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Post in Besides Beauty

Morning thoughts

We all have so much going on.  We all have good things and bad things in our life. Some times the good are absolutely wonderful.  Sometimes the bad are true tragedies. 


I would like to take a moment to wish all of you, my BBFFs a wonderful day.  May you have peace and joy in your heart and may it reflect out upon the world in your actions.  I wish you a day filled with beauty and wonder, and I remind you that you can make it such by setting your intentions and not holding on to negativity in your hearts. 


I bow to the light in all of you.


Re: Morning thoughts

This makes me smile...thank you Heart


Prends soin de toi

Re: Morning thoughts

@LCResz - Wowser, such a quick answer, surprised to see it there. Thanks for the lineage/origins of Namaste. I always find things like that so fascinating. I also love knowing the meaning of unusual names. Thanks for the info. Smiley Happy

Re: Morning thoughts

No prob, I went to school with a lot of Indians, their shows during Diwali were awesome!

Re: Morning thoughts

@nebel -  Totally wonderful of you to take in that momma & all of her babies - 11 babies! Holy Cow! More like Holy Dog! The name Glory is so very beautiful. So glad all of her pups were able to grow up in a warm, happy, healthy and loving environment. You made different dogs out of them, their lives and the lives with their 'humans' will be that much better, all because of you. I also have a special place in my heart for rescued dogs (none with 11 babies though) all of our pets were rescues, Most recently my Greyhounds. I saw a special on TV Years ago and always wanted one when I 'grew up' I was  concerned that they'd need too much space to run, and lots of exercise. Not. They need some room and/or be taken out and walked. So it wasn't as bad as I thought and it is totally doable for me, thankfully. I have my 2nd Grey and hope to have many more in the future, but not too soon. They just get into your heart, I'm sure you know that feeling. I'm so thankful that you are a rescuer too. Thanks again for getting all that love & all of those good things going, you truly Rock!

Re: Morning thoughts

Her babies rode in my car, but they didn't stay at my house (whew!)   I work with a team of women on the east coast who transport dogs from high-kill shelters in the south to a no-kill shelter in new york state. My friend is a manager at the shelter, so I got to watch as the babies grew up and found their forever home!  Once Glory was spayed, she came home with me Smiley Happy


My former college roommate just rescued a "retired" greyhound, and she is the laziest thing!


Holy Dog, indeed!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Morning thoughts

@anaa - thanks for defining the word Namaste, how beautiful and perfect for nebels post, a nice way to end your yoga session. What language is it?

@glossyguru - so many people are using adorable avatars/pics - yours in particular just really got me, that bunny is soooo adorable, Love it! Is he a pet or a visitor? I asked about 'visitor' since we have several bunnies on are property and I just love them. My BF had a bunny named Cocoa Puff, what a sweetie.  I have a Really funny story that resolves around him but afraid a little inappropriate for this board, but I'm cracking myself up thinking about it.

@prettyinpa & nebel, thanks for the concern, My Brother went to the 'scene of the crime'  They swerved into the oncoming lane, Thank God nobody was in that lane. So they crossed over, went about 30 feet down an embankment sideways and hit a pole, if that pole wasn't there the Police said they'd have plowed into a massive tree just behind the pole and that would've been the end, without any doubts. She doesn't remember a lot of what happened. Nobody had a single scratch, some bumps & bruises but that was about it.  I know everyone has their own religious taste, but for me, God was watching over them. The car was totaled and the pics of it, unreal. So thanks for your care and anyone else I might've missed. Smiley Happy



Re: Morning thoughts

@kssweetheart It is Hindi, and it is often accompanied by a bow of the head while holding your hands in a prayer position. It is not specific to the practice of Yoga, but it the respectful way to greet someone who is Hindu. 

Re: Morning thoughts

Thank you Nebel. Life is beautiful, even though it is sometimes hard. But I like to find joy in each day, and try to pass that along too.

Re: Morning thoughts

Exactly, we all have things that make us sad or hurt or angry- this is the natural part of being human.  But I think even in our darkest times, if we can find something that is beautiful.  May your days always be joyful!

Re: Morning thoughts

Nebel, that was super sweet of  you; thank you for wishing us all a wonderful day! Heart You're totally right. Not holding onto negativity feels so wonderful and peaceful, and overall, we live better.


I hope your days are always filled with peace, love, and good health. You just made my weekend. Smiley Happy

Re: Morning thoughts

Namaste is a greeting or salutation which loosely translated means I appreciate you and am honored to be in your presence, and thank you for being in mine.  In person it is often accompanied by palms together and a bowing of the head.  At the end of the yoga class I attend the teacher and students always say "Namaste". 

Re: Morning thoughts


Well, you did it! See all the love, good wishes and good feelings going around, There will be so much more too. I know that I've come upon some threads that I realized, after responding, were quite old.

I hope the same will happen with this thread, I think it will. You'll never know how much and how many will be affected by this, but that was the point in putting it out there,not looking for anything in return but just awakening us, setting our brains right and sharing. You are blessed.

Re: Morning thoughts

I think we can all always use a little more positivity.  This thread is making me smile through and through, both with people affirming their wishes for their fellow BTers to have beautiful days filled with joy, and that it has allowed some to open up and share their challenges. We are all stronger together. <3 

Re: Morning thoughts

Dear nebel - Awesome! Thank you so much for these beautiful thoughts, the way you worded it was simply perfect. Sometimes we don't even realize we're holding on to negativity, and sometimes we don't want to realize that we are. The only other thing to really say is thank you for getting to that place where you felt it and we're able to put it out there for all of us to see.

Wasn't going to put this out there but  I think this might be the place and reason for it. My niece was in a car accident last night, she was a passenger and the driver swerved to avoid a deer. Haven't seen the car and don't have all the details yet. The Kids (4-5 kids, unsure) all climbed out of a window and the driver called 911. When the State Troopers got there they said it was a miracle that they were alive, walking and got out of a window. So, I am one Very, Very happy girl!! My nephew (her bro) just recently got his license, hopefully it will be a good lesson for him too. She's ok, the Dr said she'll be really sore.


So,you know that this girl is saying some serious

thanks and prayers. I'll send one out for all of you as well, it can't hurt.


Thank you so very much for sharing this. I think it's the start of a chain or maybe a current that will flow to unimaginable places. Thank you nebel.


I always knew by looking at your sweet avatar/pup pic that you are a great gal. Thank you for revealing the kind soul that lives within their wonderful doggy-momma.


BTW, can I ask wheat Namaste means?

Re: Morning thoughts

I am so glad that everyone is okay!  How scary- thank goodness it wasn't worse.


My avatar is my girl Glory and some of her babies. We rescued her from a North Carolina shelter with her eleven (!!) puppies.  They were all adopted out to happy homes, and now she lives with me! She's a wonderful lady.


Anaa posted a great description of Namaste, above!  It is a greeting basically acknowledging and bowing to the light and beauty that shines out of a fellow human being. 

Re: Morning thoughts

How wonderful that your niece and her friends were not hurt badly. Those deer in the road can be so treacherous! I'll send happy thoughts her way too, can't have too many of those!

Re: Morning thoughts

Namaste.  The same wishes to you.

Re: Morning thoughts

thank you and God bless. Smiley Happy

Re: Morning thoughts

I wish the same for all of you as well. Very sweet message Nebel and it's always great having someone with a good and gracious heart reminding us all how the world could be a better place if we all just took a second to give a kind word or a simple smile.

Re: Morning thoughts

Such a beautiful message to us all! Sometimes we don't stop and think about how good life can really be, and that can be most evident when bad things do come into our life. I know that I am personally very lucky, but every day I think about those who are not. So here's what I do. Every day, I do at least one good deed. Not limited to one, of course, do as many as you want. It may be as simple as holding open a door for someone or helping someone get up if they fall. It could be giving the homeless a few dollars just to get them something to eat that night. I encourage everyone else to join me in the Deed-a-Day.

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