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One HOT Mutha...

So, this topic may not relate to everyone, but it's defintely something I wanted to share. Especially, with Moms everywhere. It's about how a busy wife, and mom brought her SEXY back....



I am a wife, and mom...married 6 years, we have a daughter, who is almost 4 and a son, 18mos. YES, I KNOW...I PRAY A LOT!! Lol...I gained weight with my 1st child, but lost it all within 6 weeks. I thought it would go that easy after I had my son, too. Well, needless to say, that was a big FAT no. Not only did I gain all this weight, I lost a lot of hair. I felt so horrible about myself. My house was upside down, and not to mention my confidence. I didn't want to go anywhere, or do anything. My husband would ask me to go out, and when he would, I'd be so self conscience, thinkin about how terrible I looked, every 10 minutes. My husband began to notice that his, once HOT and CONFIDENT wife, was missing. He always offered to stay with the kids in the evening, so I can go workout or get a mani/pedi, but me being so down, I didn't even want to take advantage of that. I felt awkward at the gym, and it seemed like whenever I went to the nail shop, all the cute lil "no kid" having girls, were there, and reminded me of how easy things were, WAY BACK WHEN....All til one day...I went to the doctor, and they told me, I gained more weight. Thinking I would be even more depressed, I left that office, thinking, and feeling like, THAT'S ENOUGH!! NO MORE!! I went to the gym, that night, and 3-4x a week, every wk since then. I bought my product and vitamins for my hair loss, and just began taking a lil more time, doing things for me. As I lost some weight, my confidnce grew, and as my confidence grew, I began to dress up, a lil more, do my make up, a lil more, and not only have others noticed, but my husband especially did. Let's just say the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign is hung out the door, a lot more often, again. Lol. I just realized that I am never going to be a skinny 20 year old again. Why??? Because I am not a 20 year old any more. I am a 30 year old woman, a wife, and a mother. It was time I embraced that, and found ways to look good, and feel good, while doing it. Especially without it taking 2 hrs out of my day, cuz if you're like me, we don't get 2 free hrs a day!! Lol.


Oh, and if any of you have read my lil ABOUT ME, in my know,

I still believe that true beauty lies witihin, and this IS still where I work the HARDEST, to be BEAUTIFUL. Proverbs 31:10-31


I hope this encouraged women, to embrace their womanhood, and motherhood, even if it is CRAZY, like mine. You're not alone, and You can still be One HOT Mutha Smiley Wink


Strength and Honor,


Re: One HOT Mutha...

You just encouraged me! U go girl!

Re: One HOT Mutha...


Re: One HOT Mutha...

Hey virtuouswife888 - good for you!!!!! and good for your kids and for your Heart Man Very Happy Heart too!!!!


You can't really take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself! I think your post will help inspire people - thanks for sharing. Congrats!

Re: One HOT Mutha...

@vw888 THANK YOU! for that post! I feel like I'm not alone in my concerns! I'm going to be 41 in June,anf I have absolutely no problem with that, but I'm having my first baby in May!! I told my husband just the other day that when our girl was born that I wanted to go to a spa, get my hair and nails done and "Get pretty again."  His response? "Honey, you're always pretty. You're beautiful now!" Yes, I know.... wonderful husband. That's why I married him!!But it's all well and good for him to love me no matter what; I just want to feel beautiful again. I do  love my pregnant body, but I was worried about the POST pregnant body. Even though I agree that true beauty comes from within (Shallow Hal, anyone?), I know every woman can relate that with all of the stuff society throws at us, sometimes you get lost in the external shuffle.

Your post helped me to remember that for me the most important thing is BALANCE. It's ok for me to want to take care of my self so that I can feel cared for, so that I have MORE to give to my family. And if that means some spa and beauty time along with my prayer and meditation? SO be it!


Re: One HOT Mutha...

Exactly!! It's all about finding that balance. My husband has learned Happy Wife, Happy Life. haha...


But he really, has noticed the difference IN me, and not just how I look. Don't get me wrong, I am still the tough mom, who you hear yell, "YOU GUYS BETTER PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY, NOW!!" But I am not sad, or depressed when I do it, that's just me being a mom, at the end of the know what I mean? I haven't become fake, or some stepford wife, I just feel good about myself, and happy with the role I play in this house, as QUEEN. Lol. and when I am happy, I can be the best wife, and mother I can be.


Congrats on your pregnancy. Lil girls are such a joy. Don't be in a rush to do the Hot Mom stuff right away. Wait at least until your 6-8 week post partum visit. Give your body time to heal, and ENJOY your baby. The time just flies...feels like yesterday I was nursing my kids, now my son goes nuts to play basketball, and climbs everything. My daughter is tumbling and hand-standing her butt off in gymnastics. She just told her teacher, "I don't think I can use the monkey bars, because I'm not a monkey, I'm a princess". LOL... Just, don't be like me, and let the pajamas and sweat pants stay on past that post partum visit, cuz they will stay for a year, Lol. Enjoy, this God Given gift of yours. It truly is a Blessing.


Strength and Honor,


Re: One HOT Mutha...

@mermadelove - does your husband have a brother?

virtuouswife888 posted something so special, glad it helped you.

Talk to ya more in PM, just wanted to send you a quick post in case forget to mention it when we schmooze.

Re: One HOT Mutha...

LOL!! Yes, he does, but he is also married to a fabulous nurse! Go figure......

Re: One HOT Mutha...

Hi mml - well, I guess what they say is true, all the good ones are taken Smiley Sad I'm not really sure who 'they' are but in this case 'they' are right. boo-hoo


Re: One HOT Mutha...

Does he have a young-ish uncle? A very, very young grandfather?

A neighbor.. ? Smiley Tongue

Hope I made you Smiley Very Happy

A mailman??? strike that...

A UPS man??Smiley Tongue Smiley LOL

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