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Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Hi BTers,


I'm sharing this with you because I know you will understand the motivation and will be supportive.


I was looking at my budget last night because I'm revamping it for grad school and I set myself a budget of $35 a month for makeup/skincare/beauty etc.  And then I noticed that I spend about $230 on cigarettes every month.   


I tried to quit this summer but because of some ridiculous academic stress it didn't happen.  But starting on Sunday I'm going to start again and for every dollar I save on cigarettes I am going to put $0.50 in my makeup budget.  So by the time I quit all the way (I'm doing a gradual step-down) I will have an additional $115 in my makeup budget.  I can't spend forever with that kind of makeup budget but maybe through the VIB sale in November then I will re-assess my new cigarette free budget.


I'm hoping my desire to buy Mario Badescu facial products and more YSL lip products will be strong motivators for me to cut down on my cigarettes.


Anyway, thanks for listening Ladies and Gents, I just wanted to share my quitting plan with people who would understand why makeup is such a strong motivator.

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Thats really great to hear!  You should keep us updated on how this goes and how your makeup collection grows! Smiley Happy


My boyfriend finally quit smoking after 5 years and he coughs less, can actually breathe and feels all around more healthy!   It was hard for him to do and he actually had to use an electronic cigarette when he first quit to ease him off of it.  He finally did it and we are both much happier!  Good luck!

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

i will definitely keep you up to date, probably in the form of pleading for makeup enticement to keep me on the path.   I'm glad your boyfriend was able to quit.  I'm definitely taking strength from everyone who has said they or a loved one has quit.

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

I just saw a super gross commercial today about cigarettes and how they contain the same things as dog poo and cat pee.


Urea - one of the waste byproducts created when the body metabolizes proteins.


Methane - the main component of natural gas.


Mmm.  Don't you just want to inhale a waste byproduct right now?  (If that's not motivation I don't know what is.)

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Oh gross! I did not know those things were in cigarettes.  

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Can I just say that cigarettes are full of icky things and I think a reward like makeup is a great way to motivate yourself to focus on other priorities when trying to quit, but this commercial sounds like a misleading scare tactic? It is definitely one of my pet peeves when people are scared for no reason by things like this, so sorry for the giant wall of text! 


Urea is something produced in lots of animals (including humans) but is sort of famous for being the first substance that people thought was only made inside of living things to be synthesized in a lab without any biological starting materials. It does a few different things in our bodies, but mainly it picks up excess nitrogen and carries it out of our bodies. Fish and other aquatic organisms usually use ammonia to do the same thing in their bodies, but since urea is really benign (a colorless, odorless solid, highly soluble in water and practically non-toxic (LD50 is 15 g/kg for rat)), our bodies (and other organisms too) will spend extra energy to turn ammonia into urea instead, so ammonia doesn't build up to toxic amounts in our cells, that's kind of a good thing, right?


Here are some things it is also used in, courtesy of wikipedia:


A stabilizer in nitrocellulose explosives
A component of animal feed, providing a relatively cheap source of nitrogen to promote growth
A non-corroding alternative to rock salt for road de-icing, and the hardening of ski-resort terrain park take-offs and landings
A flavor-enhancing additive for cigarettes
A main ingredient in hair removers such as Nair and Veet
A browning agent in factory-produced pretzels
An ingredient in some skin cream, moisturizers, hair conditioners
A reactant in some ready-to-use cold compresses for first-aid use, due to the endothermic reaction it creates when mixed with water
A cloud seeding agent, along with other salts
A flame-proofing agent, commonly used in dry chemical fire extinguisher charges such as the urea-potassium bicarbonate mixture
An ingredient in many tooth whitening products
An ingredient in dish soap
Along with ammonium phosphate, as a yeast nutrient, for fermentation of sugars into ethanol
A nutrient used by plankton in ocean nourishment experiments for geoengineering purposes
As an additive to extend the working temperature and open time of hide glue
As a solubility-enhancing and moisture-retaining additive to dye baths for textile dyeing or printing


Also when it is produced for industrial use, they use up captured carbon dioxide so it's not going out into the environment. I don't recommend playing in large quantities of commercial nitrogen enriched fertilizer (which is the main use for urea), but it's not something to be horrified of on principle. Sorry for the science rant!

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

I heart people who heart science even though the finer points of the discipline escape me.


Thank you for all the information, I have always just associated urea with pee I didn't know it had other uses. Thank you for the info!


I should probably be focusing on being grossed out by the pesticides and other yucky things in cigarettes.

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Heh, I'm glad it's not just obnoxious! I kind of wish I could get into something chemistry related one day, but I don't think I have the drive to do classes and homework again, never mind the prerequisites I would have to do beforehand. I sort of dropped out of high school, haha.

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

@Rikkie ~ loving the science!  Things are always more complicated than a commercial.


@Meg82 ~ Don't worry about grossing yourself out on the chemicals inside; think about the tangible things, like the smell, and how you need to reapply lipstick more often when you have a cigarette, and how much it's costing you in beauty products.

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Ooh, good way of thinking of it! Everyone has heard about all the things in cigarettes, but when you're looking at it in your hand it's just an everyday object. It's way easier to see the lipstick coming off on each one and how it's just throwing away that gorgeous color!

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Is this like a truth in advertising rant?  I doubt your purpose was to say, "Cigarettes have harmless ingredients too - they're not quite so bad!" 


I do wonder why, out of all the harmful ingredients cigarettes do possess, did they choose one that could be argued?  I'm guessing because "cat pee is bad for you" is easy to understand.  But then again mentioning arsenic would've been easy to understand as well.

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Yeah, definitely truth in advertising. Smiley Happy 


It sounds like they just went for the gross out factor, and everyone has heard tar, arsenic, whatever before so it's not as attention grabbing I guess. Wikipedia says urea is in cigarettes as a flavor enhancer, I'm guessing it's not to give a lovely cat pee taste so why bring up the fact that it's in there if not to scare people. If you just say it's in your pretzels and your face cream, consumers aren't horrified and grossed out, even if both are true. That's all I really wanted to point out, that you can give the facts very selectively and mislead people and I don't think it's right.


I didn't mean to criticize you in any way, I hope it didn't come across like that! If so I really apologize, it was the idea behind the commercial, and probably got to me more than usual because I had to listen to my aunt go on and on yesterday about how all the wheat in the world is genetically modified to be addictive because she read it in a book and I had to bite my tongue. So I'm sorry!

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

woah. And here I thought cigarettes are just dried plants rolled in paper except you set fire to it, while in tea you pour boiling water over it........o.o

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

great job!  please keep us updated, and you can do it!  I know exactly what you mean by academic stress, I'm in my last year of university, and since I'm applying to grad school this year, I know how hard it is to not revert back into old bad habits.  But yeah, makeup is an insanely good motivator, and like @wendyomgwar said, if you need a smoke, come vent to us and we'll make you drool from seeing all the things you could buy instead Smiley Wink

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Aw, stay strong! I wish you luck in quitting, you can do it!


Makeup is a great motivator, especially those YSL lip products Smiley Wink

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Good luck! Both of my parents quit later in life and quit with different ways of doing it. My dad was a quit cold turkey method. His doctor told him he wouldn't live much longer if he didn't stop. My mom used the prescription to help her quit. She did gain some weight afterwards, but the doctor felt kicking the cigarettes were most important. I saw how incredibly hard it was for her, but her health improved so much. No more morning cough and choke routine. It might be the most difficult thing you will ever do. My advice, find someone to go through it with you. If they want to quit smoking you can do it together. If you can't find someone to quit with you, find a support buddy. And of course you have all of us, too!

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Meg, This is awesome. All of my positive vibes go out to you and your very clever motivation to quit!! You can also think, why smoke when it would mess up my gorgeous lipstick? Smiley Wink

Re: Pact with Myself: Fewer Cigarettes = More Makeup

Great motivator!


I've vowed to do the same thing but food is my vice. Anytime I feel the urge to order food I'm going to buy makeup instead. I figure, if I'm going to waste money I might as well do it on something that makes me fell better about myself and not worse. 


Good luck to you.

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