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Peek at other countries' Sephora

I assumed that for different countries it's just different translation of the same site, but apparently the site for France or China is different from this site (US/Canada) with different ads and some different product lines!


Check them out!


China (what? Korean BB cream and Estee Lauder? gimme some!):


I like our selection of Hello Kitty products much better, but France have this set and It's SO adorable. Can you see it? each plastic container is a popsicle!

Apparently this was sold in Chinese Sephora back in 2010 or something (I SO want this!! I love cute evil characters, and I love panda. Why wasn't I notified? I want one!).


Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

This is such an interesting post!  I never would have thought the Sephora website would be so different for other countries!  It seems like the French Sephora website focuses a lot on perfume (and also has some great gift sets and brands like armani!) and the Chinese site focuses on skincare.  Very interesting!  I'd love to see some of those gift sets and brands over here too....

Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

Thanks for posting this. How interesting.

I want to know how to get this Tote!! So cute!


Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora



Thanks for sharing! The hello kitty popsicle is so adorable. Smiley Happy I would totally buy them.


Yeah, Sephora France & China are run almost separetly from the U.S. & Canada, but we're all under one umbrella still. This is the reason why they carry different products and also have a different website. What's nice is that you can always be surprised by every Sephora in the country since you'll always find something different, unique, and products we don't carry.


I would love to visit the Sephora in France. I hear it's amazing and it carries all kinds of brands including L'Oreal, MAC and so forth.

Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

@projulie & janinebt. So I tried logging into their sites using my online account and it didn't work, understandably. I was wondering if I go to China and shop at the Chinese Sephora, will they recognize my US Beauty Insider card? will the points count?

Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

Hi everyone!


@BeautyTester, they have a completely different Beauty Insider system so you would have to sign up for a new account Smiley Sad Sorry about that!


I've had the chance to view Sephora in Italy while I was in Florence and it was an incredible store. I'm sure it has changed since when I visited (it had the older layout and red carpeting so popular in our older locations) but it was fantastic seeing how many different brands and items there are that we don't have in the US. SO gorgeous I can't wait to travel more and visit some other locations Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

We get a lot of questions regarding Sephora from international clients, so I've become pretty familiar with the different Sephora websites we have! We have a presence in so many countries! It's really interesting to see what sort of products they have that we don't (and vice-versa). I'm also really fascinated with their advertisements.


We currently have stores/online websites for: France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands,China, and the Czech Republic! You can go here to view the different websites if you want:


My sister went to Sephora France earlier this year. She said it's so big she got lost!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

One question, in january i went to spain, bought some stuff at sephora, handed them my VIB card and they said that they dont do VIB over there, is that true? because im planning to go again this year and im pretty sure im gonna buy some stuff at sephora, but i dont want to lose the points!!!!


Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

I went to France last year and I was so obsessed with their Sephoras there. They have this section called Sephora Express, where you can buy cheap travel-friendly stuff. I bought some makeshift soaked cucumber slices there. Great topic!

Re: Peek at other countries' Sephora

@beautytester  That evil panda is awesome!!! lol Smiley Very Happy



@projulie  That's interesting how the one in France carries L'Oreal and MAC.  Is the L'Oreal line there high quality than the one in America since L'Oreal here is considered a drugstore brand?  Not hating on drugstore or anything lol.  I've not tried L'Oreal, though, except for the kids shampoo in the fish shape bottles.  Doesn't sting eyes....yeah right lol.


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