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One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

So off topic ... I'm still completely nonplussed by what happened over lunch.  I went to late brunch with some friends today and we were having a great time and perhaps got slightly tipsy.  A woman came over and started chatting with one of my friends and he just grabbed my leg, squeezed it and told her that he was here with his girlfriend.  I introduced myself (we're not dating, but he's viciously good looking and gets a lot of attention he doesn't want ... we generally act as each others 'out' if we get attention we don't want) and she stayed and chatted with us for a bit longer.


Okay, here is where it gets bizarre and dramatic.  I excused myself to the ladies and the woman followed me in and completely chewed me out about how I wasn't good enough for him and blah blah to which I just laughed (it was so surreal, couldn't do anything but) and then she slapped me.  Thankfully, a woman that works there and knows me was in the ladies as well.  She's now banned from the property, and I told her I wouldn't press charges if she would leave quietly.  She had the common sense to do it.


My friend felt entirely guilty for the incident, but he had naught to do with it.  It's a mystery to me. In her mind, I was dating this guy and she thought that my berating and assaulting me she could somehow be with him? Why fixate? For all she knows, he could be a completely miserable a**hole.  And I could have had her arrested, so this could have messed up other areas of her life.  She was so self-righteous and indignant, saying I should be banned from the property for being a b**** and that she hadn't done anything wrong.


I was already in a very down mood today, and this just put me over the edge.  I've retreated to bed with pups, YouTube and too much hot cocoa.

I only have a few close female friends and I guess it's because I have seen a lot of this type of behavior and have had a few other bad experiences. I'm really grateful to have seen this wonderful camaraderie which seems to abound on BT and shows me there are a lot of great, supportive women out there. Life is too short, and women do have a number of uphill battles in this world ... I don't know why many insist on tearing each other down when we should be supportive of each other or, at the very least, not cause problems for each other.  That, along with post-incident micheladas and tequila shots, has given me a headache and a lot of confusion ... I just don't get it at all.


PS: The only funny take-away from the whole thing was she did say 'I don't give a f*** how pretty you are.'  First time I've been called pretty in years and it was during a really horrid incident.  Oh, the irony.


Thanks ... done with the rant.

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Oh know, there are just some instances with folks where there is no sound explanation or justifiable reason as to why they do things.


Her verbally attacking you is right out the gate uncalled for, let along the physical contact has just crossed all sorts of lines. Whether she was tipsy or under any influence is besides the point, due to her acts, she's now banned, GOOD RIDDANCE! She set herself up for that one!


Life is too short, no need to sit and waste time as to why she did what she did, just know that she got her's and that's that. Lets hope the next time you're served a compliment it's from a good-hearted source! *HUGS*

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Whaz going on?! I'm confused and need moar doge pix.

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Hope this helps!


hipster doge.jpg

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

This was supposed to be a nice thread, meant to give comfort, love and support to a member of our bt community who was in distress.

I'm saddened that it took a wrong turn. I try to remain neutral and not get into these things but, I'm having a Very difficult time doing that.


**quotidianus - I'm sorry this went off course. I hope you can push the bad stuff aside and focus on the love & light. I'm sorry for any additional stress and upset this may have caused you.


I'm just very sad.

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Still, the positive definitely outshines the negative. I know we all develop different thoughts and viewpoints based on our experience and exposure to the world around us. Whether or not I agree with another’s perspective, I try to be empathetic. In doing so, I really believe I can broaden myself as well, even if I still don't see eye-to-eye with someone on a particular subject.


I am incredibly grateful for the support, solidarity and the humor found here. It’s all helped me get back to positive.

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Good answer! Smiley Happy


You're 'Pretty' smart. Smiley Wink


Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

That is just crazy.

Sounds like she was just drunk & disorderly. Good thing she got banned.

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

hey y'all lets forgive and forget, im sure nhunka knows what she said and how she intended for it to come out, but we are BT sisters and BT sisters stick together. <3

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

@quotidianus no problemo! <3

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

first NO DO NOT SLAP QUOTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I read that when you laughed it off good job let it go girl, but when she slapped you oh least you were patient and calm enough to not hit her back and she is very lucky that you did not press I was just talking to my mum how there is never ever one day that no one murders someone else (anywhere in the world) its really sad that so many people feel, his way in my little children's bible I had when I was like seven I learned a basic prayer in it was " god please show us the light of good and keep us protected from evil" (something like that, I cant remember exactly) but I think that god will keep us protected from evil but the evil within people that they control their actions, its their choice. we can never blame god for the things that other people do we can only ask for forgiveness to him for others and ourselves ,thank him for our blessings and keep us protected from evil. anyway quoti im sorry this happened to you and yes that made me laugh when she said "I don't give a f**** how pretty you are" (an unrealized back-handed compliment Smiley Very Happy )



peace and love,skye P.S I brought you some hot pea soup just like my mum makes, to keep you warm Smiley Happy <3pea soup.png

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Hurrah!  Thanks, babe.  You are ever the ray of sunshine!

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Thank you, BTers!  You all really helped lift me out of the gloom yesterday.  I'm pleased to report that something hilarious did come out of it.  The guys I was with had a full day of game-watching and partying going on.  They showed up at my place around 11pm, threw pennies at my window and serenaded me the Safety Dance.  Why?  To cheer me up.  (If only I'd known what they were going to do, I'd have recorded it.)  So we played Cards Against Humanity and then they crashed on available spaces.  Silver linings.

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

How awesome is that!?! Is there a history of 'Safety Dancing'? Or was is just out of left field? I can picture them trying to decide what to do and how to do it. That would have really been priceless! - oh, to be a fly on That wall! Smiley Very Happy

So glad the conclusion of your evening was special & fun, you earned it! 

Silver linings for sure. Smiley Happy

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Pretty much comes up whenever we do karaoke ... definitely a favorite and the night is never complete without it.  Ahhh the British New Wave... sounds of my childhood. Cat Very Happy

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

I think that's hysterically funny. A lot of tight groups often have a 'thing' like that. One of our groups had 'The Bear Song' as it's anthem - you might know the song I'm talking about, probably from girl scouts of sleep away camp. It's 'The other day - I met a bear - Up in the woods - Oh way up there.......

Sound familiar? It's a sing along song, we even did it at my brothers wedding. Just one of those silly things that's not often understood by others. I'm just so happy they came to serenade you and lift your spirits. You sound like a very dynamic and loving group of friends. Smiley Happy

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Cards against humanity is hysterical. Smiley Happy

I went to a conference over the summer for high-achieving kids and a group of us were so worn down by the end of the day by all the hand shaking and the polite frou-frou that we would play Cards Against Humanity at the end of the day because we'd laugh our heads off and after all that politeness, it was almost a big relief.  

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

Yay to awesome friends!!

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

I am so sorry you had to be subjected to that, I can only imagine the shock, absolutely horrid. I hope you are back on center And cozy now. 💜

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

What a way to ruin Sunday brunch! I'm so sorry. This person sounds really unbalanced; I don't think that kind of behavior is typical of anyone, really, except someone who is really not in his or her right mind. No one reasonable person would be that irrational -- she didn't even know your friend! It sounds more like something that might happen in middle school, not between adults (adult strangers!). I hope your day improved! Smiley Sad

Re: One-sided Catfights and General Confusion: a Rant.

What the what!?!  I had to read this 3x! I hope you can look back and laugh at this someday. Not that assault and battery is funny but this Looney random woman cursed you out for a fictional relationship. 


Sorry your brunch ended that way. That man owes you brunch on him!  Smiley Wink 

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