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Mother's Day!

So i'm curious what all you ladies are going to get your mom for Mother's Day. 

My mom is like Anti-Sephora cause she doesn't like me spending all my time/money on it. Lol, So something from Sephora doesn't seem the way to go. She loves getting Edible Arrangement so i think that's what i'm going to get her! What are you going to get your mom?

Re: Mother's Day!

Oh my gosh! My mom is the same way. She sees the Sephora bags & goes "otra vez?!" hahah She'll also ask what did you buy this time? Or what did you NEED this time? It is hilarious. She wants a perry ellis perfume & my brother happens to work there. I have no clue what to buy her. 

Re: Mother's Day!

Lol, My mom says the same, But i get so excited to show her she's like "Ohh no i don't want to see" But she still watches cause she knows i'm so excited everytime i go shopping! I just think Edible Arrangement are so cute, She love pineapples!! So it's perfect!

Re: Mother's Day!

I'm still deciding. She loves Sephora but has enough makeup/skincare/perfume/bodycare/haircare to last her a lifetime.


I'm thinking of making her a basket and filling it with fancy European foods (chocolate/pasta/jams etc). I would go for clothes/shoes but her closet is overflowing.


She loves the Willow Tree angels/figurines so I might get one of those too to put in the basket.



Re: Mother's Day!

That sounds so sweet to make her a basket. 

Re: Mother's Day!

Yum! Maybe you can make her favorite dessert & put it in there too? Sounds cute. 


My mom loves sunflowers too, but I know my boyfriend is taking that idea. I love sunflowers as well & he surprises me with them occasionally & also does that for my momma on special occasions. & Brings my parents wine! Boy do they love him.. He's definitely a keeper!

Re: Mother's Day!

I'm a basket pro Smiley Very Happy Do you know how you get the cellophane to stick/wrap around basket perfectly like the store bought baskets? You just hold a hairdryer to it! SO much fun!

Re: Mother's Day!

Oh man I forgot about flowers! YES flowers are a MUST. I always go to Randalls because they never disappoint---their flowers are always fresh, not basically dead like at Walmart or Target. >_<



Re: Mother's Day!

I love making stuff. I am a pro at that! I had a presentation yesterday for a class and everyone was so impressed! I made tags to put on chocolate & wrote a lot of cute little things on them like, "EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE!! WARNING: May cause extreme happiness when consumed." & then made little cards and these other crafts all with empowering quotes for the class to hand out to any women or girls they'd like to share a smile with. It was a presentation for my idea on a self-esteem enhancing organization. The professor was so into the idea, she told me to take it up to an existing organization or to bring it up at a local community center! 

Re: Mother's Day!

I actually just mailed a mothers day package to my aunt. I send her a bunch of skincare items---a cleanser, a scrub, a day cream ,a night cream, an eye cream and a card Smiley Very Happy

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