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My Life : Living With Diabeties

Tonight is a night that has really turned my life around and not in a good way. I had done some blood work for my doctor earlier in the day and then went to work. Later on I had gotten a call from him about the results surprisingly quick I know. From the moment I spoke to him his tone was very uneasy to hear. I knew something was wrong, and then he said it. My sugar levels we're quite high and I am likely type 2 diabeties. Although he wants me to do another fasting and test he seems quite positive of this and so I had to leave work. I was completely shocked and was breaking down while explaining why I had to leave. Ah my boyfriend is got a lot to deal with now but I know somehow we'll get through this. I know I have been slightly ignorant to the comments of me needing to watch what I ate and that I needed to eat healthier ect. I suppose in a sense I was and still sorta am in a state of denial. It's hard to accept but hey I have been through a lot from what you all know as of right now. I just wish that this was simply a nasty nightmare and not a reality I had to face. Anyways thanks for listening to my rant I needed to vent it's hard to take in right now !.


~ Carmen ~ 

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

Carmen, it sounds like you feel really guilty about this. My little sister is prediabetic. She knows her carbohydrates like no one else, her body mass is over 80% muscle and she works out multiple times a week. She eats really intelligently, she's also a foodie, but diabetes is hereditary in our family too and it's likely she may end up diabetic some day.

Don't feel guilty about it. Sometimes, it's just in your genes. Take this as an opportunity to lavish attention on your diet and your body. You can control this: that isn't a question. And you can most certainly still be a foodie Smiley Happy 

But for now, spend time with your boyfriend and family. Relax and let yourself process this. You'll eventually see that you'll be alright, and you will easily learn everything you need to know to take care of yourself. Right now, it is not at all abnormal to feel overwhelmed.

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties


I know deep in my heart that you will get through this, you are so strong. You also have a wonderful support system in your boyfriend and your fellow BTers.


Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

Thanks PoesRevy,


I just need to really get my head around this and figure out where to go from here. Ahh I am so hungry and I don't even know what to eat lol Thanks girls, and your right my guy is going to help me out. 

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

You are a very strong woman, we all have every confidence that you'll be able to handle diabetes like you handled the haters-


Kick diabetes butt!


Hearts to you!

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

Carmen, this is tough news to take. I have had similar news about my health before. I felt similar sensations to what you are feeling.(Anger, confusion, denial, hopeless, frustrated, etc.)  But as someone that has some distance from my diagnosis, let me say this.

You will feel better. The sting will dull. The news will become more digestible. You will overcome this thing. It will make you mentally, spiritually, and even physically stronger if you let it.


When things are too much to take. Find solace with your boyfriend, with BT, with journaling, with any other sources of support you have.


You got this.

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

@BlushHoarder - don't forget to kiss and hug the kittySmiley Wink

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

You will be fine. Your very strong and have faced alot  in the fact of busting down the wall of haters you've experienced, just kick that wall down when it comes to Diabetes and keep walking, treatments have really improved and I know you'll do this just like you've done everything else at 100%. Smiley Happy

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

Awhh Smiley Sad That is so sad! One of my relatives is living with diabetes and over time it really got better for him, I hope that things will be fine for you! good luck with that and don't forget to stay strong (:

Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

I am so sorry to hear that :'( Like everybody else has said though you are so strong and will make it through this. I wish you all the best of luck and my thoughts will be with you. 


Re: My Life : Living With Diabeties

I'm sorry to hear that's happening.  We dealt with that with my mom's illness.  It's hard but not impossible to manage. Arm yourself with knowledge and be willing to make changes. No one can do this for you. I just went to a weight management course yesterday offered free through my medical plan, and it was an eye opener. Look into any similar classes through your health care provider. It's not a death sentence; it's just a wake up call.



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