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My first place :)

I feel so weird, it's like I haven't been on BT in weeks! I have been working lots and LOTS of overtime (going on 8 weeks total now) because it's RSV and respiratory disease season, and since I work at a children's hospital, it's been quite busy! I hate being MIA, but I hope I can catch up on some posts tonight Smiley Happy


Anyways, I'm moving into my first apartment April 1st! I've never lived on my own and never been finaincially responsible for everything before, so I am both nervous and excited! Decorating is my favorite part! Although I have trouble figuring out a color scheme ... seeing as how you ladies are fashionable and in the know, here are some color schemes I'm trying to pick between...


1. Deep Purple (think eggplant or plum) in various finishes with taupey accents

2. Deep Chocolate brown with brass and bronze accents

3. Charcoal or Steel color with black, silver and white accents


I feel like once I pick a color, everything else will fall into place. This apartment is very nice and has an "updated" look so it doesn't look older in any way. Any thoughts on color scheme would be greatly appreciated! I'm too indecisive on my own haha!




Re: My first place :)

@prettyinpa: I'm looking it up on Amazon now (employee of the month, here...BT and shopping...but, hey, it's Friday). This is exactly what I need! At heart, I feel happiest in a clean, neat and organized environment -- but getting to that point is difficult for me. I wish I could hire a professional organizer to redo my apartment! I just did a major closet clean and sold things on eBay, so that's a start...but the rest could really use some work. I have the tendency to save everything, which I think is the issue! Smiley Happy



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