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No buy semester challenge!

I was inspired by the Fabz-no buy challenge that all you lovelies did last month, so I mad up my mind that I wanted to try one of my own. Starting on March 26 I decided to go on a no buy challenge that will last through the rest of my school semester Smiley Surprised (which ends in the end of May)!!!!! I have already started to shake, but I am holding strong. This is motivating me to get great grades so that I can go crazy the day school ends as a reward and buy a whole bunch of makeup haha (and justify it) Smiley Tongue So I wanted to see if there where any ladies who wanted to jump on board with me?! Smiley Happy

Re: No buy semester challenge!

Good luck! With school and No Buy.

I would jump in with you BUT, I already plan on buying on April 11th. Maybe I'll do it starting after Chic Week. 

Re: No buy semester challenge!

I told myself after Chi Week & when the sunkit comes out... NO BUY! 

Re: No buy semester challenge!

I had no idea that chic was coming but so I'm sad I won't get to participate.. I could, but I've set a goal for myself and I'm BOUND determined to stick with it! Smiley Very Happy


Re: No buy semester challenge!

@broadwaybarbie - I hope you were able to stay strong during Chic Week!  I wanted to but my will power was not that strong.  Now that CW is over and I'm all shopped out I'm all in for the "no buy semester challenge"!  The only thing I will allow myself to buy is the sun safety kit when it's released! 

Re: No buy semester challenge!

Oy. I just completed my makeup only 5 pan and am doing a skincare only 10 pan. I'm with you, but just for skincare. Smiley Very Happy

Re: No buy semester challenge!

good for you Smiley Very Happy

Re: No buy semester challenge!

Maybe after Chic Week, purchasing the Suncare kit and the next hair & bath stuff sale at ULTA.  I actually ran out of a bunch of stuff during last month's no buy, so I need to restock. But I plan not to get things in the categories that I'm already good in, no-buy at least taught me that!

So I'll join in as soon as I can!

Re: No buy semester challenge!

Does it still count as a no-buy if you have certain things pre-planned in advance? Smiley Happy


I'm on a "no impulse buy" after Chic Week- which happens to coincide with my Nordie's Spring Beauty Event. Smiley Surprised

Re: No buy semester challenge!

I'm trying to stick to my list for Chic Week and no impulse buys too! 

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