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Pet Peeves

What are some of your pet peeves? Whether its beauty related or not. One of mine is when people walk up the escalator when the stairs are right next it. Especially when they wait for their turn on the escalator instead of taking the stairs. 


Re: Pet Peeves

LOL, Kalex! I love that term!!! So befitting!



Re: Pet Peeves

me too Smiley Happy haha

Re: Pet Peeves

I have another:

Makeup Testers at Sephora.... When they try on the products without using the disposable applicator. YUCK! & It's not jsut 12 year old girls. I saw a woman in her late 40's put on mascara right from the tube, and then put on lipgloss from the tube. I was having a bad day so I approached her & informered her kindly of the tester applicators. She looked at me like I had 10 heads! Got all pissy said the germs/bacteria & getting an infection from mascara is a myth & how is she supposed to know if the mascara is right for her without testing out the wand. I then asked her if she throws out her mascara after 3 months & got a "why the H*** would I do that. It lasts for a good year" This was in a high-end mall. I did get a high five from one of the cast members though. 

Ugh, I want to barf just thinking about that day 

Re: Pet Peeves

Lol, for a moment I thought you were talking about me. Ugh, it's ok for people to be naive, but I feel like it's the employee's job to step in and inform them with a "may I help you?" so she won't look at you like you have 10 heads. That's one of the reason I don't swatch anything on my face (except foundation/concealer on the jawline) and don't like getting my make up done instores (never used the make over coupons). 

Re: Pet Peeves

I edited it Smiley Wink I swatch lip products on my hand. And on occasion on my lips, but I wipe it off with the alcohol (drying I know, but if I'm going to buy the YSL gloss stain I want to make sure it looks good on)

Re: Pet Peeves

lolz. YSL gloss stain! It's the silver tube ones right? I'm so tempted. Is it more on the lipbalm side like Fresh Sugar or more on the hydrating lipstick side? Thanks!

Re: Pet Peeves

No this one They are really glossy when you first put them on & then over time turn into a stain. There's some color transfer at first, but I don't need to reapply often. I'm not good with lispticks, they always end up smudging and getting all over the place. Number 20 is the onlt red I can actually pull off! I prefer glosses or stains. Nars lip glosses are highly pigmented and aren't sticky like mac. 

Re: Pet Peeves

Suuuuuure, infections are just a "myth" pink eye is what? Just a new way to wear colors like peony, sweet pea, and magenta as close to your cornea as possible? >.<


Some people!


I had a similar story occurr when I was working cosmetics/retail and informed a woman using mascara straight from the tube that disposable wands were available, to which she replied, "Oh, no, that's okay!" As if I had asked rather than made a statement. I then casually brought up how even though she may be fine using it direct from the tube, she doesn't know whether or not a person did the same before her and if they had any eye infections or issues. She then slowly looked up and with wide-eyes state, "'re right!!!!"


*face palm*

Re: Pet Peeves

Ahh i recently thought of something that annoys me! It's mostly aimed at my sister lol. She always has her phone set at the highest volume. Every few minutes she gets a text and it's the same loud beep! She knows she's texting someone back and fourth so why can't she have it on vibrate, I don't know!! It's so annoying. Gets me so annoyed! I have so many pet peeves, it's horible. 

Re: Pet Peeves

Being questioned and second guessed on positive things that are proven winning situations.  feeling sick to my stomach after readinthan out things that shouldn't happen or similar scar reopening experiences.  sorry ladies, having a bit of a down night.  The fact that my iPhone kept trying to replace sorry with Larry was rather amusing though XD

Re: Pet Peeves

ah...the frustrating autocorrect! I remember getting a text message from dh asking me if I want anything from wh*re foods? Apparently he meant whole foods!

Re: Pet Peeves

when your shower curtain attacks you!!!!

Re: Pet Peeves

They are passive beasts, but lord help you if they're hungry! XD

Re: Pet Peeves



-when people shave their eyebrows just to line it thinly with a pencil...i dont get it!


-when people's perfumes/colognes are reeking from a mile away ( then they spray some more when they cant smell themselves anymore )


at home:


- It really bothers me when I see the ice trays in the freezer with one or two ice cubes left in all of them




- when people get all giraffe on me and peek at my cellphone/ipad when im using it


- also when people get mad while driving then drive next to you just to about awkward!


Re: Pet Peeves

Haha about the perfume overdose....people don't understand olfactory fatigue. Your brain gets used to perceiving the fragrance as a frequency and begins tuning it out so you can't smell it...but everyone else does. Same thing happens after you smell several fragrances...after about 3-4 all of the notes just kind of turn to mush as far as what your brain can pick up!

Re: Pet Peeves

Those who eat with their mouth opened, whether it be actually food or chewing on gum. Not to mention those who slurp like their is no tomorrow.


People who take up more room than they should. By that I mean those who put their stuff onto the chair next to them when they could just put them on the floor or on their laps.


I have quite a fair share of pet peeves, but if I was to list them all, people will think I am crazy.

Re: Pet Peeves

I have a few but one of them is people who sit a corner or intersection waiting until my car is 100 feet in front of them when they decide to pull out right in front of me - and then proceed to slam on their brakes "cause they may be going too fast!"  oh so annoying!

Re: Pet Peeves

People who walk while texting/ not looking up from their phones...especially walking across busy streets w/ lots of traffic like we have here in the FIDI in SF! I sort of want to yell at them or bump into them, but I'm not that rude.


People who don't know how to ride a bus-- please move to the back when it's crowded. People stand in the middle and act like you're being rude trying to get around them. Same for people standing in the doorway when they aren't getting off at the next stop...get out of the way ffs!


And this isn't a pet peeve but rather something I always have to correct people on just to educate them-- don't put your wrists together/ press your wrist into your neck etc after spraying fragrance. You are essentially "crushing the bouquet" (causing the fragrance notes to develop more quickly and not in the way they were intended). Just spray and let it dry, and you'll finally understand the way the fragrance was intended to smell. If you are using an oil perfume, then it's perfectly ok to dab-- oils are meant to be used this way!

Re: Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve is spitting! There's nothing like seeing a stranger hock a big loogie out a car window or onto the street. It is the foulest thing ever and makes me gag everytime I see someone do it. Other big pet peeves include people who don't signal when driving & people with bad phone manners. My work involves me calling companies most of the day and you would be shocked by the amount of people that answer business telephones by just saying hello or just plain being rude. You are not at home, be professional and always say the name of the business!!!! Drives me nuts! Ok I feel better now lol!

Re: Pet Peeves

Pet peeves....oh boy...


-When folks don't wash their hands after using the bathroom/restroom. I mean c'mon!!!! I see it way too often than I care to, and it's ridiculous! Take 15 seconds to wash your hands! When you don't wash, that's just nasty!


-Drivers that need to make a turn but are on the complete opposite side from where they need to be, so they end up cutting across 2-3 lanes at the last second. It's not only a safety issue, but it's made even worse when they don't signal or when it's traffic/grid-lock time!


-Local BMW drivers, I know this doesn't apply to ALL BMW drivers, but I've noticed that 90% of BMW drivers in town want to drive about 4 or 5 car lengths behind the car in front of them and if you happen to be caught behind one they're going extra slow because they think you're "too close". They even brake for lights/stop signs wayyyyyyyyy in advance, or even brake just because they think you're tailing them (which is not the case since there's a difference between a safe distance and just riding on the car ahead). I have no clue exactly why they do this, the only thing I can imagine is that they've spent so much money on their car they're afraid of everything on the road. Driving safe/cautious is smart, but driving too slow can be a danger too!


-When folks text back the response "K" to a message. I know, I know, at least they acknowledge my last statement, but for some reason, it just irks me when I see the one letter "K" pop up on my screen! I'm fine with "Okay", "Gotcha", or even "Cool", but I feel like if all I'm going to get is one letter, I might as well have not gotten anything at all.



Re: Pet Peeves

Oh man, texting back "K" is a big one of mine too! My ex-husband does that all the time!

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