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Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)

You in? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)

Actualloy for Catholics Wednesday and Friday of this week are day s  of Fasting and abstaining from meat.

These days are called Rogation Days.



Antoine ( Catholic )



Re: Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)

Cool idea! 

An intersting fact about me is that i try not to eat  pig at all 


From Makeuppiggy

Re: Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)


Re: Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)

I would join, if not for the fact that my iron is really low and red meat is the best source (except for watermelon) to get it from.  When my iron levels are back up I'll join though!

Re: Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)

Sure, I've only had pasta with pesto sauce for lunch (romano cheese sprinked on top) but that's not meat. I'm having burritos for supper, I don't put meat in them, only beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, avacado and hot sauce. We don't eat much meat anyways, so more often than not we eat vegetarian or fish.

Re: Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)

Oh what a fun idea!


Everyday is meatless for me (I'm a vegetarian). Even before I stopped eating meat I would often challenge myself to go meatless for a full day. There are so many different delicious meatless dishes out there Smiley Happy. Can't wait to see what meals and snacks you guys come up with today!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Meatless Wednesday!!! :-)

@janinebt-  I love to plan vegetarian meals, I get a lot of ideas from Indian cookbooks. I love to make curries, chickpea dishes, lentil dishes and various saags (a kind of cheese based dish). My favorite is spinach saag which is definitely not low calorie but oh so tasty!

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