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I'm feeling bummed today since my kitty is very sick and I can't be home right now to take care of him... Normally if I'm having a bad day, my fiance knows to just text me a picture of one of my 2 kitties and it'll definitely make me smile. Anyone feel up for sharing some pics of their little furry buddies? My two kitties are Niko 9 y/o black short haired (he's the sick one Smiley Sad ) and Yuki who is 2. I'm totally okay with being a crazy cat lady. No shame.



Re: Pets?

How cute!


Here's my little guy Rocky- he's only 2 years old and 7 pounds lol tiny little thing! Smiley Happy


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Pets?

Just look at his little nose!!! ^_^

Re: Pets?

aww just a little guy!! He's adorable!! Did he just go nuts with all that grass and space ? hehe

Re: Pets?

Awww im so sorry he is sick. That is so hard cause theres nothing you can do to help them. Sending you {{{hugs}}} to help you thru this!!!!

Re: Pets?

THANK YOU pinklissamel! <333 *hugs back* That's EXACTLY how it is. It's so hard to watch, & he definitely wanted to be comforted since he doesn't ever lay in bed with us when my fiance is in bed, and he's been sleeping with us every night since his symptoms. He's staying overnight at the vet though, so hopefully we'll see some changes soon! Thank you so much for the positive thoughts!! 

Re: Pets?

My baby Mr. Owens, we wish Niko a speedy recovery!

Re: Pets?

OH GOODNESS! Look at this miiiister!! So handsome, a Niko cousin! I love his big ears, SO cute! Thank you very much for the well wishes, give Mr. Owens a pet for me Smiley Happy 

Re: Pets?

Such a Cute thread. I love my dog! Well she's my sisters dog so i guess i'm her Auntie!! I have a million and one pictures of her but here are my top favs!! 

Re: Pets?

awww! She's just a ham for the camera! Those sad puppy eyes are daaaangerous! There's no denying those eyes & she knows it! I know how you feel, I have a lot of photos on my phone, and a ridiculous amount of them are either my cats, my sister's cats, or my mom's dogs lol. 

p.s. I like the pooch's eyeliner Smiley Wink

Re: Pets?

I'm loving all the critter pictures!!  I'm on campus right now, so it will be later before I can post about the family zoo lol.  


@ContentlyKayKay  I love your kitty pictures!  I hope he gets to feeling better soon. He looks like a humorous sweetheart.  I love their names, too.


@Kalex  Please post an updated pic! lol  They grow up too fast.


@arielaaaaaa  Aww, she loves the camera!



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