.



My animals are my loves. I hope you all love them too!

Re: Pets?

I love the cats' markings!  They are stunning!

Re: Pets?

Thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: Pets?

I agree! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all these animal pictures. I've been having a very rough week dealing with a sick kitty and now getting a second opinion on him since I'm not satisfied with the results of the doctor I'm using. I really appreciate everyone on BT for sharing all these great stories/photos. Allie is SO cute! Your kitties are so adorable and cuddly! I love Hannah's coloring!

Re: Pets?

Aw you are so sweet! I love that BT is not just about beauty but its a good community for us all to become friends as well!


I really hope everything is going okay with your kitty Smiley Sad I read your last post. God those things just break my heart. It's difficult to have a sick pet. Allie was sick a few days ago. We took her to the vet twice. Her eye swelled up really bad. It looked like she had a golfball above her eye and it was so swollen her eye couldnt open. So we took her to the vet and she gave her benadryl. Well the swelling went down but then she got this weird rash under her arms. It looked like painful red bumps. So we called back and she said just stick with more benadryl. Then allie broke out in horrible hives all down her body.. So we took her back in and they gave her a vaccine for an allergic reaction. Taking animals to the vet is scary when something is wrong. I hope everything goes okay with your kitty. Hopefully you find a good doctor in your area and kitty will be back to purring in no time. <3

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