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Post in Besides Beauty

Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life 🙂 Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

Cutest little tummy! 😄

Re: Pet Paradise

Is that her belly button showing?!? (you know between the nips.)

Re: Pet Paradise

Yes hahahah isn't it so adorabz

Re: Pet Paradise

I love it!

Re: Pet Paradise

Special delivery!

i took out a bunch of sephora boxes out to the recycle bin and my booger got around to chewing them all up



Re: Pet Paradise

Aw, so cute!  Just doing his part for tidying up.

Re: Pet Paradise



The second time he jumped into the recycle bin to get another box to destroy, he pranced away so fast with his head held up so high he probably thought he was a regal prince of sneakiness. Smiley Very Happy It only seems to be Sephora boxes too. He was so happy I coudn't stop him ❤️

Re: Pet Paradise

Ahhhhhhh, stop it! OMG, what a cutie patootie! I had a Boston for 15 wonderful years and I love those crazy dogs!

Re: Pet Paradise

He looks so proud with his "pray"! 😄

Re: Pet Paradise

My coconut  is 4 months this weekend. I'am celebrating his birthday. I'am getting him an ice cream cone cookie with sprinkles its a dog treat  ( Its an actual dog bakery  treat I dont feed my dog people food )and a birthday hat and taking his pictures lol.


Re: Pet Paradise

@BarbieGirl1 - Happy four-month birthday to Coconut!  He's a cutie!

Re: Pet Paradise

oh thats not my dog lol I do have a golden retriver though an english cream golden retriver .The rare color its like a white to a  white platinum  blonde color lol.Hes getting bigger though.Hes a little bit blonde but hes pretty light in color compared to this goldens picture above.


Its not like I'am having a big birthday party for him but I do wanna celebrate lol.Maybe get him a cake.I dont have any children so yeah its like my child my puppy.

Re: Pet Paradise

I thought he seemed a little big for four months!  😄

Re: Pet Paradise

Oh my dogs 44 pounds last time we took him to the vet he might be a lil bit bigger now maybe .He is supposed to be 80 pounds full grown according to the vet.I dont know if thats large or normal for a golden but I dont feed him any people food.Just his pet food and dog treats.Hes not fat though lol.Everyone jokes that hes Cujo the killer dog in the steven king movie.He is a loud breather though he snores at night I think thats just because hes soo big lol. 


I took him for a walk one time and apparently my neighbor had a  kfc fried chicken bone on his front yard like what the who eats fried chicken on their front lawn  ..... my puppy ate it whole.I guess its okay its been a month since then lol.

Re: Pet Paradise

My little girl is almost 7 mths! 


Re: Pet Paradise

So cute, @dalidyli- She looks like she's having fun at the beach.

Re: Pet Paradise

She's gotten so big Dalidyli!  What a beauty!

Re: Pet Paradise

@dalidyli,  They grow up so fast!  So cute!  🙂

Re: Pet Paradise

she is beautiful!! <33

Re: Pet Paradise



Just thought I'd give an update on my baby-Coal's status for those that might have been curious..


(see previous post about his cancer diagnosis)


So far he is holding strong. He is on prednisone and antibiotic therapy but I elected not to put him on chemo. So far he is actually gaining weight - just found out he put on a full pound of pudge since he started therapy. Very alert and coat very sleek.


He is such a smart cookie that I have to have my husband be the one to hold him for me to give him medicines because he associates the person who holds him with 'bad things' and runs crying from them, and I don't want to lose his cuddles while he is still here so I let hubbs be the 'evil one'. We tell Coal that the medication is "Anti-Papa Medicine that will keep the icky Papa away for 12 hours at a time" We even upgraded to the tuna flavored option, but still not good enough for our snooty-cat. 


Speaking of being bad and smart.. right now Coal is helping himself to some Whiskas crunchy treats. He knows that he has to pull up the opposite end to get the treats to pour out. Bad cats.


Thanks everyone for all the support!!

Re: Pet Paradise

I'm so glad to hear this update! Sending hugs to you and Coal!

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