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Im a girl in Musical theatre myself, so I want to know... What is/are everyones favorite musical/s.


Personally, I like Chigago, but I'm too young to have preformed that. Smiley SadNo way would they let us do that in a public high school!

I also like wicked, and I might see it on broadway over february breakSmiley Very Happy


If you want to say your favorite plays as well feel free!


I cant wait to see what you all like!


~~We are beautiful~~

Re: Musicals

I've seen a few musicals in a theatre with school and a college prep program I was in, and I've watched some TV adaptations.  In the theatre setting, I've seen Phanton of the Opera (LOVE!!!!!), Wizard of Oz (I can't stand the movie, but I liked Barter's adaptation), Oliver!, and Evita!   Any time Grease 1 or 2 is on TV, I have to watch it.  I don't know which one I like better.  Gotta love the original, but the second one has motorcycles lol.  I love the song "Cool Rider" from it.  Back during the Myspace days (Myspace is dead to me lol deleted my account a long time ago), I had it as one of my profile songs.



Re: Musicals

I loooove Chicago!

I'm not in theater or anything, but I do love watching plays every once in a while!

I also remember when I was little Annie was my FAVORITE! I loved to sing those songs!!


xoxo, Charlotte

Re: Musicals

I LOVE musicals! Chicago's phenomenal. I also love West Side Story and my Fair Lady. My all time favorite musical hands down would have to be Phantom of the Opera the music, the plot, the visual's incredible!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Musicals

 never knew anyone could/would reply that



~~We are all beautiful~~

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