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Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life 🙂 Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

OMG!  Just saw this on my BoredPanda's hilarious!!






WARNING - ultra long post but OH so cute!!  Heart


Re: Pet Paradise

@ZombieMetroAnt,  These are great!  So cute!  🙂

Re: Pet Paradise

Cutest thing ever, I'm gonna screenshot the whole thing and send it to my parents. HAHA!

Re: Pet Paradise

Super cute!

Re: Pet Paradise

Hey, today is National Dog Day!!  So time to treat your pup 




Congrats to all the puppy families out there Heart

Re: Pet Paradise

@ZombieMetroAnt,  Quite funny!  🙂

Re: Pet Paradise

This is great!

Re: Pet Paradise

What a pampered pooch! And I especially LOVE how his privates are covered hahahahaha 😄

Re: Pet Paradise

Here's some more pictures that make me laugh 😄


Re: Pet Paradise

@samls324,  Tired cats!  Cats are so entertaining!  There is nothing cuter than a sleeping kitty. 🙂

Re: Pet Paradise

@tsavorite I love to be a creep and stare at my cats when they sleep lol.

Re: Pet Paradise


Not creepy at all!  It's what all parents do, admire their sleeping babies, even cat parents- that's you!  🙂

Re: Pet Paradise

Marzipan feels like I do:

IMG_20170706_191410.jpgIf I cover my face, it'll go away, right?

Re: Pet Paradise


Aww! Marzipan is so cuddly!  What a pretty girl!  I love her coat.  🙂

Re: Pet Paradise

Thanks @tsavorite She is a cuddle bug. I struggle taking pictures of her because in person she looks so adorable, but her fur camoflages itself so it's hard to make out her individual parts in a photo. Sometimes you can't tell where a paw ends and a belly begins!

Re: Pet Paradise

Cross posting here from the Deals thread.  We're asking everyone to keep Nancie & Cheeba in your thoughts & prayers.  If you'd like more information, please PM our friend, @pixiedust2 Heart 




Here is a pic of her Cheeba Cat Sad


Re: Pet Paradise


Cheeba survived his surgery so this is very good news! There are still some issues due to his injuries and they will keep him overnight to monitor him. If all goes well and his wounds are ok tomorrow, he can get stitched up and hopefully come home.


Thanks to all of you for your well wishes. I didn't tell Nancie I was posting this but I know a lot of you know her and are friends with her. The more good thoughts and prayers, the better I say ❤❤ Thank you!


@ZombieMetroAnt Thank you for posting this here 🙏🏼

Re: Pet Paradise

YAS!  This is great news Heart  Thanks so much for the update. 

Re: Pet Paradise

I cant wait to get my golden !!!! i'am so anxious I look every single day to see if the puppies are in I'am sooo tired of waiting for my puppy.I'am so excited.


I wanna do this have a kiddie swimming pool and make a ball pit it said they love it !


Image result for golden retriever puppy in ball pit

Re: Pet Paradise

that's so cute! perfect for a puppy photoshoot 🙂

Re: Pet Paradise

Yeah I wanna take pics of my puppy in it because when he or she is full grown they wont fit in it anymore lol.Its a super affordable dog toy idea too.I saw sooo many of these ball pits on youtube and its just for their puppy not kids lol.

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