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Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

So as some of you know I am moving into my first place. And sure there are all kinds of things I WANT. But what do I actually NEED?


What are some must haves?


And some items people typically think they dont need but then wish they had?


Thanks all Smiley Happy

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

How exciting!


I think that even if you can't afford a bunch of paintings, if you can buy or make even just one decoration/picture/whatever, it'll make your place feel like home.


I moved around a lot for a long time, and until we bought the house we were renting, we didn't bother making changes.  The first thing I did was hang some framed art my parents got while we were living in Japan.  I put it in the living room, since we spend so much time there.  It reminded me of my past, and tied my childhood to my adulthood.

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Thank you everyone for the tips!

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

(depending on how close your house is to the road....) Since you are buying in the summer I suggest holding off on curtains/window treatments.  They hugely help in the winter on energy costs, but other than the bedroom we didn't get them when we moved (around this time).  Also, depending on where you live, you may need an AC.


If the walls are really bad (half of ours were baby blue, what?) paint before you move, if you can.  If you don't you'll move in and set up and not want to move stuff around to paint.  We couldn't paint before we moved so we set up a bed in the bedroom while we painted that, then moved it.  We did that with several rooms.  Moving furniture is a huge pain so I like to avoid doing it multiple times Smiley Happy


Fire extinguisher - obvious reasons


Definitely overestimate how much you are going to spend on the first few months of settling in.  Restocking the kitchen, cleaning products, little things here and there, it adds up fast.  We had to try and get in at a certain time and I wished we had a little more to play with.


I only recently started decorating/adding wall stuff. (After 1 year) I wanted to right away, but there were other things that had to be a priority first, so I worked with what we had and now I'm slowly jazzing the place up.


Everyone else gave great advice.  Remember the first year will be the hardest, when you get hit with everything at once.  Once you make it through that year, you are golden! Smiley Happy


Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Thank you!


Yes I am painting first for sure. 

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

What saved my life is instead of getting a toaster oven, we purchased a mini convection oven. It cooks pizza up to 13", toasts, broils, bakes... I use it more than my regular oven. It wasn't cheap, but I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon & it was soooo worth it! 


You got a lot of good recommendations, so I'll give you tips:

- Stock up on BBB coupons. They don't expire & you can use one for each item in your purchase. 

- Save your receipts & shop around for the best deal. Wait for Kohl's to have Kohl's cash- they have good staples like a pyrex baking/storage set. 

- Measure out spaces drawers.. & keep a list on your phone so when you're shopping you can quickly reference dimensions

- Don't go crazy with accessories right away, get your big ticket items & necessities first. Decorate later. Homegoods will be your friend, but don't buy something because it's pretty. Figure out where you'd put it & do you need it. Do you want to move a lot of things around when you dust? 

- Window Treatments are expensive. Blinds are cheaper, but you have to dust blinds. We put in roller shades downstairs have them sitting 1/4 down and never move them. We don't have a privacy issue downstairs and didn't want to dust blinds or launder curtains. Upstairs we got large panel wooden blinds, they are easier to clean, but can still be a pain. 

- Get lots of price quotes & negotiate on everything you can! 

- Do you have pets or kids? Don't wash your floors with chemicals, they could ingest it. We got a mop that you refill with your own mixture, it looks like a swiffer. Vinegar & Water! We use it for everything, kitchen counters, floors, bathroom... you can add some lemon juice if you don't like the smell.

- Make sure your vacuum is multi-floor & can handle your house. We tried a shark & returned it, we have mostly hard wood, a shag rug & carpeting in our loft. Finally broke down & got a Dyson pet canister. Easy to carry up stairs & cleans well

- Don't rush furniture. As in don't purchase an IKEA dresser as a temp because you can't afford the dresser you want. Store your clothes someplace until you can afford what you want. Buying temp furniture usually leads to keeping it until it dies & never getting what you want. Don't settle. 

- Don't buy house plants if you don't have a South facing window. I learned this the hard way. Got a bunch of plants during the spring/summer when our west facing windows got sunlight, some of them were even outside. During the winter most of them ended up in our bedroom just to get a tiny amount of east sun in the early morning. The rest died. 

- Take your time, prioritize, write lists/check lists, and have a plan. 

Good luck with your new house! 


Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

I moved to my first home last year, u need a good non-sick set, (i bought a steel set too, i dont like cooking some dishes in nonstick pan) i got it from costco, i just want add one more that is having scissor in every room, bcz u dont want to rush into kitchen every time u need, i just say visit ikea, u vl get good idea of what u need, be sure to have a medical kit for some minor issues. 

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Yes, I am going to get one non stick pan and one pot. I only cook certain things in them Smiley Happy

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Non stick have chemicals in them that are known to get into your food. If you try to stay away from chemicals in your food, then I'd stay away from non stick cookware. 

Cast iron & stainless steel work just fine with a touch of EVOO, and if what you're cooking releases juices or fats, then you don't need to put anything on the pan Smiley Wink 


Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

There have been some good suggestions so I won't repeat. Except that if you have a garden/yard and didn't have one before, you will find you need most of the gardening equipment that people have listed.


Also, if you have a two story home, you will need at least one ladder and more likely two or three of varying heights.

It will be a great help if you have a pickup truck, or if you have an SUV, then get a small trailer that you can pull. We had hard time getting some things home before we got a trailer our SUV could pull.


Things you can wait on: other than a bed and table/chairs for eating, you can wait to get some furniture, especially in extra rooms like living room, den, etc. Sometimes it will take a while for you to figure out how you will most enjoy using your home. For example, we found that our living room had really wonderful morning light, so that that changed the type of furniture arrangement we decided to put into that room. There's no hurry in filling a room with decor and furniture. It's fun to take your time. Nobody judges you if you have a half-empty or fully empty room. Smiley Happy


We also waited several years to repaint some rooms. We didn't have time to repaint before moving in, so concentrated on rooms that had really ugly colors and held off on the neutral plain off white ones. When we finally painted, this was after we were comfortable with the furniture we had, and had experienced our home in all seasons and weather conditions. We were really glad we waited, as we went much bolder in color than we would have had we painted right away or before moving in.

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Ooooh yes! A little step ladder for around the house is essential!

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Yep. We have one on each floor.

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

A really really good vacuum.  A steam mop for linoleum is good too...and less messy.  Stainless steel pots and pans rather than Teflon (which flakes) are a good idea too.


-Lawnmower if you have a yard

-gardening tools

-washer, dryer, refridgerator

-microwave if your home doesn't have an over the range one

-extra light bulbs, batteries for smoke alarms

-flashlight if power goes out


blinds or curtains.  We got lucky that the people that we bought our home from left our really nice kitchen table and chairs, all curtains and blinds, washer/dryer and fridge as part of closing costs.  All top of the line stuff too. 


Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Yes and yes to jozkid and tashalicious!


If you don't already own one, go pick up a basic tool kit.  Screwdriver, hammer, wrench, etc.  If you are a wuss like me, definitely invest in an cordless screw driver, because hanging pictures and curtains etc is really not fun to do with a manual screw driver (but you will want a manual one for smaller work).


For cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom (I always do in a new apartment, even if it looks clean): bleach spray, vinegar, baking soda.  Don't mix bleach and vinegar ever though, if you like being alive.  Vinegar and/or baking soda is seriously fantastic for cleaning the kitchen (not the granite)- it cuts through that sticky oil residue left behind around the stove really well and is not harmful to you or the environment. 


You'll definitely want some basic kitchen stuff if you've been sharing in the past- a couple pots, a good frying pan, cutlery, plates, glasses, and some cooking utensils.


Also, don't pack up all your clothes- leave aside a bag with some working clothes and a couple of nicer, going out in public outfits.  It may take you longer than you think to get settled in, and the last thing you want to be doing when you need to run out to grab something is digging through boxes to find something suitable to wear.

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

I just went through all of this. I bought my first home last May, so it's been almost a year! Things I want to add to the list below:


A drill and/or circular saw. For DIY projects.

Caulk and caulk gun.

Hanging hardware for pictures.

Primer and paint to go with your spackle and joint compound.

Air fresheners.

Dishwashing soap and dish soap for your sink.

Towels and hand towels.

Bathroom storage.

Trash cans/wastebaskets.

Enough lamps to light your rooms.

Drawer organizers, especially in the kitchen.


If you have a lawn and/or garden:

Lawn mower.


Garden rake.


Grass seed/fertilizer/weed and feed.




Garden gloves.


Weed whacker/edger.


Round-Up weed killer.

Snow Shovel if you live in a snowy place. We got our snow shovel a little bit late, lol! Just get it in time for next winter.


Hedge clippers.

Sawzall for trimming tree and bush branches.


LOTS AND LOTS OF TRASH BAGS. Don't forget those. And plenty of plastic to lay down if you intend to paint. And paint stirrers.


Also, set aside much more money than you think you need to furnish and spruce up the place. It will almost always cost more than you think to get the place up to where you want it.


Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Going to add dustpan and broom to the list, as well as swiffers. If you have hardwood floors, definitely get a proper hardwood floor cleaner like Bona. Steam mops are not good for solid wood floors.

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?

Duct tape

Wood glue

Spackle or joint compound

Mr Clean Magic Erasers (there IS truth in advertising!)

Smoke/CO detectors


Light Bulbs

A nearby Home Depot or Lowe's (you will be there CONSTANTLY!)


Have fun! This is an exciting time!


I also agree with tashalicious' list!

Re: Off off topic. What does one really need for their first home?


1. plunger


2.Window curtains or blinds. ( not that people don't think they need it, but whenever people move into their first place they forget about blinds or window curtains and end up hanging sheets)

3 a can opener


4. cleaning supplies, disinfectants etc

5. hammer, nails, screw drivers,( even if you're not handy every household needs the basic tools)



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