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Post in Besides Beauty

Pet Peeves

What are some of your pet peeves? Whether its beauty related or not. One of mine is when people walk up the escalator when the stairs are right next it. Especially when they wait for their turn on the escalator instead of taking the stairs. 


Re: Pet Peeves

What's even worse is when I see it left in spots in apartment complexes when are are designated areas that provide trash bags and a disposal can!


Folks just being lazy on that irk me too!

Re: Pet Peeves

Or you are at a rest stop on the expressway and there are HUGE signs that say Pet Rest Area, or Don't walk dogs here, and someone is walking a small dog right next to the sidewalk to the restroom! How hard is it to walk 20 feet to the Pet Rest Area?

Re: Pet Peeves

In Anchorage, AK, the surest sign that it is spring is when you can smell dog poo EVERYWHERE.

Re: Pet Peeves

I think I just barfed a little

Re: Pet Peeves

Aargh that is the worst! There are people who do that down the street from where I live, and everytime I have to walk by there it's a minefield Smiley Sad

Re: Pet Peeves

Here's an odd one... people leaning on the back of a chair when I'm sitting in it. We have chairs with wheels at work and if someone leans on it or puts their feet on it the chair will start to move. This completely freaks my brain out for some reason. Anyone else??

Re: Pet Peeves

No, you're not nuts.  My husband does it to my wheeled chair at home.  It drives me crazy.  I eventually have to tell him to stop because he has no clue how the turning me around is driving me nuts!

Re: Pet Peeves

@crayzeeRN- No that's not odd I have that happen at work too and it drives me nuts especially when they lean on your chair and it almost tips you over.

Re: Pet Peeves

haha good to know someone else feels my pain!

Re: Pet Peeves

@kalex- Learned a new word to add to my vocabulary- Passholes never heard that before.Not only is beautytalk fun but educational to. Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Peeves

Thought of another one on my way to the mall today for the VIB event...

People who don't know how to merge. There was construction on the highway, everyone s going 5 MPH, two lanes turn into one. People get all pissy and don't want to let cars in. It's a freaking merge... zipper... LOL

I get that a lot by my house on a back road that's 40 MPH. The other day I was ahead of a car (her front bumper was by my back door) and she honked at me where the lanes merged as if I cut her off. 

Re: Pet Peeves

I hate the trigger horn honkers! You know the people that constantly have their hand over the horn and will fire the split second they think you don't see them while pulling out, take a pause before gunning the engine at light that just turned green, or anything else moronic they deem themselves more keenly intuned to!

I hate people who talk over you, or loud talkers.

Mostly I hate people who trivialize my love for beauty products and fashion!

Re: Pet Peeves

Most of my pet peeves are related to driving because bad drivers are the bane of my existence.


1. People who don't use their turn signals or use them incorrectly. I don't know which is worse, braking suddenly to turn and not signaling, or braking suddenly and then signaling AFTER you've already made everyone else brake for you. I'm like, thanks, that's so helpful.


2. People who get on the freeway at 40mph. That's why we have ON RAMPS, people! You're just causing traffic congestion. You are the worst.


3. People who drive exactly the speed limit or 10-15mph under it in the fast lane and then get mad when everyone tries to pass them. What don't you get about slower traffic keep right? Move out of the way!


Unrelated to driving, I hate people who make an unnecessary amount of noise. Yelling when you're 2 feet away, slamming doors, stomping around the house, etc.

Re: Pet Peeves

lol, I agree with all the above!


I really don't understand why people start signalling as they are turning or after this hit the brakes, at that point I think "why even bother?"


Or people who just have to change lanes, when there is very little room to do so, even though they won't be turning or anything anytime soon...


On a semi-related note, I hate people that don't walk well. Meaning they walk on the wrong side (just like drving people!). And when they walk with friends and everybody has to be beside eachother so it's impossible to pass the giant group. Yes, I'm in university and have issues with people that walk super slow or do the other listed things, since I'm always trying to get somewhere!

Re: Pet Peeves

Oh god, those people who HAVE to change lanes for no reason. I live in northern California and we have carpool lanes on the freeway that anyone can use when it's not rush hour time (so you can drive by youself and use the carpool lane at like noon). For some reason, people up here LOVE to just move into the carpool lane and sit there at 60mph when the lanes next to them are empty. Drives me NUTS!

Re: Pet Peeves

I understand the driving pet peeves.i don't think anyone in pa, wv, or Ohio understands the concept of "passing lane"


Re: Pet Peeves

People who throw their cigarette butts out of their vehicle windows. Buy an ashtray and USE IT!


I live in an apartment and some of my car-less neighbors get rides from others. Those people providing rides will honk their horn instead of going to the door. Uhgh!

Re: Pet Peeves

Oooh fun question Smiley Happy

The naming of celebrity couples - like speidi

When people try to finish your sentences for you

Being put on the speaker phone without warning

When people pull their split ends apart

When guys in the elevator stare shamelessly until they get off

When people use the word "gay" when they mean "lame"

People who say "you know" too much.

People who overuse quotes from movies or TV.

Websites with horizontal scrolling.


Re: Pet Peeves

lol, every time people say "you know" in a sentence, I always mentally add "nope, I don' I don't......reaaaaally?........didn't know I know that........of course.....obviously.......surrrrrrre......or so you, YOU know......"

Re: Pet Peeves

I have to add "Erhmerhgerd".  People should not say this or write it.  Ever.

Re: Pet Peeves

When people use "gay" when they mean "lame." It's disrespectful and an improper use of the word, giving it unnecessary negative connotations.

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