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Pet Peeves

What are some of your pet peeves? Whether its beauty related or not. One of mine is when people walk up the escalator when the stairs are right next it. Especially when they wait for their turn on the escalator instead of taking the stairs. 


Re: Pet Peeves

People with the hiccups make me want to punch them.  Drink water, hold your breath, stand on your head...  I don't care.  Just go away until your hiccups are gone!


Also, the word "amazeballs".

Re: Pet Peeves

Lol, this really made me laugh! How funny!

Re: Pet Peeves

Hmmm... When people pick their teeth with objects they should not pick their teeth with! My boyfriend and best friend use their straws when we go get food, it drives me crazy. I almost want to carry around floss!

Re: Pet Peeves

I get the heebie jeebies when people put on eyeliner and lipstick from the store testers. its all ages

Re: Pet Peeves

I have a ton of pet peeves as well, but my number one is inconsiderate people, in all aspects of life!... use your turn signal, wait in line like the rest of us, say excuse me in a nice way, not in a way that points out that I am in your way, don't leave your cart in the middle of the isle.... the list goes on ;-)

Re: Pet Peeves

Most of my pet peeves happen in the work place


-Comes into work, sets coffee down. Post-its with urgent messages scattered around my computer first thing in the morning. Joy.


-Boss keeps his HUGE golden retriever at the offices. He's a pretty good dog, but stop licking my hands where slobber gets all over my mouse. I also think its cruel for such an outgoing dog to be locked up in an office building everyday Smiley Sad 


-When I'm working on something that has a deadline coming up, then get pulled out of my "zone" to work on something unrelated to what I'm doing. It takes a hot minute to get back into my focus "zone" after that.


-Having one boss tell me something while the other boss tells me differently. i.e. "I need this design drafted by noon", "I don't like that design period"!


Others not related to work

Gum smacking, slowwwwww drivers (welcome to the south), items that don't have the price on it, retractable shower head pointed at me in the mornings...then I turn it on unknowingly it was pointed toward me, people using their EBT card to literally fill up their shopping cart at the grocery store (sometimes I've seen two shopping carts per one customer on food stamps)...this list can go on and on and on haha





Re: Pet Peeves

I'm not understanding the EBT one. But I wholeheartedly agree with you on the item of having one boss tell you something while the other tells you something contradictory. The way our organization is structured, I have quite a few people who are bosses to me in one way or the other. I'll have one boss tell me A is the priority. Then a second tells me B is the priority. Then boss three tells me C and D are important. It's so confusing! I wish they would communicate better among themselves. It's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Pet Peeves

Beauty related:


- When people pull their eyelids to apply eyeliner!  GAH!  Stop that!


- When sales associates spray perfume on you without asking.  Some people are sensitive to scents, that's just not OK!


Not beauty related:


- When people scrape their silverware on their plates - NO.  


- When people use the word "good" instead of "well."  I understand when non-native English speakers make mistakes but if the only language you've ever spoken is English you should really understand the difference.


- Also when people mess up your/you're and there/their. Simple stuff.

Re: Pet Peeves

- Wet sponge in the sink- SQUEEZE it out

- People who drive slow on a single lane road & then speed up as soon as it splits to a double lane. Just let me pass you! 

- Friends who make good money yet are extremely cheap & refuse to chip in for things. 

- People who don't get my Sephora addiction, then come to me for advice. It's not my fault your 30 & don't know what conturing is LOL! 

Re: Pet Peeves

Lol I love the last one! My sister always says i spend way too much time online in the store, And goes on and on, then when she needs something, she ask me!! I just want to tell her NO! Lol but i would never

Re: Pet Peeves

For the sake that Pokemon photos have been integrated into this thread already, I give you...



Re: Pet Peeves

Don't underestimate either one, especially in Smash Bros.  Also, a pet peeve is when my Psyduck doesn't evolve on schedule and keeps complaining about his headache, which would be cured by evolving -_-'

Re: Pet Peeves

LOL! Pokemon pet peeve!


P.S. It's RDJ's birthday today too!

Re: Pet Peeves



Yeah...This is how I feel when I go out to eat a majority of the time, I enjoy dissecting and critiquing food, but when it's truly bad AND/OR EA is publishing something, well, you get this XD

Re: Pet Peeves

I have a heap of pet peeves, but the things that really irk me are:


-When people yawn with their mouthes open. No one wants to see your tonsils. I usually have to look away when I see someone do it, it just bugs me that much.


-Inconsiderate people. I'm fairly certain most would agree with me on this. When people don't hold the door open for someone right behind them, say excuse me when they bump you, or (the ultimate example) not getting up for someone that's elderly or pregnant on public transportation!


-When people stand really close to me in line. I'll move up, they'll move up. Human tailgaiters.


-When you send a message or email to someone and they don't respond. It's especially irksome when you have the ability to see that they read your message.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Pet Peeves

Speaking of folks needing to say "excuse me", my friend was grocery shopping once, not blocking the aisle, but a woman came up from behind her and wedged herself between my friend and the shelves and rudely said "Excuse YOU!?!" to her! That was appaling To even cramp yourself in that spot and then to act like it was my friend's fault was absurd!


The message/email reading part is even worse when it's a whole slew of texts going back and forth then you ask a simple question and response!

Re: Pet Peeves

Janine, I also find that really frustrating when people don't respond to your messages or e-mails! Where I work, we have a policy where you are supposed to respond to all e-mails within 48 hours, but not all people adhere to that policy. And when it's work-related, it's even more frustrating when there is no response. 


It really irks me when you're messaging back and forth with someone, and all of the sudden they just stop responding. I find myself wondering feeling paranoid that I've upset the other person. Smiley Sad

Re: Pet Peeves

Pet peeves....oh boy...


-When folks don't wash their hands after using the bathroom/restroom. I mean c'mon!!!! I see it way too often than I care to, and it's ridiculous! Take 15 seconds to wash your hands! When you don't wash, that's just nasty!


-Drivers that need to make a turn but are on the complete opposite side from where they need to be, so they end up cutting across 2-3 lanes at the last second. It's not only a safety issue, but it's made even worse when they don't signal or when it's traffic/grid-lock time!


-Local BMW drivers, I know this doesn't apply to ALL BMW drivers, but I've noticed that 90% of BMW drivers in town want to drive about 4 or 5 car lengths behind the car in front of them and if you happen to be caught behind one they're going extra slow because they think you're "too close". They even brake for lights/stop signs wayyyyyyyyy in advance, or even brake just because they think you're tailing them (which is not the case since there's a difference between a safe distance and just riding on the car ahead). I have no clue exactly why they do this, the only thing I can imagine is that they've spent so much money on their car they're afraid of everything on the road. Driving safe/cautious is smart, but driving too slow can be a danger too!


-When folks text back the response "K" to a message. I know, I know, at least they acknowledge my last statement, but for some reason, it just irks me when I see the one letter "K" pop up on my screen! I'm fine with "Okay", "Gotcha", or even "Cool", but I feel like if all I'm going to get is one letter, I might as well have not gotten anything at all.



Re: Pet Peeves

lol @ not washing hands...I read an article about that recently and the statistics on people not washing their hands after using the restroom is pretty disturbing!!

Re: Pet Peeves

Oh man, texting back "K" is a big one of mine too! My ex-husband does that all the time!

Re: Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve is spitting! There's nothing like seeing a stranger hock a big loogie out a car window or onto the street. It is the foulest thing ever and makes me gag everytime I see someone do it. Other big pet peeves include people who don't signal when driving & people with bad phone manners. My work involves me calling companies most of the day and you would be shocked by the amount of people that answer business telephones by just saying hello or just plain being rude. You are not at home, be professional and always say the name of the business!!!! Drives me nuts! Ok I feel better now lol!

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