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Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life Smiley Happy Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

Warning: long kitty post ahead asking advice on adopting a third.


Welp, I'm currently talking to my man about adopting a third cat with me - a young, male shelter cat who is listed as being playful and great with other cats, and who will hopefully be a playmate for our other young male, Vlad (and to of course be a loved addition to our family).

Unfortunately, my partner is hesitant to add any additional pets to the mix. This summer, we adopted his daughter's eight-year-old female, Shadow. She is currently separated from Vlad as she's adjusting to his forward, playful personality and I worry that she will ultimately simply tolerate him at best.

Although I want to adopt another to be companion for myself, I also want to find a playmate for my Vlad, who very much loves other cats.  

We have the room for another. Plus, our two kitties are rarely alone and are both greatly loved as both my partner and I plenty of our time at home.


So I'm asking you all (whose opinions I value) what you would do in my situation and for any additional imput (ie. Does the dynamic change with three cats? Is there anything I should know before adopting from a shelter? etc.). 


Spoiling a picture of the little guy who I have my eye on for cuteness' sake:


Re: Pet Paradise




Okay, Cutest Cat Ever!  Smiley Happy I see the attraction!


 Every situation is different,  every cat has a different personality , and every combo of cats interacts differently.  Sometimes I think all cats would be happier if they were "only cats," but then, some are definitely happy with a friend!  If your two cats don't get along together yet, you may be jumping the gun here. 

If chronic health problems come up, multiple cat families can be expensive.  

I would not take my healthy cat to a shelter for a visit,  even if immunized, even if that were allowed!  

If you can't keep him, find him a good forever home- He's adorable!

I hope that this works out for you- and for Vlad!    Good luck!  Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

We started with two cats and added a third when the others were 2 years old. My partner thought it would be a good idea to add a third because our male cat was high energy/loved to play whereas our female was fat and lazy. The goal was to provide a playmate for the male and get the female some exercise. I was hesitant but he convinced me to go along with getting a kitten from the shelter. We picked out a high energy female kitten. It totally changed the dynamics in our home but not for the better. The new kitten ended up being very unhappy in our home- hid all the time and ran away if you entered the room, picked fights with the other cats, hissed/scratched, etc. Our female ignored it but our male  ended up having behavior issues from the stress of the new kitten's demeanor and ended up urinating everywhere nonstop. After 2 years of this we ended up giving the new female to a friend and things changed. I think the female cat needed to be a solo pet in a home. 


So, my suggestion is to see if there is an opportunity for your cats to meet the new one prior to adoption. I think our circumstance was somewhat unique but this cat was also listed by the shelter as playful and loves other cats. Maybe this cat just hated ours lol. Also take a good look at their health prior to adoption because all of our cats were shelter cats and 2 had/have health issues that were not disclosed prior to adoption (1 died within 2 months of adoption and the other has chronic respiratory issues). If possible, ask about the story of how the cat came to the shelter in case there is something you should be aware of (I.e. abuse) as it could help with the transition home. 

Re: Pet Paradise

Thank you so much for sharing @Elles117. Our situations sound very similar. I sent a few questions over to the shelter about the kitty's history, and plan to visit him myself first. Great idea about potentially taking Vlad to meet him first!


Just one question though. Had your male been exposed to a high-energy cat before? Mine hasn't, and after reading about your situation I'm worried that my male may begin to also act out. 

Re: Pet Paradise

@AllysonJo When we got our male cat he had another male cat that was his buddy and high energy. Once adopted/home he definitely tried to play with our female cat who sometimes played but more often than not just rolled over and ignored him. We started actively playing with him and continue to be his playmates.


I'm not sure exactly why he started acting out because he didn't respond that way when we got a puppy later on. Then again, we have always thought he acted like a dog....he loves  going for walks outside, comes when called, knows his name, runs to greet you at the door, and even prefers dog food/treats which is a daily battle! 


He is definitely not the dominant one of the group so it wasn't a hierarchy issue. He was abused by a past owner so maybe something about the new cat triggered something or he couldn't handle getting beat up by the other cat whenever he approached her. 

Re: Pet Paradise

Came to share some updated pictures! His name is Jack and he will be here in 25 days Smiley Very Happy



Re: Pet Paradise

Aawww @shopaholic15 what a darling!  Jack is a great pup name too!  


Can't wait to see pictures of him when the stork finally delivers him to you!! Heart

Re: Pet Paradise

So adorable!! Congrats.

Re: Pet Paradise


Jack is adorable!   Awwww!   Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

Aw so sweet! I bet you can't wait to get your hands on him Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

This is my Ella on the day I got her in June of 2012. Now my girl is 4 and a huge 14lbs of spoiled diva. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her427.jpg

Re: Pet Paradise

@obnurse86,  Ella was a darling little kitten!  Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

What an adorable smoosh face!

Re: Pet Paradise

She's so adorable! I like her coloring

Re: Pet Paradise

thank you! She is lucky she is adorable and still has a baby kitten face some days.... like when she chewed a new pair of flip flops like a puppy.....

Re: Pet Paradise

Rosie is a huge suck up. She likes to curl up like this in DH's arm:



Re: Pet Paradise

What a pretty girl, @k617!

Re: Pet Paradise

@k617,  Rosie is a cutie pie snuggler!   Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

So sweet

Re: Pet Paradise

That looks like one happy and relaxed cat.

Re: Pet Paradise

Baby Bella (left) and Biscuit (right) in the home of the couple who rescued the mom and litter of seven. They all were born with cerebellar hypoplasia and didn't have much balance. Bella was really wobbly and fell over often, but the kitties grew out of it so well you wouldn't know otherwise. ^ ^



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