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May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

As you all know, I had to put down my almost 15 years old "sister" Jewel.  Although I am not completely healed and I still cry over her, I think she has pointed my family and I into the direction of a new furry family member.  Some people may think I sound crazy that I believe this her doing, but that's just your opinion lol.  And we all know the saying about opinions lol.


Anyway, over the weekend, my former high school English teacher shared a picture of a bloodhound on Facebook from the local Animal Control page.  I knew the Humane Society had a page, but I did not know that Animal Control had one as well.  I believe Jewel was using my former teacher to point out the bloodhound.  The timing is quite strange because a) it is my dad's turn to pick the next pet and to name him/her  b) he has always wanted a blood hound.


I showed my mom and dad the picture and whatnot, and we all fell in love.  We prepaid the adoption so he could be ours.  Since he looks like he may be a pure breed, animal control has to hold him for about a week for an owner to come forward and claim him.  The owner has until tomorrow.  If the owner really cared, I believe he or she would have come forward sooner.  I don't think the person will because it looks like he has been roaming for a while.  He is skinny, especially at the waist.


Lanndan and I went to meet him yesterday, and he has some of Jewel's personality.  I about cried when we left Animal Control.  I think Brutus will love his future brother.  Brutus has been lonely, too.  I've seen him look at Jewel's grave, especially when I visit it.  He's also been in his dog house more.


Here are some pictures Lanndan and I took.


dog 1.jpgBloodhound kisses  Smiley Happy


dog 2.jpgYou can see how skinny he is in this picture, and he is shedding his winter coat.


dog 3.jpg

I have a picture of Jewel where she looks at the camera exactly like he did.  Smiley Happy

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

You're exactly right about animals being very close friends and companions.  It's amazing how close the bonds between people and animals can be.  I think the Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdale and trainer is an example of that.  The commercial is all about the bond and not the beer.

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Awwww, Kimmi!!!!! Those photos and the fact that the timing of this is just insanely wonderful!


He looks super handsome and like he has a lot of love to share! Not to sound mean, but I hope the owner doesn't try to claim him with that one day lingering and you and your family get to adopt him! There are so many pets without homes that need shelter, care, and love, and I know you're a great individual with so much love to go around that any puppy or animal would be fortunate to have you as their owner!


Thank you for sharing this with us! It was sad news when  Jewel had to be put down and everyone here could see how much you adored her and love her and by all means that love never stopped.


Let us know when he's an official member of the family! Smiley Very Happy Super excited and happy for you!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

I don't think you sound mean at all because I have been thinking the exact same thing! lol.  Thanks, and I know what you mean about so many animals being in shelters.  From where I've volunteered, it's crazy how so many people just toss their animals or fail to get them fixed and not care for the offspring.  I've heard some crazy reasons as to why owners don't get their animals spayed or neutered.


Whoever had him did not get him neutered, so he will be fixed at the Humane Society before my family and I can take him home.  He'll also get a check up and his shots.

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Take lots of pictures when you welcome him to your home!!! ^_^ Puppy partyyyy!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

I plan to, and of ones of dad's face!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Now THAT photo will be priceless!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

How cute! Thanks for sharing with us. Smiley Happy I love bloodhounds, growing up I had a friend who's dad was a big hunter and he had 3 coon hounds and a bloodhound like the one you have here. Super friendly and sweet even though he was huge! I hope it all works out and yes, maybe it is a sign for you!  My dog's always showed up in my life (always as rescue pets) just at the most interesting times..

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

I'm glad I'm not crazy for seeing it as a sign lol.  It is so funny how animals show up when and how they do.  Most of our animals are rescues, too.  He is a pretty big boy height wise, and I believe he is a bit taller than Brutus the boxer/mastiff mix.

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