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No buy semester challenge!

I was inspired by the Fabz-no buy challenge that all you lovelies did last month, so I mad up my mind that I wanted to try one of my own. Starting on March 26 I decided to go on a no buy challenge that will last through the rest of my school semester Smiley Surprised (which ends in the end of May)!!!!! I have already started to shake, but I am holding strong. This is motivating me to get great grades so that I can go crazy the day school ends as a reward and buy a whole bunch of makeup haha (and justify it) Smiley Tongue So I wanted to see if there where any ladies who wanted to jump on board with me?! Smiley Happy


Re: No buy semester challenge!

When is Chic week and why am I just now hearing about this?!

Re: No buy semester challenge!

I have NO idea how you are doing it! Especially with chich week a couple days away! 

But i am planning to do one after this buy!

My semester ends at the end of this month anyways!!

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