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Organize Shopping List

I wish there were more ways one could organize their shopping list on Sephora and not have it default all the time.


Sub-catagories would be awesome too : Foundation, Blush, etc... this would make it really easy to find items I am looking for.


I wish we could also create a new folder (like with email).

Re: Organize Shopping List

That would be nice! But honestly, I'm totally happy with it as is as well. We used to only be able to add 100 items and now I have hundreds and hundreds of items in there and I love it Smiley Very Happy

Re: Organize Shopping List

you have more than 100 thing in your shopping list???

What have you got in there?

Re: Organize Shopping List

Hey no judgement lol!


There's new things coming out every single day, and when you spend as much time as I do on you are bound to (often!) see something cool that you wanna try out in store and possibly buy. Plus, I save things to my shopping list that I want to get for others, not just myself. And I lovez my beauty stuff Smiley Very Happy


Re: Organize Shopping List

@sephoramusthave, I didn't mean it that way!!!

I am actually on  or at the store way too often, (the muass in numerous locations know me by name already) and I am always looking at everything but there are so many things, i always end up with a purchase or nothing.

I asked what was in there because I am interested in getting ideas of what to try out next! What would you suggest?

Re: Organize Shopping List

I save things in my list for other people too - Christmas gifts, bday, etc.  It would be cool to have a category "gifts" - like amazon lets you create different wish lists Smiley Happy

Re: Organize Shopping List

yeah, I love that abt amazon!

I've got my wish list of electronics (basically a kindle)

food items like energy bars....

etc Smiley Happy

Re: Organize Shopping List

On Amazon I have categories for:

Kindle Books

Hard Copy Books

Kids Vitamins

Cloth diapers (this was a phase) LOL!

Wist List

Athan (my son- so like toys and baby stuff) Athan is pronounced like Athens Greece but no "s"

Next Baby


Re: Organize Shopping List

Thanks for all the idea! I'll be sure to forward your suggestion to the appropriate department within our company. We love hearing all of your ideas and recommendationsSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Organize Shopping List

thanks Melissa! 

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