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Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

2016 let me realize how many lipsticks I have, how many point perks of lippies I have and I realize... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is a tough challenge, but who wants to go on a lipstick no buy? I'll probably open up a thread for other products as well. 

Let's encourage each other to spend practically and this is a small step in one direction. Maybe instead of that lipstick, you save that money and keep saving and then go on a seaside cottage retreat? (pulling strings here!) 🙂 


1. Items in this category include lipsticks, glosses and lip liners. I was going to consider lip balms, but I will categorize that as skin care. Scrubs are ok. Tinted lip balms are fine and are considered to be the BB/CC/DD/EE/FF/ZZ creams of lip products. 

2. You are limited to ONE PURCHASE. This is in place for that special LE. 

3. You can drop out once you have all the lipsticks for the year gone. Well you probably need to grab one lipstick right? (and hopefully you stick with that one for the rest of the year) 

4. TSBs do not count into the purchase category if you didn't buy anything for that lipstick you are trading for. 

5. Exchanges because the beauty product caused an allergic reaction and having to purchase a new item doesn't count. Safety first!

6. Using Ulta Points, Nordstrom Notes, etc. is ok as long as the amount matches the lipstick. I would prefer there be no use of those as the Ulta Points can be used on Skincare and Nordstrom Notes as clothes. YOU CANNOT spend just for the sake of using this rule. 

7. Sephora BI Point Perks are exempt, again with the rule above, YOU CANNOT SPEND JUST FOR THE SAKE OF USING THIS RULE.

8. Samples that are from GWPs, foil samples are fine.

9. I really hope this won't come up, but you shouldn't try to ask a lipstick as a gift! 😄 

10. Subscription boxes that contain lip products do not count into spend as I believe the items are at random. 

11. Sephora Favorites sets cannot have a majority lipstick pack. Must be 1%


Ready set. upload_2520435486155281633.gif

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

I tell myself whenever I find a tempting lip product that "I need this like I need a bullet hole in my head." sometimes I try to stay away from even just browsing lip stuff, I want to spend my $ strictly on skincare for now. then I realize that I haven't even tried a Korean lip tint yet. #lipstories with pictures right on the tube! oh boy. making wishlists helps me determine which items to put off or prioritize.

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

Um, I'm 11 months late, but I desperately need to join this now! Too many tempting holiday lipsticks that I definitely don't need...

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

@txcatx  I did the opposite...hold off all year, then go crazy for the holidays! XD

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

@tehprincessjenn I'm actually on an opposite mission - I'm wanting to buy more lipsticks.  I always wore the same one and that was it.  So, now I'm branching out and trying to build a collection.  I'm finding it difficult.  I'm not loving all the matte and nude lipsticks; and others I like fade so fast.  I guess we're each on our own journey!  I agree that lipsticks are over priced - I was looking at Tom Ford minis priced at over $30 -- ouch!

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

@tehprincessjenn How is your lipstick no-buy going? It gets so hard to not break it as brands keep pumping out new lip products, each one more interesting than the last. Hopefully with the new setup, this will become a more active page 🙂

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

I'm still trying to maintain my lipstick no-buy. I will be most likely buying lip products when I use my points at Ulta, but I will also be getting rid of at least 10 lip products (which is more than the number of lip products I'm currently planning on buying right now), so I don't feel bad about buying products that I know I will use-especially since I will be using points and it isn't JUST to buy lip products; it's more like I want to buy another primer without feeling really guilty about it. 😉 

Oh, another thing to note. One of the 100 pt perks that I used BI points on was a mini Hourglass lipstick but I don't feel bad about that either; I've been wanting one of those lip stylos for a while but I couldn't get myself to pull the trigger and I didn't want to waste my 'freebie' for my no-buy on that.

Anyways, good luck to everyone on this lipstick no-buy. 🙂

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

I figured, since I'm doing a check-in on my regular low-buy, I might as well check-in on my lipstick no-buy.

This was a lot harder than I expected it to be. I naturally don't like clutter, so I thought that showcasing all of my lip products would be enough to minimize the urge to by lip products. That didn't happen, and I somehow have doubled the number of lipsticks that I want to buy in the near future.

Since the beginning of the year, I have used BI points to "buy" the bite beauty lip pencil, and I "bought" two Ulta Collection tinted lip balms (I say "bought" because it was buy 2 get 2 free and the 2 items I bought were eye-makeup removers and the lip balms were free.) Each time I have wanted to buy a lip product, I've been able to convince myself to put it back. That being said, I've made a deal with myself *assuming* that the Spring sale (15% off) occurs and the lip duo I want is still in stock, I'm buying it. I've looked up swatches of the duo on similar skin tones and I still want; so if everything lines up, I'm grabbing it.

Anyways, I'll update in another month or two about my progress in this lipstick no-buy. 

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

Walked into an Ulta today to pick up my conditioner and redeem my $10 birthday coupon. 

LOOK AT ALL THE LIPSTICKS. OH wait I need conditioner and eye primer. 

Keep strong! 

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

And I already failed thanks to the great sale on the People Shop. I'm still going to keep trying to resist though...

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

Hey it happens. You just get back up! 

And it's only one right? 

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

Ah you got moved to Off Topic. This is the one of the most beauty related off topic posts I've seen in a while lol. 

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

I went: WTF? WHAT? But this is beauty related. Are they mad that I wrote: "DON'T BUY LIPSTICKS?" after advertising Nude Lips are in? 

I SENSE CONSPIRACY! *runs in crop circles*

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

I'm in, I have too much! Most in my collection are point perks, GWP and samples... but oh my I accumulated a lot the last year...

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

@Llgc, Ditto. That's why I'm doing that too! I have mostly point perks, GWP and samples! 

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

Okay I'm in. But if there's a SF kit with some amazing shades what will I do then....LOL

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

Count it as your annual one lipstick buy? (Like one BOX...!) 🙂

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

What about Ipsy boxes?  I occasionally get lipstick in those, though lately it's been mostly skincare. It's not like I actually go out and buy the lipstick, right? 😉

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

Subscription boxes since they are always random when it comes to product is fine. 

Man I have to edit DA RULES again! 

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

i should do this...updated the inventory and discovered i have 477 lip products!!!! but lipstick makes me weak!!!!! and i'll fold like a cheap suit! 


throwing down a sparkly carpet for anyone who can do this!!! 

Re: Our Lips are Sealed: The Lipstick NO BUY

I wish I could do this....but I don't know if I have enough self control! Lol

I am a lipstick junkie....I've managed to put back Miss Scarlett by MJ several visits in a row, but it's calling my name!

I will definitely be in full support of any that are able to do this! lol 

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