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Mother's Day!

So i'm curious what all you ladies are going to get your mom for Mother's Day. 

My mom is like Anti-Sephora cause she doesn't like me spending all my time/money on it. Lol, So something from Sephora doesn't seem the way to go. She loves getting Edible Arrangement so i think that's what i'm going to get her! What are you going to get your mom?

Re: Mother's Day!

LOL, thank you for thinking I'm still young enough for be in school. I'm due for my 10-year college reunion this year! I've just been working a lot and have really put down roots.

Re: Mother's Day!

OH! haha. I feel bad. Well! Then I guess that's a different story lol.

Re: Mother's Day!

Oh, don't feel bad! 


I bought within the past 12 months, so I have a hard time wanting to travel anywhere now.  When I was living in a very, very bad apartment, I was happy to leave at the drop of a hat.  But now I'm just a total homebody!

Re: Mother's Day!

I wouldn't want to travel either if I bought a house that I loved! Especially when it's so expensive.. It's like your baby! lol.

Re: Mother's Day!

Not a full house, but a home nonetheless!


I wouldn't have nearly the hauls if I was a student, LOL.


Re: Mother's Day!

 Oh man I know what you mean. I am a student but I do save for my makeup. But then I also have a car payment and rent, so I can't spend as much as I want. I do indulge a lot though! Lol.

Re: Mother's Day!

I am over the bar scene, so a lot of that money goes into my beauty accounts. Truth told, last year was my first as a VIB.

Re: Mother's Day!

I actually didn't really get deeply into makeup until a year ago. I mean I always did put on makeup since middle school or so, but it was always buying the same products from the drugstore, and fitting it into a little makeup bag. I became VIB sometime last year too so you're not alone in that! lol.

Re: Mother's Day!

OK, I actually did my real shopping yesterday and I'm mid-gift wrapping now.


Actual present:

  • Vera Bradley tote (She wants one but won't spend the $$)
  • makeup bag with:
  • 3 different mini L'Occitaine rose-scented hand creams
  • Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Moon River
  • Little gift bag with some of the samples I've been accumulating.

Re: Mother's Day!

I purchased a dior 5 eyeshadow palette in khaki and chanel coco perfume for mother s day

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