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Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life Smiley Happy Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise

Beautiful! I love torties. And I love the Star Wars mouse family Smiley Happy

Re: Pet Paradise

I dated a guy whose mom had 2 torties, Cookie and Chip and absolutely fell in love with them. Beside the adorable coloring, I just love their personalities.

Re: Pet Paradise

I just noticed they were Star Wars, love it!

Re: Pet Paradise

For some reason whenever I think of this thread I always think "Whats going on in the Pet PARADE thread"


anyway, I have been struggling with my soul-kitty's health over the last 2 months, had some asthma, then some teeth issues. Found out Thursday that he has late stage intestinal cancer and not very long left together. 


Pretty devastated - he is my world. I alternate between being thankful for the years we've had together, the time we have left.. and bawling my face off. 


Who will give me kisses to wake me up to go to work? Who will make sure I'm not looking at anything too interesting on the computer by blocking the computer monitor? My heart hurts so bad.



This is Coal
my nugget..
my lump..
my rotten..
my baby..


 Edit: I bawled when I wrote this, which is why is it so vague and short.. but I'd love to share the story of how my Baby-Coal and I met..


About 8 years ago I was volunteering at a privately-run no-kill cat shelter. During that time, my Kitty-Baby Fuji passed away unexpectedly. I was oddly numb and withdrawn, thinking I'd never wanted to have another cat and experience that loss again. I stopped going to the shelter. We had another cat, who was my husband's best friend, and he became lonely, so my husband said 'let's get another cat, i'll pick him if you don't want to' and so we went to the shelter again.

There were several trailers on the property of kitty groups, and we went through a couple. I remained disinterested in the process and told hubby to choose. He kept dragging me through the trailers and having me look at every cat.

We got to the 2nd to last trailer and walked through the door, and all of sudden there was this screeching MEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWRRR and this black cat flung itself at me as I walked in the door, almost threw me off balance and grabbing me with his claws. Hubby tried to get him off but each time he got him off  the kitty just jumped up on to me and 'clawed in' to prevent being pried off. Purred like a motor. I was still pretty numb, Hubby said "let's take this one, since he wont come off" so we did. Since I was known there, we left with the kitty immediately.

On the way home we were driving and hubby says "let's name him Midnight, since his fur is black" and for some reason I said "no- his name is Coal"

When we got home he scrambled out of the cage and would not let me out of his sight - not even to use the bathroom! If I closed a door he HOWLED. The only place he was happy was in my arms with his face pressed into my neck. Couldn't give a F either way for hubby.

Coal and I were/are inseparable. We read books in bed together, watch youtube on the computer together. We play hide'n'seek together.. he loves it when I give him kisses on his cheeks and ears and will head-butt me for more.

I had to go across country for a week of training and missed Coal more than hubby. I've never gone on vacation or left overnight, except for that training, in 8 years because I don't want to be away from my baby-nugget.

I have been to the doctor twice to have cat hair removed from my ear canal because Coal wants to sleep on my ear/face.

When I come home he knows it's me when I'm two condo's away in the hallway and runs to the door crying. He talks to me all day and gives me all his kitty blink-kisses. When I'm watching tv he wants to be cradled like a baby and rocked, kneading his paws in the air while he falls asleep.

How did we figure out it was cancer?
I've driven my vet crazy over the years because I know every hair on my Coal's body. I know his moods like they are my own, and am very sensitive to when he's not feeling well. I've pushed my vet for testing that he wasn't sure on so many times because the 'signs' were unclear because I catch the change in him so early. Sadly, this time I was not early enough. Coal had been diagnosed with Asthma a year ago, and was taking meds daily for it, then he had mouth sores in his molars that were not responding to treatment and had to have his molars removed. This didn't help like hoped and mouth sores remained. Vet thought it was a food allergy, so Coal went on a raw diet to eliminate possible allergens. A few months go by - Then Coal stopped eating. Looking back, the respiratory issue, mouth sores, etc. are all inked back to the cancer.. but it wasn't until it progressed to the anorexia stage that we even thought to do an ultrasound and start suspecting cancer. The only good thing was that the medication for the asthma is actually the same as for the cancer, just that the dose was very low before (prednisone) so that may have bought me some extra time with him that I didn't know I was getting.

Love my baby.

Re: Pet Paradise

@Insomniacmuffin-  What a touching story. I'm so sorry that your beloved Coal has cancer, it must be so hard for you. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Pet Paradise

so sorry to hear about Coal. Smiley Sad

Re: Pet Paradise

Love and hugs!! What a sweet story, thanks for sharing it with us <3 

Re: Pet Paradise


After reading your story about Coal, I'm sitting here petting a kitty-friend and crying.  I know what you are going through, too.  In the last 2 months, my 17 year old kitty was euthanized, and two weeks later, my 10 year old kitty died unexpectedly from asthma complications.  They were my world and my husband's world, too.  You and Coal are in my thoughts and prayers.  The love that you have for each other is important and that love will never go away.  I think that you will be together again someday.

Re: Pet Paradise

I, too am so sorry that you are going through this. My kitty is getting up there in age, and I dread the day her health starts to fail. It is such a special bond we share with our pets that when we can't keep them safe and well, it's just heartbreaking. My thoughts and love are with you and Coal.

Re: Pet Paradise

I am so sorry to hear about your beloved kitty's cancer. We lost our 16 year old dog to a brain tumor a few months ago, so I understand the heartbreak.  It was so hard to see her in pain, but we gave her all the love in our hearts and did everything we could to keep her comfortable until the end.  Just shower him with love and hugs and treats while you still have the chance.  Hugs and love  to you.  Smiley Sad   



Re: Pet Paradise

So sorry @Insomniacmuffin.

Re: Pet Paradise

@Insomniacmuffin I am so incredibly sorry that you are going through this with your fur baby. I have a black cat, Emmy, and i've never had a cat so chatty and attached at the soul, and so intuitive and affectionate. My worst fear is losing her. 


I know that it doesn't take away the hurt and worry, but I am so glad you have experienced such a deep, beautiful and heartfelt connection with Coal.


I am also so grateful that you became his forever family. The greatest gift you could ever give him is the tender, unconditional love you have provided and the care, safety and security needed for him to flourish that your forever home provides him.


You are both so lucky to have found each other, and please know in your heart that whatever lies ahead, Coal has known what pure, unconditional and tender love feels like because of you, (and vice versa) and that is a love that transcends time. My thoughts & prayers are with your family <3

Re: Pet Paradise

@Insomniacmuffin, I am so so sorry to hear this. ): If I could give you a big hug right now I totally would! Sending lots of love your way. <3 


Re: Pet Paradise

@Insomniacmuffin Facebook was kind enough to remind me that today is the third anniversary of having to put down my Abby along with a large photo of her sweet little black face. Smiley Sad


I read your story of how you two met. I think it was kind of predestined, huh? And your husband is a sweetheart to know what you needed when you might not have yourself. What a beautiful relationship you have with both of them! I laughed out loud when I read about the visits to the doctor for your "hairy ears," though!


You know this is going to be hard, but it will be OK. Remember back to that meow in the trailer. You guys saved him. You loved him. You took care of all his needs. What more could a kitty ask for? You are in my thoughts.


Re: Pet Paradise

Hang in there.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  


Last year I lost my dog of 17 years to brain cancer.  Then my mom a month later to another cancer.  Now just a few weeks ago my other dog ran through the invisible fence and I watched as a lady on the road hit and killed him.



it was the worst time in my life.  The ONLY thing that gives me any comfort is knowing that they are all up in heaven together.  In heaven my dogs can play all day and never have to go to the vet.  Just remember to hug and kiss him as much as you can and stay strong so he doesn't get scared.  If he eats treats give him as much as he can handle.  Maybe my mom, Abe, and Reagan will great him at The Rainbow Bridge.

Re: Pet Paradise

@Insomniacmuffin I am so very sorry. Your little black beauty is gorgeous and reminds me so much of my Abby cat. I lost her a few years ago about this time. 


I dont know know how you came to be his mom, but know that his life would never have been so wonderful without you. Take comfort in knowing you made a difference. For now, treasure each moment and just love him. It will be hard when he's not there but maybe when you're ready you will open your heart to a new little love and make a difference again. Keeping you in my thoughts and crying a little along with you. 

Re: Pet Paradise

Coal is a beautiful cat. I am so sorry. I totally relate, as I have lost a pet before and as my current dog has had two major surgeries this year. The love we have for our pets is a different kind of's hard to explain, loving and caring so deeply for a living thing that depends on you for everything, who can't speak with words. It's a precious relationship. As others have said, enjoy your time with him and make him comfortable. He will always be with you and I definitely believe our furry friends go on to a better place...sending hugs!

Re: Pet Paradise

OH NO! Smiley Sad Poor baby! I'm so sorry, I'm already choking. Smiley Sad I recently went through something like this, a year and a half ago and it is still fresh in my mind, it's .. horrible to say the least, I know words won't make you feel better ugh. Yeah, I'm crying with you, I'm so sorry, all I can say is he will be happy in kitty heaven as he was with you, I know i don't have to say this but hug him every day, sing to him, and everything you do to make him feel comfortable. Sending you a big hug.

Re: Pet Paradise

I am sorry for what you are going through! I have been there and can empathize with the pain. You will be in my thoughts.

Re: Pet Paradise

I'm so sorry to hear this! I've lost three kitties myself and it's always rough going. Will keep you and your kitty in my thoughts.

Re: Pet Paradise

This picture may be familiar to some, as I have shared it before. 

It just makes me laugh & this thread is the perfect place to re-share it. Mittens was not hurt, as I did discover that Stargazer's are highly toxic to cats. So...perhaps this will also educate someone as to the danger. But, seriously. That face!


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