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Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life Smiley Happy Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

@keana1  Thank you! ❀️

Re: Pet Paradise

@gonerogue Winston has grown so much! He is still just as cute as ever Smiley Happy



Re: Pet Paradise

@RebeccaBT  Yes, he's about 70 pounds heavier and a lot stronger than his baby days. Thank you so much! Smiley Happy

RE: Re: Pet Paradise

Winston! You are such a handsome boy! @gonerogue 😍

Re: RE: Re: Pet Paradise

@bem564  Winston says thanks Smiley Wink

Re: Pet Paradise

It's crazy how fast they grow up @gonerogue! I'm glad Winston is doing better now Smiley Happy That's great news!

Re: Pet Paradise

@DaneeBT  I know, I wish they could stay pups forever Smiley Sad

Re: Pet Paradise

Awwww, love the pics, @gonerogue !  I'm sorry to hear about his park accident, but also glad he's OK, too.

Re: Pet Paradise

@Titian06  thank you very much! He's definitely a strong child so he through it just fine Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

Both look precious at both timeframes @gonerogue πŸ˜‰. Congratulations to level up to Boss love πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹

Re: Pet Paradise

@blackkitty2014  thank you, love! 

I Love Heart GIF by Dave Gamez

Re: Pet Paradise

He is so sweet and deserves extra scritches for enduring a rough go with another pup πŸ˜• He looks like a handful and a lot of πŸ’— @gonerogue!

Re: Pet Paradise

@eshoe  He's gotten tons of toys and bones from his parents and my workers since the accident so I think it helped with his recovery. He IS a handful but is also very full of love so it's worth it Smiley Happy

@gonerogue, that's some serious park injuries! Glad he's...

@gonerogue, that's some serious park injuries! Glad he's ok πŸ™‚ He has definitely grown up. I always enjoy your Winston pics ❀

Re: @gonerogue, that's some serious park injuries! Glad he's...

@Luvstravel  yes, it was a bummer for everyone and my poor wallet. I'm glad he's finally over it and feeling better. I will keep posting more Winston pictures for you all Smiley Happy

RE: Pet Paradise

My little aria likes to sleep like a human πŸ˜»πŸ’–

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

Hi @vintagebella20 ,


I feel like Aria and I would be great friends lol! 


Best Wishes,



Re: RE: Pet Paradise

@vintagebella20 ,

Aria is delightful!  So glad that she is catching up on her rest!  A very sweet photo.

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

@vintagebella20  So cute!!

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

Aria looks so comfortable and adorable @vintagebella20 ! Great picture! πŸ’•

Re: RE: Pet Paradise

No surprise, @vintagebella20 it looks comfy!