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My first place :)

I feel so weird, it's like I haven't been on BT in weeks! I have been working lots and LOTS of overtime (going on 8 weeks total now) because it's RSV and respiratory disease season, and since I work at a children's hospital, it's been quite busy! I hate being MIA, but I hope I can catch up on some posts tonight Smiley Happy


Anyways, I'm moving into my first apartment April 1st! I've never lived on my own and never been finaincially responsible for everything before, so I am both nervous and excited! Decorating is my favorite part! Although I have trouble figuring out a color scheme ... seeing as how you ladies are fashionable and in the know, here are some color schemes I'm trying to pick between...


1. Deep Purple (think eggplant or plum) in various finishes with taupey accents

2. Deep Chocolate brown with brass and bronze accents

3. Charcoal or Steel color with black, silver and white accents


I feel like once I pick a color, everything else will fall into place. This apartment is very nice and has an "updated" look so it doesn't look older in any way. Any thoughts on color scheme would be greatly appreciated! I'm too indecisive on my own haha!



Re: My first place :)

Hi ssmittys!  Glad to see you back!  Getting an apartment is so exciting-I'm sure you'll adjust quickly.  For the color scheme, I personally think that using Charcoal Grey, Black and White looks very modern.  I would suggest getting one piece of bright red furniture (like a sofa) as another pop of color that will compliment the rest of your color scheme.  Hope this helps!

Re: My first place :)

Oh I love the idea of a statement piece of furniture! Thanks for the suggestion Smiley Happy

Re: My first place :)

Happy 1st place!!!!  I like the purple choice the best...its less harsh and seems inviting.  I love the feeling of lived in and comfortable.  Congrats and enjoy!  next time dont leave for so long!!!

Re: My first place :)

How exciting!  I've never lived on my own either - I got married when I was 18.


I would definitely go with the purple - if only because it's your place and you can paint it whatever color you want!  When you get married or move-in with a boyfriend you'll have to compromise and purple probably won't be a shade he'll be alright with!  Smiley Happy


Re: My first place :)

Thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: My first place :)

Welcome back!  I feel I haven't been posting as much as I used to this semester.  I have more reading to do since I'm taking more classes for my major, but I do need a break from time to time lol.


How exciting to move into your apartment!  When I moved into my off campus apartment for school, I was excited and nervous lol.  As for the color scheme, I love the purple idea.  The decorating differs in the various rooms at my apartment, but I mainly have pinks and purples in my bedroom.  I was really happy how it came out, especially with my bed frame.  Instead of buying a new bed or hauling the one at home up here (I go home for weekends and breaks), my dad built one out of Walnut.  It's so beautiful with the pinks and purples. 


When shopping for decor and whatnot, try shopping at random places along with your main decor stores.  My mom and I randomly went to Big Lots one day just to kill some time, and I hit the jackpot.  I found a fuchsia ottoman to hold my videogames and rest my feet on, collage picture frames, and I can't remember what else.  Never underestimate stores like that. 

Re: My first place :)

I've never thought to shop at a Big Lots before, but since I want to get the most bang for my buck,  I will definitely look into that store!! Thank so much for the tip Smiley Happy

Re: My first place :)

Children's hospital! Oh goodness, be careful about not getting sick. One of my friend became an elementary school teacher said "I've never gotten sick... and then I start working with children."


Purple sounds mellow and relaxing, the brown sounds warm and cozy, and the charcoal sounds modern and sleek. I would say it also depending on where you live. Color affect my mood, and with New England getting warm/sunny days only 4 month per year, I know the charcoal will make me seriously depressed and purple sounds a little chilly. When I used to live in south Texas (6 month of summer 110-90 deg), I know the chocolate will make it too warm and stuffy and purple would be perfect. I've never painted my rooms, but I love silver/mint, peach/yellow, brown/green, and brown/pink combos....they may or may not have anything to do with my sweet tooth (ice creams).


There's also the thing about lighter color makes room look bigger and darker makes it look smaller. I know lots of my single and newly married friends shop at IKEA. I also live near college campus, so there's lots of yard sales around May with interesting/cheap stuff.


p.s. Yeah, don't worry about having the whole room set at once. I'd rather take my time than buy furniture that I'd regret (they are more expensive and less return-able than makeup/skincare =)). Swing by IKEA and Target to check things out. There are some easy and gorgeous decoration ideas online.

My favorite is to go to a fabric store and pick out shiny fabric with gorgeous prints on them, then just put a notebook size cardboard behind it, fold and glue the edges in the back. My fav decoration was a square of green/white silky fabric with orange flowers and dragon fly and clear sequin on it. It cost me like $2 and I used cardboard from Sephora boxes. You can also make interesting shapes (like music notes) if you feel up to it. =D

I also save shiny/pretty and sturdy boxes like those that come with my parents' jewelry/watch/perfume and put them on tables for trinkets/jewerly/candles.

Re: My first place :)

Congratulations.  Moving in can take a while.  Do not try to buy everything all at once.  The most important piece of furniture is the mattress bed setup and it being comfortable.  Everything else can be gradually added in over time.  Never feel pressured to buy if you are not terribly interested or have doubts.  Better furniture and pieces will come their way.  Seriously, I spent about four months before I found the dinning room table that matched my criteria.  It also happened to be at the store I least suspected too.


With all of those color choices, does the place have enough natural sunlight?  If not, add in lighting.  You can also incorporate some of the colors from your other ideas as accents or statement pieces/furniture.  Keep in mind too much saturation of darker colors can make a room feel and appear smaller.  They also make things such as pet hair and dust more noticeable.


I somewhat have ideas but would need to know more information on personal likes/dislikes (styles), layout, and preexisting finishes/details in the place (bay window, fireplace mantle, molding, flooring, fixtures, etc).  At the moment, a lighter charcoal microfiber couch that I saw at a modern furniture store with your choice of pillows comes to mind (different texture from the couch material).  Next to it, the eggplant or purple accent chair (or ottoman).  Accent funiture pieces off-white/taupe or lighter wood (natural or finished stain).  Purple or charcoal (or a mix with both colors in a print or pattern) runner or flat item on the table.  On top of that, a mirrored or glass piece(s) with a hint of green or yellow to brighten it up.  It might be hard to envision without a doodle or pictures (or does not sound appealing).


In store(s), try putting certain colors together, step back and observe.  Bring a friend or family member if you want a second opinion.  If you like it, bring it home, arrange the item, step back, and see if it still works well.  Bring pictures of your place with you to have a reference point. 


Set up a tote/caddy for easy access to cleaning supplies.  With a busy schedule, sometimes it can be easy to fall out of the loop when items are not accessible. 


Belk to me always had nice bedding and decor (accent pieces, pillows, etc) worth checking out. 


There are probably lots of local places in all price ranges.  Some well known, others in little niche areas.  If Baer fabrics was still around, it would have been worth visiting.  Look around for inspiration. 


Great idea websites (either buy from them or find at other stores) when it comes to storage and coordination - Ikea, container store, designers (global, national, and local), martha, hgtv, etc.  The google shopping tab is hit or miss but gives picture ideas.

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