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Off topic: a real challenge

As I was about to press "confirm" on a purchase of new blush on It Cosmetics, I realized that I have absolutely no need for yet another blush and decided that I need a makeup purchasing diet. Maybe it would be fun to go on this diet with some others (hint, hint). 


Who wants to shop our own collection for the next 30 days to see what new stuff we can create without buying anything? Maybe we can even post some pics. 


anyone brave enough? Smiley Happy 

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

I've been thinking along the same lines recently.  I have no excuse to buy more stuff since I can shop my own counter for everything I need.  But that stuff out there might be better than my stuff.  It is better.  <Hyperventilate>

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

I have absolutely no need to buy any cosmetic items at all.  I still have cosmetic items that are in unopened boxes that I have never even thought twice of since purchasing! lol!  I could easily go 30 days with you when it comes to cosmetics.  I may even have enough skincare items to make it through the next month without replenishing.  I am in Smiley Wink

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

After the damage I've done just in the past few days, I need to pull back on the reigns... Badly. Hahaha I will join in and shop my collection to keep my wallet happy Smiley Happy 

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

Alright!!! We've got a couple takers!!! I think this will be fun! I'll have to think of a new look for tomorrow that will help me not want to online shop for makeup. Smiley Happy is everyone a daily makeup wearer? 


Full disclosure, I have two orders coming today (what a mess I am) but I will not hit submit on ANY other orders, skincare or makeup. I know I have enough. 

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

lol on the Full disclosure. But, hey, those were purchased before this challenge Smiley Wink Good luck on staying strong. Your will power is much stronger than mine!


Maybe I could join after next week? I have a few things I'm getting...hmmm, but do I need them? Oh, so much to decide.

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

I am in! I too have things that have been bought in last month or so and still in the boxes sitting in the sephora bag! Goodness that is shameful!!!

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

Same here!  I buy cosmetics and forget about them! lol!  Skincare is another story though, I am very fastidious about that, and I use everything that I buy from that group of products.

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

Haha, I totally understand your blush situation! I have 16 MAC blushes, out of 30 something blushes I own... I forget, I lost count. Yeah, definitely do NOT need any more blushes! 

Re: Off topic: a real challenge

Ugh. I need a makeup purchasing diet, but I love makeup shopping to much to quit! The way I have found to remedy this is to switch to skincare shopping! (: That way I get my Sephora fix, but I don't double on products I already have. I've been shopping my makeup stash a lot this year, yet I still do plenty of fun shopping (re-hit Rouge last weekend!) by indulging in skincare and the occasional pretty nail products! 

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