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Organize Shopping List

I wish there were more ways one could organize their shopping list on Sephora and not have it default all the time.


Sub-catagories would be awesome too : Foundation, Blush, etc... this would make it really easy to find items I am looking for.


I wish we could also create a new folder (like with email).

Re: Organize Shopping List

Hm....*rummages through shopping list*


My first page is mostly bronzers (nars, guerlain, dior, DG, bare minerals, , I'm pale and use bronzer pretty much every single day to add warmth to my face. They all do the same thing and one compact last me months and months but I just love trying new ones. I have 3 right now so I cant justify buying another but having it on my shopping list doesn't hurt anyone and when I do need a bronzer I know where to go to. I also have the UD good karma blurring brush---I LOVE brushes and can never have enough, especially liquid foundation brushes. I don't have that many, and wash them after every use, and that's no fun, so having some more backup brushes would be pretty sweet. I also have a lot of foundations (KVD, nars, laura mercier, dior, Clinique). I work in cosmetics so wearing makeup is part of the dress code, and one bottle of foundation rarely lasts me more than a couple of months so I feel like I can never have enough! I'm pretty obsessed with nars right now so I have tons and tons of stuff from that brands....lots of lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, face products.


Smiley Very Happy


Re: Organize Shopping List

Thanks for sharing!!!! Food for thought...Its probably a good idea for me to start making shopping lists instead of dumping things in the cart and then deleting by process of elimination when the price gets too high Smiley Happy

I've actually discovered nars fairly recently, so I'm going through a "phase" I love the lipgloss colors!



Re: Organize Shopping List

I'm not a gloss person, but absolutely love the cargo quads, thebalm, and buxom lip creams. Such pretty colors, and the formulas are not at all sticky and don't leave that gross film around your mouth.



Re: Organize Shopping List

ugh I hate when there's a gross film around my mouth, and equally, when my hair sticks to my lip gloss. Which buxom lip cream is your fave?

Re: Organize Shopping List

Yeah, or sort by categories or something. Right now I manually categorize the items every couple months or so after the first page gets messy from random items that catches my eyes. I basically open them in, like, 70 tabs, remove all from list, then add them all back in the order i wanted.

Re: Organize Shopping List

I agree!  I'd love to see some customization options in the shopping list ^.^  That tends to be the main reason I have written lists instead of large ones on here, that and if I haven't swatched at item I'm generally just unsure of which to buy and don't want to impulse buy a color that doesn't match! Smiley Tongue

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