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Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

Hey girls, I was at the mall today and on my way to Sephora and this young representative for a new brand called ' Orogold Cosmetics ' approached me. 


The store is very sleek and luxurious and looks like it's catered to high end clientele. She was ' testing ' out some products she recommended for me on my wrist. Then tried to con me into purchasing the products which I said no and would consider coming back. I go to their website and they are selling skincare that is for people who have MEGA BUCKS !. I get that it's 24K gold inside your stuff but selling it in a mall where I live ain't going to fly unless your rich. I'd suggest they go to Yorkville where the most ELITE shop in Toronto. What I found disturbing is that she's trying to say my purchases are going to irratate my skin and that the Amore Pacific stuff isn't as good. I don't care if you got 24K S**T in there I ain't buying it !. 



Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

OMG, that is SO rude! I'm horrified!

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

According to this link, (check it outSmiley Happy

supposedly Demi Lovato uses this orogold stuff  - I considered buying it but I saw terrible reviews...

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

Why should ANYONE adopt the skin care routine of a 21 year old?

I want to know what Nicole Kidman (46 years old), Michelle Pfeiffer (56), and Halley Berry (47) are using.

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

I got pulled over by them once and had to cut them off to say I was allergic to gold. They didn't really believe it, but it actually is true. Goodness...

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

If they didn't believe that you could be allergic to gold than they obviously don't know what they are talking about. If the reps don't know hat someone can be allergic to what they are  selling, that's pretty bad because then they could convince someone who is  allergic to it to get it anyways and really hurt someone...That's terrible!

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

They are in several malls in the area but I have always avoided going anywhere near because I don't like when the sales associates stand outside trying to talk to you to come in the store...that just screams "pushy" to me. Now after reading this I'm so glad I stuck with my gut instincts.

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

The girl I had wasn't too aggressive, but if she was I would be like HEY B''CH ! Keep your hands off me or else !

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

Yeah, these mall kiosk fly by night cosmetics places are crazy and seem to pop up everywhere right before the holidays. Yesterday I was trying to avoid one but the guy chased me down to give me a sample, "Try it! It has WINE IN IT!!!" I took the sample to read the ingredients...first one is of course propolyne glycol (anti-freeze), even before wine!

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

I had a similar experience at my local mall with a shop that sells skincare products that are wine-based.  They were extremely pushy and I had a heck of a time getting out of there!  Because of that, I will never go back.


The products were very pricey as well.  The rep gave me a card for a free facial during her spiel, but at the end, when I didn't buy anything, she asked for the card back!!  


All in all, it was a very bad experience.  I don't even want to walk down the part of the mall where that store is!

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

I don't have one of these near me but I had an experience like this with Bella Terra cosmetics. My local mall has a kiosk for Bella Terra cosmetics. It's been around for quite a while but they definitely were not like that Deja Vu kiosk that people think of when they offer you a sample and when you say no they then say "Can I ask you a question!?" (or maybe that is just my area...!?) I had never once been stopped by an employee at this kiosk. One night when leaving MAC, I had a bag in my hand and the woman started a conversation with me by saying "Oh I see you love makeup!..." blah blah. So we're just in conversation and she starts telling me about the products. She was being slightly pushy, but I will say it wasn't pushy in a NASTY way, more of the "car sales person" way that you just feel like you can't get away. The products she showed me were nice, don't get me wrong, but they were pricey. And it was a this is the special today, but if you just want this, for you I'll cut down the price blah blah. I ended up walking away with a mineral foundation that ran me...maybe $35? I can't even remember. It was pricey but I will be honest, I'm such a sucker for this stuff because I always feel so bad and then I get suckered into buying something (aka why I don't often like a sales associate's help unless I specifically ask, I'll spend too much!) I got home and was looking up reviews and found good ones. Then I suddenly stumbled upon a YouTube video that was from a news station that did a report on the company kiosks being a scam. I started freaking out and did a ton of research and found out that the COMPANY was not a scam, but the kiosks were not actually company owned, so the company openly admitted that the kiosks have been super hit or miss and they did not support how people were running their personal kiosks. I was in a panic because everyone said they were being insanely overcharged, they felt like they could not get away (the bulk of the story was about how overly aggressive they are) and that when anyone wanted their money back, it absolutely was not possible. Naturally I went to the company's Facebook and found zero complaints like this which told me the company was probably deleting them. While I was able to calm down once I found out I was not overcharged, I found myself feeling like an idiot and wanted to return the products. I contacted the company via Facebook and said that I wanted to speak to someone about my experience, I know the kiosk had specific rules of return but I truly just wanted to return the product and get my money back because I felt like I had been scammed and I didn't like the feeling. Someone responded first thing the next morning which I was impressed with. She said someone would reach out to me because she was traveling so she had passed on my information to someone else. I thanked her and she responded saying not a problem, blah blah. Needless to say that was probably about two months ago at this point and I never received any contact from said company. I obviously had to just say...such is life, it is what it is, but I would definitely be hesitant if you have one of these kiosks in your mall!!

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

A blogger I follow got suckered into buying hundreds of dollars worth of their stuff.  We aren't allowed to post outside links, but if you want to read about her experience it's at the Beauty Snob website and then just search "orogold".

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

I try to be polite to all salespeople regardless of what they are trying to sell because I know they have jobs to do.


Mall Kiosk beauty sellers turn my Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde


I've never heard of or seen this brand, but I know the tactics and they make me upset just thinking about them.


I have an anxiety disorder.  I am particularly bad dealing with in-your-face strangers.  I like shopping alone.  If I need help, I ask for it.  After my initial "No, Thank You." I expect to be left in peace.  Getting in my face only makes me very angry, and guarantees the lack of a sale.  (Incidentally, this is why I don't shop for beauty at Nordstrom. I find their sales associates to be terribly pushy.  But even they are nothing compared to the Kiosk Mafia.)


The Kiosk People do not get a "no, thank you" from me anymore because I know they will not heed it.  I usually try to time my approach to a kiosk (if there is no other way around) when they are busy with other victims.  If this is unavoidable, I put on my best b*tchface and do not respond at all to their makeup-equivalent of catcalls.  


I hate the Kiosk People.  

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

Oh same here! Not the anxiety thing but being pushy is the best way to guarantee LACK of a purchase from me (except for nice old salesladies that showers me with freebies), and I get annoyed pretty fast when people are pushy.


I do sometimes play the foreigner/asian card. When they are pushy, I just say "no English" and ignore/push past them. =P

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

I don't understand why anyone stops to talk to these people.Why do these blog posts talk about how the salesperson wouldn't let them leave the store? Being forced to buy hundreds of dollars of products? If you don't like the sales tactics, you get up and you walk out. You don't take your credit card out!


In the super busy mall near me, I totally ignore kiosk people who stand out in the walking "lanes." I pretend I don't hear a thing they are saying. At the less busy malls, I either ignore them or just say "no" and keep walking. One time when I was feeling snarky and a guy said "Can I ask you a question?" I said "you just did" and by the time he figured out what had happened I was past him.


If I spend my free time shopping, I spend that time how I want to spend it. I have no problem refusing to engage with someone whose product or service doesn't interest me.


Don't even get me started on the kiosks where they want to clean your ring. As if I'm going to take my engagement ring and wedding band off and hand it over to a kiosk in the middle of a mall? Insane.



Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

LMBO @ "Can I ask you a question?"... "You just did."  Bwahahaha!!!

Sorry SugaredMagnolia, I'm borrowing that one for the kiosk **bleep** at my mall!

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

By the way, I found a 2008 Wall Street Journal article called "Shalom, Christmas Shoppers" that talks about how some malls have forbid kiosk workers from touching people unless they show genuine interest.


If some random dude at a cart tried to put something on my face, I'd lose it...and probably retreat to Sephora. Smiley Happy

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !


A handicap woman was sucked into buying $1700 of products here in Canada !

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !



I've never heard of orogold but I have plenty of other beauty kiosks in the malls around me. Sometimes they are nice and just offer a brochure in passing, and sometimes they are straight up rude. I know what retail is like so I always smile say no thanks and walk away.


I did have a bad experience once. It was a kiosk that was selling hair straighteners. I was walking with a friend. Both of our hair styles were long. My friend had very fine straight blond hair. I have light brown hair that's much thicker than hers. The guy said something like" HEY FREE hairstyle!" when I said no thanks he said "DONT YOU WANT HAIR LIKE YOUR FRIEND!!".


I was offended. I love my hair and get compliments all the time. It looks better natural than super straight.


But being rude wont get me to hand over my wallet. What are these people thinking?

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

Oh the hair people!!! I was once walking through the mall just having come from a haircut.  I had gotten about six inches taken off and I was feeling really cute and fresh.  I got harassed by hair kiosk people trying to sell me extensions.  "DON'T YOU WANT LONG BEAUTIFUL HAIR?"  


uhm... no... I literally just came from the salon having cut it off! 

Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

We have a huge store here in Miami! its such crap, no one is ever in the store, it looks so so expensive and worthless, i later found out my grandma went in and bought some kind of cleanser for her face which the sales lady told her was 60$ so she thought it wasn't too bad price wise, when she checked out her card was charged almost $400! she freaked out, called her bank and the bank said they couldnt give her money back because she accepted the items, and unless orogold made a statement that she didn't take the items she couldnt be refunded, needless to say they took advantage of my grandma, its really upsetting. 


but yes, stay away from this company no matter what


Re: Orogold Cosmetics - WHAT A JOKE !

Was the receipt for $60??? That's insane!

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