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My Happy Mothers Day

So, I realize I'm a bit late as mothers day was sunday and it's Wednesday ( as of now it is for me- after midnight) but I just wanted to shout that I have the two best kids ever!


My 11 yr old daughter made me eggs for breakfast and my 7 yr old son cleaned the dishes up. Then they surprised me with their gifts, I got homemade cards and a mom newspaper, plus, they went to Sephora and bought me $10 gift cards from both of them, and each one made a little bag, where they must've asked for samples they knew I'd like, and put in with the gift card in the Sephora bag with the red tissue paper.  


They know I love the homemade stuff more, but they really did put in the effort and went to the store to not only buy the gift cards, but to ask for samples that I'd like, i got BB cream in my color, blush cards, perfumes...imagining them going around asking for the samples is so cute and makes me tear up a little.  I've trained them well, dragging them to the store with me...especially my son...


so BT moms...what did your kiddos get you?  Or what did you do for your mom?   I wanna know!

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

Oh, that's so sweet, I can picture them going around and giggling at "Let's get her this one, oh yeah and this one, it smells so nice.." You have great kids!


My dog got me a card (via my husband) and we all went for a nice walk in the cool sunny day.

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

What kind of doggy?  Im such a dog person. but we have tons of cat ppl on BT. I thought cats were the new dogs...glad to see there is at least one other dog person on here with me!  I have a labradoodle mini (via the picture) named Lola.


Re: My Happy Mothers Day

No babies here, but I did get my mom started on a new skincare regiment for Mother's Day. She FINALLY let me squirt her knock-off Cetaphil and corresponding heavy moisturizer down the drain, literally. I was overjoyed! Now she's got a brand new facial cleanser, moisturizer, serum, eye cream, some towelettes for night, and even a new signature lip color as a trade off for tossing her way-too-dark, way-too-outdated drugstore lipstick. I'm so proud!!!

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

You are such a good daughter!  Now your mom can experience the fun of great product!

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

How fun was the squirting?  Ive always wanted to do that but Im too frugal to actually do it.  Even if its a product I dont like, I try to use it up and at least hold on to it and by then it ends up having to get thrown away bc its way past its date.

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

Fun doesn't even begin to describe it.. but I do think there may have been squealing on my part. My mom wouldn't even watch me do it, but it was worth it.. It's been just a couple of days and couldn't already see the change in her beautiful skin!

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

No I'm totally a dog person too!

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

Than we need to start getting pictures of dogs too, too many cats! Although some of the pictures are hilarious!

Re: My Happy Mothers Day

Oh but but but...

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