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Pet Peeves

What are some of your pet peeves? Whether its beauty related or not. One of mine is when people walk up the escalator when the stairs are right next it. Especially when they wait for their turn on the escalator instead of taking the stairs. 


Re: Pet Peeves

A pet peeve I have and I've noticed more and more each day is youtubers I follow who try to fish for money and/or products. I follow a gaming channel made by goths and they were cool at first, hilarious even.. but then they started asking for money, like all the time. And it's like, okay.. well by now if people wanted to donate money, they would have done so. I mean I'm sure there's honest people out there who are actually doing it for their channel but sometimes there's not. And it's not that I'm saying they're not honest but I don't want to go to a channel just to be asked for money. Come on. 

Another thing, also with youtube, same story is when girls do youtube videos about makeup and then later start saying "Oh I wish I had this or that, sorry, I can't make more videos because I don't have a lot of makeup, I don't have the money to buy the makeup." And next thing you know, they're including their address and people are sending them stuff.


I mean whatever, people can send stuff to whoever but I just don't like when people I follow try to guilt trip you into sending them stuff, and boy are they good at it. 

I know sometimes I'm broke, sometimes I really want something but I'm not telling people on a youtube channel "hey, buy me makeup so I can do this for you." It's absurd. Freebies are nice but not when you're trying to brainwash people into sending you stuff. 

Re: Pet Peeves

Ahhh the sellout phenomena. See, if it is people doing let's plays or demos I don't mind. BUT. If you are trying to be a reviewer, I think this is a major conflict of interest.

Instead of asking for money, push content people want. That in turn jumps subscriber and view count so that you earn more per viewer.


And I totally agree with your last statements. Have the resources to do it on your own. Everyone has their own hardship and just ... asking without even taking into account what they are going through... a lot about that doesn't feel right. It is taking advantage of good people for... what reason? Is this a good full time job for you? Extra income? A hobby? I get sending gifts for someone you appreciate the insight, their artistry, the entertainment they bring. But that's like billionaires setting up kickstarters, why are you doing this other than the fact there are eyes trained to that stage? If you need money [to the unnamed YTer] set up a Patreon or Indiegogo. Try to run a business.


Sorry just an oft discussed topic for me.

Re: Pet Peeves

One of my pet peeves is people who use poor grammar/spelling. It's not THAT hard to figure out whether to use your or you're or they're/their/there!!!


Text speak when you're not texting also frustrates me. It annoys me seeing something like this: i rly luv when ur sndg me an email & u cant use proper eng or u prolly dnt no 2 use commas or periods nd u rite n run on sentences w/no punct


I really get annoyed by people who share things on Facebook and Twitter without first checking to see if the information is accurate. I debunk so many things by using Snopes or through a simple Google search.


Another pet peeve of mine is people who ask you how much money you make or who share their salary with you. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but my parents taught me it was rude to talk about your income with people, especially strangers. At my job, I had to sign a nondisclosure clause, so if I tell coworkers my salary, I can be terminated. I saw someone post their salary here once and I thought it was tacky to post that on a public forum. 


In terms of makeup, my pet peeves are unblended makeup of any kind (foundation, shadow, contour, blush, etc.). Personally I don't understand people who wear foundation that is too dark for their actual skin color. It looks like they're wearing a mask. Using too brown or orange bronzer as contour is a pet peeve because your face looks muddy. I also don't like really fake, drawn-on eyebrows or overdrawn lip liner. I think clumpy, spider lashes might be my biggest makeup pet peeve! EEK!


On BT, I get peeved by people who don't give hearts but accumulate hundreds of them. In my opinion, hearts should be given when someone answers your questions, gives you good advice, helps you find what you're looking for, gives you a compliment, etc. I see some users who have given literally only one or two hearts out but have acquired four or five hundred of them. It just seems rude to me. 

Re: Pet Peeves

Here's one from me because I mainly have to vent a little. Having to tell someone the same thing more than a few times. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping someone or even teaching someone but I can tell you once, help you twice, but by the third, forth, fifth times I feel like I'm talking to a dolphin. Case in point, I was helping someone send an email, that's it just send an email. I showed them how to do it, walked them through how to do it, and wrote instructions down. This person still doesn't get it and every time they ask me the same question I get so frustrated that I could spit! I try to calm myself down but it's hard. 

Re: Pet Peeves


Hang up the phone if someone is waiting on you! Be it barista, server, bartender, etc.... Have enough respect for another human being to give them your attention. He/she doesn't know if you're talking to them or your friend on the phone & they shouldn't have to be mind readers to try to figure it out.  Rude and inconsiderate!


Re: Pet Peeves

@poshified- Nope not even a "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry". The bad thing was I was with the Dr.'s wife I work for and  she was vocal enough for both of us. I have to remind her ALOT things come out and she forgets to filter them but I still love her to death, we all have our faults!Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Peeves

When I'm checking out at the cash register and the next customer in line feels the need to breathe down my neck. Personal space people, personal space.

Re: Pet Peeves

Here's one that happened today the waitress instead of picking up my glass to refill it she leaned over my whole plate of food to do it. Needless to say after that I was done. Long hair and no hair net,


Re: Pet Peeves

Did she even say 'Excuse me'? That's very inconsiderate of her!

Re: Pet Peeves

- people who cut line, most recently, there were 2 groups of people 5-6 people each group and they were trying to cut in front of 200 people to get into a ferry. One of the crew was standing on the boat and yelled out to them that they could not cut.

- people who copy me, do it few times I was flattered but not every single thing. But guess what, they are the people who have never complemented me, only criticized oh your dress is so short, your skirt cant be any shorter haha, but the next time i saw them, they wear the same things as I did.



Re: Pet Peeves

People who misuse the word "retarded" 


People who chew with their mouth open 



Re: Pet Peeves

Chewing with their mouth open also is one of my biggest pet peeves, Beesca21!

Re: Pet Peeves

People who randomly stops for no reason after going 50-60 mph. Umm seriously?

Re: Pet Peeves

ohh, I HATE it when people put their head or face or fingers on my pillow. I get grossed out big time (i feel like their face/finger oils will stay on my pillow & cause breakouts).

Re: Pet Peeves

I thought it was just my sister and I!  We're so skeevy about anyone sharing our pillows!  Sometimes my in-laws take naps on my bed when they visit and I start to freak out like WHICH PILLOW DID THEY USE DO I HAVE TO REPLACE ALL THE PILLOW COVERS??!!!

Re: Pet Peeves

Mine would have to be when people smoke around me, like cigarettes, like your bad choices shouldn't effect me too!


when people have bad breath lol i absolutely hate it.


when people see people who's hands are full or have a baby in there arms and don't open up the doors for them, just pure laziness. 


my ultimate would be when people critize my spending habits, this is usually my parents or other people when they see how much i spend on makeup or going out to eat, like when i work a full week to get paid i'm allowed to spend it on what i want. 


i hate when people walk with their faces in there phone and then expect you to move around them


also, when girls act stupid in front boys to impress them, like really? 



Re: Pet Peeves

When people use "gay" when they mean "lame." It's disrespectful and an improper use of the word, giving it unnecessary negative connotations.

Re: Pet Peeves

It's an improper use of the word now as meanings change for certain.  When I was in high school 15 *cough* years ago, if something or someone wasn't cool, they were "gay."  It's a shame some people take so long to grasp change.

Re: Pet Peeves

I have to add "Erhmerhgerd".  People should not say this or write it.  Ever.

Re: Pet Peeves

Oooh fun question Smiley Happy

The naming of celebrity couples - like speidi

When people try to finish your sentences for you

Being put on the speaker phone without warning

When people pull their split ends apart

When guys in the elevator stare shamelessly until they get off

When people use the word "gay" when they mean "lame"

People who say "you know" too much.

People who overuse quotes from movies or TV.

Websites with horizontal scrolling.


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