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Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

Hoping that this thread will take!  I tried it about a week ago and got kicked off.  Post all your non-beauty hauls here!






Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024




$8...very threadbare so that's all it's worth.   Amazon Basics




Got one in a different shade of gray and it was very nice.  The fit was quote off with this.  I'm guessing that's more the norm.



Cute.  Going to try it on once more before I make a final decision.  I'd like another one but don't see any colors in my size that pique my interest.  When I see something I like, I tend to get two.



Smelled like vinegar.   Probably will just return.*



Ordered The gray but this clearly leans to lavender.*



Camee with a stain.  A bit too long but it'll do.*




Seems like a keeper but I need to confirm.   Hope to order another but none of the other colors stand out especially.  When I see something I like, I tend to get at least two. 



Amazon Basics for $7.  It's a medium and is too small.  Not even worth $7.


*All the long tiered dresses are acceptable at best.  The fit isn't great, but I accept that.  What bothers me is 1. The thinness of the material as it won't hold up and 2. The cost - at $35 from China I think it's a rip off given the quality.   $18 is more appropriate. 


I think I'm soured on Amazon clothing.   This was my first go around and I guess I didn't understand. 

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@greeneyedgirl107  sorry so many of them were disappointing ☹️ it's always a risk ordering clothing online, especially from a huge marketplace like Amazon, unfortunately.

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@caitbird I'm really learning that!  I have a few more things from them that'll be here soon, then I think that'll be it for me for Amazon clothing unless it's a name brand or super cheap.  It was fun while it lasted!  I just wish my mall were better!

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

May non-beauty haul: Rifle Paper Co20240526_175843-01.jpeg

I've loved this company's designs for a long time, but this is my first time ordering from them. I want to try to get back into journaling regularly and I've always loved pretty journals and notebooks, so I got three journals and a large notebook. I also got a sticky note set, a set of colored gel pens, and a trinket box (I collect them). The pouch on the bottom right was a GWP.

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@caitbird all gorgeous!  Reminds me of the high end stationary at Barnes & Noble. 

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@greeneyedgirl107  thank you! I love browsing the journals and such at Barnes & Noble too.

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@caitbird I was there recently after not having been there for years, and it was so much fun checking out all that stuff!


The only inexpensive brand I've ever seen there is Punch Studio.  I got some beautiful cards from them.

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@greeneyedgirl107  just looked up Punch Studio and wow, they have some beautiful stuff!

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@caitbird I should check out what they have now, too.

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024









Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@greeneyedgirl107  these look super comfy!

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

Target tote bag



Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

That’s so cute 


Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@Campthebest Thank you 

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@SportyGirly125 Hey girl. The bag from photo the tote bag does it have good storage  space you think? Will it hold good amount as looks really cute. Also for hand bags do you find clutch or crossbody more funwhat cuter

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@sydneylof23 @It actually comes in two sizes. This is the smaller one. The bigger one has side pockets and more room. 

For clutch or crossbody, it really depends on the look you are going for.  Also, the material of the clutch or crossbody can make a look go from casual to glam. It really depends on what you are using them for. I have a variety of totes and some clutches so I can switch things up. Target has a cute pearl clutch I posted about a while ago. 

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@SportyGirly125 are you good with or at hair you find? Could you try and help with some spray and tool ideas as well as best. No worries if not expert but could you try and help on that too as best you can 

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@sydneylof23 @What exactly are you looking for?

Re: Non-Beauty Hauls May 2024

@SportyGirly125 volume and holding sprays to start? Any fave volume sprays you use? Sorry for not clarifying 

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