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My Life : Living With Diabeties

Tonight is a night that has really turned my life around and not in a good way. I had done some blood work for my doctor earlier in the day and then went to work. Later on I had gotten a call from him about the results surprisingly quick I know. From the moment I spoke to him his tone was very uneasy to hear. I knew something was wrong, and then he said it. My sugar levels we're quite high and I am likely type 2 diabeties. Although he wants me to do another fasting and test he seems quite positive of this and so I had to leave work. I was completely shocked and was breaking down while explaining why I had to leave. Ah my boyfriend is got a lot to deal with now but I know somehow we'll get through this. I know I have been slightly ignorant to the comments of me needing to watch what I ate and that I needed to eat healthier ect. I suppose in a sense I was and still sorta am in a state of denial. It's hard to accept but hey I have been through a lot from what you all know as of right now. I just wish that this was simply a nasty nightmare and not a reality I had to face. Anyways thanks for listening to my rant I needed to vent it's hard to take in right now !.


~ Carmen ~ 

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

Hi Carmen!


I know just how tough and scared you may feel- I've had type 1 diabetes for 17 years now and while it's a struggle some days It's entirely manageable and you will be FINE. Smiley Happy type 2 is a bit easier to take care of than type 1 which is a slightly more intense and requires injections or an insulin pump (which i have). it's a lot to take in at once and I know you may feel overwhelmed Too but do NOT feel scared! The advances in this field are incredible and you will be in good hands.  I've found a good deal of support in reaching out and meeying other diabetics so check out some online groups, communities or even local ones in your area- it does help to see you're not alone! 


If you ever need some advice or want to chat, feel free to message me! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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