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My part in my school's fashion show got cut :(

Yesterday night I was told that my part in my school's ALANA fashion show was cut  without warning. Smiley Sad The show is tonight. I was supposed to be working with 7 other models and 5 backed out at the last minute because they had other commitments. I showed up for every rehearsal and practice. The reason why I decided to do it was to take a small step out of my comfort zone and because I love fashion. I am a shy person by nature and it's really hard for me to make friends. It made me really upset because I put so much time, effort, and money into it.  I wasted money buying a ticket (we were required to buy tickets to get in even though we were models). I was planning on going to the after party as well but I think I'm just going to stay in my room and do work or make mixes of my favorite songs.

Re: My part in my school's fashion show got cut :(

Aw, I would be upset too. Sounds like it wasn't personal though because the majority of the others in the group couldn't do it?


If you haven't responded to the email yet... I would definitely let them know you'd still be interested in a future show. That is definitely a bummer for sure since it was so last minute... working in any kind of club or group you always see people get stuck with a lot of homework sometimes very close to an event, and then you'll lose volunteers or helpers which puts more strain on everyone else in the club - likewise losing models and having a segment of the show cut.


Don't let it make you not want to participate in ALANA again though... you have 4 more years (if I remember correctly you just started school) to walk the runway.


Oh, and I would DEFINITELY make them reimburse that ticket since they cut your part. But honestly you shouldn't of had to buy that in the first place, in my opinion... sounds like they need a re-formatting of their exec board to me.

Re: My part in my school's fashion show got cut :(

Smiley Sad !!!!! That is so horrible! I would be so upset and angry! But don't let that discourage you from trying another fashion show. Definitely make them reimburse you for the ticket though, that is just unfair. 

Re: My part in my school's fashion show got cut :(

I'm sorry your part was cut.  It could be they were nervous and backed out rather than had "other commitments."


I think you should go to the fashion show and the after party.  Since this is something you're interested in, it will give you an opportunity to see what the others are doing so you can learn.  It will also allow you to mingle and keep your face visible to those who are involved with this program.  It's also a good way to practice stepping outside your comfort zone--go to the show and mingle with everyone afterwards.  You deserve to; you put a lot of time, effort, and money into this.  You should reward yourself for what you did, not mope around and feel sorry for yourself!

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