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NYX Products

I posted this in the Off Topic section since it is not a brand that Sephora carries.  Playing it safe lol.  Anyway, I keep hearing amazing things about NYX, and I really want to try some of their products.  I've browsed the products on their official site, and quite a few items and colors caught my eye!  The matte eyeshadow singles are really calling out to me, the trio of green shades, and lip products are calling out to me.  Since my mom and I are going to Kingsport tomorrow, we're going to stop by Ulta, which does carry NYX. 


Does anyone have any good experiences with NYX or product suggestions?  I'm going to try to pick something up by them tomorrow.  I say "try" because I know I'll be browsing through all of the nail polish brands.  OPI, Essie, Zoya, China Glaze, and Orly, oh my! lol.

Re: NYX Products

If you're looking for shadows, their singles are awesome, that's not to say for ALL the colors, but I for one swear by their matte black! My boyfriend uses it to come Halloween season as he does make up at a haunted house and it's so pigmented, it'll give any other higher end black a run for its money. They even have a shade that looks like a dupe of Midnight Cowboy. Their palettes (the ones with about 10 or 12 shades, not the trios) aren't too shabby. It's a good, on the go option (I have the nude/natural one, the greens, and the black/smokey eye one). I have a few of their eye shadow trios, some are better than others, I def reccommend a primer with all of them to make them stick and pop more.


Their bronzers are pretty much duplicates of the Too Faced bronzers, and their shimmer sticks are gorgeous! The jumbo eye pencils are a big hit for them, as many YouTube gurus swear by them as eye primer, but I still stick with my Urban Decay. I have a couple of their lip sticks and glosses, not bad for the price, and their bold fuschia color is super fun. It's a nice way to try out new shades without breaking the bank.


Plus, Ulta normally runs sales on NYX, either buy one get one half off, buy two get one free, buy one get one, so it's a steal!

Re: NYX Products

Thank you everyone for your thoughts on the brand!  I read through them before going to Ulta yesterday.  I browsed through the section in store, but I didn't get anything.  I saw one lipstick shade that caught my eye, but when I picked it up, the lid came right off because someone had opened it.  It was the last of that shade, too.  Although I didn't get any NYX products, I did pick up some nail polish lol.

Re: NYX Products

I actually have a random little chinatown-esque store in my neighborhoood that has COUNTERS and counters of NYX. MelissaBT and I like to go there (we're neighbors!) and stock up on cheaper eyeshadows, blushes and my favorite, their glitter liners! I also like their lipliners and blushes, cute and good quality! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: NYX Products

Sometimes I go to Ulta just for NYX.  It's so cheap and sure, some products don't turn out so well, but at the price it's ok.  Plus there's always a return, not that's it's worth returning at the cheap prices.  The milk fat eye pencil is my fav, idk why but it's great for brightening the corners super quick.  I keep it in my purse for touch ups..  

Re: NYX Products

Couldn't agree more with what's already been said! NYX is a great affordable brand that has a number of products that have amazing color pay off.


I'm not too fond of their lipsticks, I feel like they have a little too much 'slip' to them; however I'm obsessed with some of their eyeshadows, mega shine lipglosses, lip liners, and blushes. I really want their rolling portable vanity!



Whimsically yours,

Re: NYX Products

It's funny that lylysa mentioned the matte black shadow -- because that's the one and only product I own from NYX! I hardly ever wear it (I don't have that many occasions to use black shadow), but the pigmentation is excellent -- definitely just as good in quality as higher end shadows. I can't speak for the palettes or the rest of the line, though.

Re: NYX Products

Hiya, I have the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Iced Mocha and its pretty decent.  I don't use it on its own as I find that its not enough color for me (but that could be the shade, not the product itself) but I like to use it as a sort of primer when using gold/bronzed/brown shadows, I find that it adds a little extra oomph and that my shadow lasts longer. :-)  Thats the only NYX product I own, but have heard good things about their blushes and bronzers. Happy shopping!!!

Re: NYX Products

I have a couple of their shadow palettes. They are hit or miss, but the copper colored one I have is pretty good. I threw out a couple of palettes because they had such poor color staying power. The ones I kept, you have to pack on the shadow because it's not highly pigmented, but with a primer, they are ok, and I really love some of the colors. At the price, though, you can easily afford to throw out the losers. lol
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