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One-Week No Buy

A week from today, I'll be leaving from my home in South Carolina to go to a convention in Atlanta, Georgia, where I will tear up the town, so I figured I'd invoke an official no-buy between now and then.  Anything that's not convention-related is on my no-no list, so that includes eating out.  I know a week doesn't seem like very long, but I've got a lot of work to do, which usually means I'll be distracted easily and would otherwise hang out around here, being enabled constantly.


This thread will also serve as my hideaway from the rest of BT, in order to avoid temptation this coming week.  Smiley Wink  Feel free to join me in this no-buy, or just to keep me company!

Re: One-Week No Buy

I'm in I can't keep ordering multiple times a week. D: I wish I could though!!!

Re: One-Week No Buy

At this rate, Id go for a one day no buy.  I cant decide which codes as it is, then the Dior and HG codes come...and I g=have to have those...not Im torn bc I also really wanted clearskin (only 2 out of three available anyway), the KVD and the Benefit promos.  So now Im debating on one more order and pick one of those three I really want...its insane.  Its as if there are NO good VIB codes and then many codes, so little time (and money).

Re: One-Week No Buy

I managed to make it through the first two days, despite the awesome HG and KVD codes that showed up.  And the Sephora blush that I stuck in my Loves from the Sales page that came back into stock.  And all the pictures of hauls and goodies that people have been posting.  Aaaaaaaaaa, it's so hard!

Re: One-Week No Buy

Just to keep me honest, I'm continuing to post in here.  Smiley Happy


When the week first started, having made the very public declaration of my need to abstain from buying things by creating this thread was one of the few things keeping me from placing an order for the new Hourglass promo, then again for the Kat Von D promo, and a couple of other things that I ran across but can't even remember now; I guess if I can't remember what they were, I couldn't have really wanted it that badly?


Yesterday was much easier, I didn't spend too much time on BT so I didn't get exposed to a lot of possible buys.  I still thought about the HG and the KVD promos, though.


Today's been tough.  Mom & I went out this morning to look at manufactured homes for the community we're planning (lots of acreage, four man-fac homes, and we can have all of our immediate family in one self-sustainable area!).  While we were out, she offered to swing into Burger King if I wanted to buy something.  Despite how famished I was, I resisted and waited until we got home for lunch.  Even though that meant I had to walk all the way through Trader Joe's without buying a single thing (though I'll be going back on Wednesday to get some limes for the convention jelly shots).


All in all, I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm even resisting the urge to blow a buck on the vending machine for a soda.  Smiley Very Happy


Re: One-Week No Buy

I need to join this no-buy business. I have a problem. haha! I can't go to any mall or any store without heading straight for all the makeup. Everytime! It's bad. 

Re: One-Week No Buy

I was being terrible with *everything*, thus the strict no-buy for me this week!  Makeup's only been my most recently added obsession, I'm also bad about buying electronics, games, culinary equipment and food/beverages.

Re: One-Week No Buy

Mine used to be clothes and shoes. Now it has shifted to solely makeup. Oops.

Re: One-Week No Buy

good thing I didnt sign up for a nobuy because I just made a purchase with the kvd promo to get me to rouge. oops

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