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Post in Besides Beauty

Monday Randomness :)

Happy (?) Monday BT Lovelies!


1. Name a drugstore beauty product you swear by.

2. What's your go-to party look?

3. Movie night: horror, comedy, action, drama, other?

4. Name a show you like mainly for the cute stars.

5. What weekend plans are keeping you going this fist full week of August?

Bonus: it's August already, really? Where did the time go?

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Name a drugstore beauty product you swear by.

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser (seriously a fantastic cleanser!!)

2. What's your go-to party look?

Bronzed up and gold shimmer eye shadow with some winged black eyeliner

3. Movie night: horror, comedy, action, drama, other?

Romantic Comedies are always a win... but sometimes I'm in the mood for a psycho thriller Smiley Happy

4. Name a show you like mainly for the cute stars.

I don't watch anything because of the people in it... but I will say Game of Thrones has some good looking manly men Smiley Wink

5. What weekend plans are keeping you going this fist full week of August?

Possibly going to Put In Bay (Lake Erie) with my childhood friends on a boat... plans are still up in the air but I REALLY hope this becomes the big plan. If not, I have a couple of friends having cook-outs this weekend, a Brewers game on Sunday and spending a few hours at the my resort's pool (I work at a resort) sunbathing. I'd be happy either way!

Bonus: it's August already, really? Where did the time go? I don't know, but I'd like it back.

Re: Monday Randomness :)

I'm a day late but this looks fun!!


1.  Neutrogena Make Up Removing wipes - do those count?

2. I'm an old person who works too much and never goes to parties.  My go-to "event" look if it's not for work/school is usually a taupe shadow (I'm an addict) with a black lined cat eye, or a bright red lip with a more natural looking cat eye.

3.  HORROR!!!  Or comedy.  But mostly horror!!!

4.  I used to watch Supernatural religiously because my god, really, those are some hotties (mostly Jensen Ackles... mmmmm) but the show's creator stepped down because he intended to make the show last 5 seasons and the network execs or whatever kept it going.  It really lost its spark for me after that, so I stopped watching it.  Now I really only watch shows I like, though Matthew Grey Gubler on Criminal Minds has kept me tuning in this past (crappy) season!

5.  No weekend plans, I'm FINALLY taking a vacation with my family for an entire WEEK starting Friday!  I'm so excited.  I've been working up to 4 jobs this summer, all related to my chosen profession, and it's been absolutely exhausting.  I've rarely gotten more than 6 hours of sleep since the end of April and I really need a break!

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Alba Bontanica Green tea sunscreen, It smells really pretty and serves it's purpose of protecting the skin from those damage-thy-skin rays.


2. Classy attire, natural light bronze and shimmer for make up and messy beach hair. 


3. for movies I would choose an action flick hands down any day. with some sass and sarcasm thrown in the mix. 


4. True Blood. it's a train wreck of a drama but Alcide the werewolf is packing some rugged charm.


5. My roommate moving out and me turning their bedroom into a dressing room/office.

6. Well I keep telling myself I'm not getting any younger though I really am still one year over my mid twenties making me twenty six. however I do not like the changing of the seasons coming this fast. Don't get me wrong I love fall I just didn't want it to start at the middle-end of July and go straight through August! 




Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Burt's Bee's Lipbalms! I have super dry and chapped lips and nothing else I've tried even comes close to hydrating them (even high-end).

2. I'm interpreting this as a clubbing sort of party, so usually an accent color (depending on dress), dark brown in crease, and blended out black on outer corner. Plus heavy cat-eye with liquid liner, layered mascara, and falsies. Smiley Wink Neutral cheeks and lips. 

3. Action, drama, comedy, romcom, and lastly horror!

4. Oh god.. Vampire Diaries. :x The show itself annoys me more often than not, so I usually have it on when I'm doing my nails or something as just background, but there are some good-looking people in there. Smiley Tongue

5. Food! Cheat days for me are always on weekends when I go out to eat, so definitely looking forward to that.

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Holika Holika Petite BB Cream (It's korean but it's cheap)

2.Black jeans, heels, cat eye, false lashes


4. .......I don't watch anything for the people, but I'm fickle. If I had to pick something I watch that has heaps of fan service it would be Fairy Tail.

5.I wish to make brownies

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

2. neutral eye, pink lips and pretty cheeks

3. Comedy or Action/Comedy (THE HEAT!)

4. Supernatural (so so sexy......omg)

5. Going to the lake again....the heat here is cray crazy! Today was 104 F, no joke, and today was the 21st day of triple digit heat....I also cant wait to go to the waterpark

Re: Monday Randomness :)

Dean Winchester!!!!!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Does an EOS lip balm count? lol

2. I love trying Some "smokey" kind of looks!

3. Comedy!!

4. I'm going to say True blood because everyone is hot! but... In all honesty, the show has me on my toes! 

5. Maybe going to a waterpark since some cousins are comeing down to visit! 

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1.  I don't swear by it cause I don't use it a lot, but I really like itSmiley Surprisedlay spf 15 lotion

2. Depends on what kind of party. I hate to be incorrectly dressed for an event, so I always try to dress according to.

3.  Action, comedy, romance

4. Uhhh, i don't know

5. don't really know, just enjoying the last bits of summer.

Re: Monday Randomness :)

@Kiki517- Hmmmm. What chanel did you say the Vineyard was on? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1 - Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (comes in a jar) - it is the most moiturizing lotion for the body I have ever come across!


2 - I;m interpreting this as casual parties - jeans, a white t-shirt ( a particular one that empasizes the right curves without making it look like i tried lol), slightly smokey eye makeup and simple face makeup, straight hair


3 - horror


4 - i can; think of a show, but any movie with Ryan Gosling Smiley Happy


5 - None - I have to work this Sunday and i;m on salary so I really don;t even get paid for it


Bonus: Beats me lol

Re: Monday Randomness :)

Happy Monday BeautyTalkers!!


1. Name a drugstore beauty product you swear by.

Its not exactly "drugstore", but the BEST makeup remover I've ever used was from MaryKay.  I go through bottles of that stuff like its water!
2. What's your go-to party look?

Neutral smokey eye with bold lips & super volumized hair!
3. Movie night: horror, comedy, action, drama, other?

Either action or comedy.  Usually action since a lot of comedy has adult humor that my kids sort of understand & no one likes those awkward moments!!
4. Name a show you like mainly for the cute stars.

I'm with you Vampire Diaries fans!  I feel like they have a good variety of gorgeous actresses & HOT men! The Salvatore Brothers.... I'm team Damon for sure!

5. What weekend plans are keeping you going this first full week of August?

No plans yet, but that can change at any moment Smiley Happy
Bonus: it's August already, really? Where did the time go?

No Idea!  I cant believe school will be starting (for my girls) soon!!  But that just means that Christmas is around the corner Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Name a drugstore beauty product you swear by.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in 310
2. What's your go-to party look?

Recently its been MAC Woodwinked on lids, and lighltly on lower lash line, then UD Electric on lower lash line. NARS Laguna as contour, NARS Orgasm on cheeks, MAC Shygirl on lips.

3. Movie night: horror, comedy, action, drama, other?

Horror for sure
4. Name a show you like mainly for the cute stars.


5. What weekend plans are keeping you going this fist full week of August?

Haircut this saturday, then I have to do a CPR/Water safety class this coming sunday, and finally, a Four day (long weekend) trip to Puerto Vallarta in a couple weeks for bf's and my four year anniversary before starting back up in my Master's Program (one year left!!).

Bonus: it's August already, really? Where did the time go?

Seriously, this summer flew by too fast Smiley Sad. It's my last summer break before I officially enter the real world with a job (hopefully) when I graduate from my MSW program!

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. My absolute holy grail drug store product (and questionably of all time) is the St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub! This scrub is such a classic and has done WONDERS for my skin. I can't rave about it enough, so I will stop here Smiley Happy


2.  I don't really have a go-to party look.  I like to play around with different looks when I have the opportunity.  


3.  Most likely I'll be watching a comedy or action/thriller on a movie night.  I really like the make-you-think thrillers - I like to think I am the smartest person ever if I figure it out before the movie ends and I really like feeling surprised by a good twist Smiley Happy  Although, my bf and I had a movie night on Friday and we watched Despicable Me.  So... I guess I run the range of children's movies on up!!  P.S.  If I could have one of those Despicable Me minions as a pet, I would.  Smiley Wink


4. I don't know if I have a show that I watch for the actors.  I will watch any movie with Matt Damon though.  He is only getting better looking as he ages.... wish we were all that lucky Smiley Wink


5.  I don't think I have any plans yet for the weekend.  I usually like low key weekends.  


Bonus: Its so crazy that August is here.  We will start seeing holiday decorations in the stores soon! I started seeing Halloween decorations a few weeks ago!! Craziness!!

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Name a drugstore beauty product you swear by.

There are a few that work amazingly well for me, and one of them is EOS lip balm!  I wear it everyday: by itself, under lipstick, or under lip gloss.  I'm currently using the Summer Fruit one lol.

2. What's your go-to party look?

I don't really have one.  I'll do different things for different occasions. 

3. Movie night: horror, comedy, action, drama, other?

I like different types of movies.  Horror, comedy, action, and Disney!  Smiley Very Happy

4. Name a show you like mainly for the cute stars.

This is something I started to get into watching.  It's kind of a guilty pleasure.  Almost no one knows this, but I'll have to say the Bold and the Beautiful.  I confessed! lol.  I usually don't watch soap operas, but this one caught my eye, especially for the cute stars lol.

5. What weekend plans are keeping you going this fist full week of August?

I don't really have any weekend plans at the moment.  Pretty much playing it by ear.

Bonus: I've already seen the complaining Facebook statuses about returning to school by my younger cousins and whatnot.  I kind of have a good chuckle from it because I don't go back until August 26! lol.

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. NYX Black Eye Shadow Single, it's consistency and formula beats most even those from higher end brands sold in department stores. It's a rich, matte shadow that applies evenly, which is hard for most matte formulas to grasp!


2. A defined winged/cat eye with either a solid, neutral lip or a bold one (red or magenta).


3. Comedy, got to love laughs!


4. I don't watch much TV (I'll catch things on Netflicks), but I have a time where I ran through True Blood marathons with some gal pals of mine. Helllllllllo Joe Manganiello!!! Forget Bill or Eric, it's all about Alcide!




5. Relaxing time at home is my motivator! I've been working nonstop and my weekends have been packed! Getting to spend some nice time in sounds like pure heaven!

Re: Monday Randomness :)

yes! Alcide Rocks!!!

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. It does a really great job of getting all my makeup off and it's my general go to.

2. I'm so boring... I'll just make my eyes a little more smokey or maybe apply a bold lip.

3. Anything! My last movie night was action and then before that it was horror and then before that it was drama. I watch anything and everything... Smiley Happy

4. I can't watch a show just for cute stars... it has to have a great plot and character development for me to keep watching.

5. I have a family Giants baseball game on Sunday before my brother goes back to school which should be fun! Even though I'm an A's fan...

Re: Monday Randomness :)

1. NYX lipgloss in beige. The consistency and color look great on everyone. Despite the name it's actually a medium pink. 

2. That's SO hard to say. It really depends on where I'm going and how much time I have. I'll rock a smokey if I'm going out to a lounge or on a dinner date. If I'm going somewhere more festive like a concert or a show I will generally do a look that's reflective of that. 


4. True Blood. Everyone on that show looks good Smiley Happy

5. I'm going to spend my weekend just doing some home improvements. I am currently in the process of completely revamping my bedroom, so that has been consuming a lot of time. I'm super particular as to how I want it to look. 


Whimsically yours,

Re: Monday Randomness :)

I also love the NYX lipgloss in beige! Its one of my go-to lip products lately.  Such a pretty color and feels so nice to wear

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