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I'm feeling bummed today since my kitty is very sick and I can't be home right now to take care of him... Normally if I'm having a bad day, my fiance knows to just text me a picture of one of my 2 kitties and it'll definitely make me smile. Anyone feel up for sharing some pics of their little furry buddies? My two kitties are Niko 9 y/o black short haired (he's the sick one Smiley Sad ) and Yuki who is 2. I'm totally okay with being a crazy cat lady. No shame.



Re: Pets?

This is Roxy. She's 5 years old in human years.  My parents moved to a different state, so she's been keeping them company ever since. Roxy enjoys playing in the water and running as fast as she can! I would've posted a pic of my cat, but she passed away from a vicious dog attack a little over a month ago Smiley Sad


Re: Pets?

That is such a beautiful picture!! I love her ears!

Re: Pets?

Thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: Pets?

I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty Smiley Sad That's so sad!! Poor thing, may she rest in peace with lots of fun feathery toys in kitty heaven!!


Look how HAPPY Roxy is!! Looks like an adorable ball of energy!! What a beauty! Great action photo hehe

Re: Pets?

I remember when you shared the news of Roxy passing. Smiley Sad


That is a wonderful photo though, she's so lively and just look at that happy face!

Re: Pets?

It was actually my cat, Sox that passed away. My black lab mut is Roxy hehe Smiley Wink

Re: Pets?

That's right! Ah crud! Poo on my bad memory! Smiley Tongue


I just reread your post and realized I must have breezed past and read the part about Sox and Roxy all together!


Well, I'm glad Roxy is safe and sound, and I hope that neighbor with the dog learns how to better control and keep their pet under guard rather than let it about where it can harm other animals!

Re: Pets?

I am so sorry about your cat.  Smiley Sad  They are furry family members.  I'm sure she is playing with others at the Rainbow Bridge.

Re: Pets?

I love that story about the Rainbow Bridge! Thanks, I'm sorry to hear about yours as well. I think Meat Head is really liking his new home though Smiley Happy

Re: Pets?

I don't have any of them on this computer (mine's packed away Smiley Sad) but I do like the pictures of your pets, Beauty Talk!


My pup is pretty old, somewhere between 16-21, the latest vet says 18. I got him from the Humane Society in 2007. He had some blood work and other tests done recently and has to go see a specialist tomorrow for a heart murmur as well as possible pancreatitis. I have to drop him off and that worries me. I'm hoping he'll be okay. I'm not ready to let him go, but if he's in pain (and it doesn't appear that he is) then I'll have to do it. My family doesn't get how we (my boyfriend & I) can spend so much on medical treatment for a dog and that makes me mad/sad. He had to have neck surgery in 2009 and that was REALLY expensive, so I didn't even tell them the price tag for these things, even though they're considerably less.


I also have 2 fat cats. 

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