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May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

As you all know, I had to put down my almost 15 years old "sister" Jewel.  Although I am not completely healed and I still cry over her, I think she has pointed my family and I into the direction of a new furry family member.  Some people may think I sound crazy that I believe this her doing, but that's just your opinion lol.  And we all know the saying about opinions lol.


Anyway, over the weekend, my former high school English teacher shared a picture of a bloodhound on Facebook from the local Animal Control page.  I knew the Humane Society had a page, but I did not know that Animal Control had one as well.  I believe Jewel was using my former teacher to point out the bloodhound.  The timing is quite strange because a) it is my dad's turn to pick the next pet and to name him/her  b) he has always wanted a blood hound.


I showed my mom and dad the picture and whatnot, and we all fell in love.  We prepaid the adoption so he could be ours.  Since he looks like he may be a pure breed, animal control has to hold him for about a week for an owner to come forward and claim him.  The owner has until tomorrow.  If the owner really cared, I believe he or she would have come forward sooner.  I don't think the person will because it looks like he has been roaming for a while.  He is skinny, especially at the waist.


Lanndan and I went to meet him yesterday, and he has some of Jewel's personality.  I about cried when we left Animal Control.  I think Brutus will love his future brother.  Brutus has been lonely, too.  I've seen him look at Jewel's grave, especially when I visit it.  He's also been in his dog house more.


Here are some pictures Lanndan and I took.


dog 1.jpgBloodhound kisses  Smiley Happy


dog 2.jpgYou can see how skinny he is in this picture, and he is shedding his winter coat.


dog 3.jpg

I have a picture of Jewel where she looks at the camera exactly like he did.  Smiley Happy

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Well, I called the humane society to see if he was brought up for vetting or if the owner claimed him at the last minute.  He was brought up for vetting, so he is my new furry brother!!!!!  Smiley Very Happy  I call again later today to see if he can come home today or tomorrow.  I guess it depends on how tired he is after being fixed, getting his shots, and all that fun stuff.  


It's suppose to be pretty and warm this weekend, so it will be an awesome welcome home weekend for him!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Congrats, Kimmi!!!!! I'm so happy for you and your family! I'm sure he's super excited too to be welcomed soon enough into a warm and loving home!



Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Hey Kimmi!  I am soo happy for you, your family and your new "brother"!!!!! I hope he can come home to your family right away, though don't be too worried if they keep him overnight. Neutering a grown dog is more tricky than a puppy, so sometimes they keep them a bit longer. Depends on how fast he recovers from the anesthesia and how well his incision does.


Soo happy, I'm just beaming, bet you are too!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

It's funny how another four legged family member can help heal you.... I found a neglected stray walking down my street the week of the one year 'anniversary' of another pet passing away.... although our loved ones can never be replaced, he helped fill a void in my and my husband's heart.  I am SO happy for you and your family!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

My dad and I brought him home last night!  Dad decided to name him Meat Head.  He is named after the golden lab my papaw once had.  He was an excellent dog, and he would follow my papaw wherever he went, including when he was on the tractor.  After that, he would chill under the shade tree with him.  The name does fit the goofy bloodhound's personality.


I can tell my dad is absolutely in love.  He tried to hide the grin on his face because he knew I had my camera, but he didn't fool me lol.  Since it was rainy and whatnot yesterday, Meat Head spent the night in the woodshop.  We didn't want to spook him or anything by introducing him to Brutus in the rain and whatnot,  He didn't even offer to bug the barn cat, Nala, either.  He only wanted to sniff her lol.  


He is as sweet as can be, and apparently he knows how to shake!  He put his paw up to my dad, and he just lit up!  Meat Head does need some meat on his bones.  The vet gave him some meds for hook worms, and that is part of the reason he is skinny.  Who knows what he ate while roaming around.  Other than that, he is healthy.


 I'm going to stop by the vet's office on the way in from school and see what kind of a high protein food they would recommend for him.  He weighs 70 lbs, and, according to the internet, bloodhounds are supposed to weigh between 90 and 100/110 pounds depending on the height.  I'll do some more research into the breed, too.  I'm 90% sure he is pure bloodhound.  If he's mixed with something else, it would have to be another type of hound.  I will post pictures that I take this weekend if that is ok with you all.  If it's annoying, just say the word lol.

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

So nice that you got Meat Head so soon, he sounds like a love bug. Post more pictures, please!!!!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

He is a love bug who loves hugs and kisses! 

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Gawww! Meat Head! I love the name, it sounds so jolly!


He sounds like he's already a great addition to the family and what manners (knowing how to shake)! Smiley Wink



Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Teehee!  Meat Head!  That's such an excellent name Smiley Very Happy

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

@MoreGun89 and Lylysa   I think he already understands what his name is, too.  He is a very smart boy.

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Yesterday, my parents and I worked on introducing Meat Head to Brutus. For the most part, it went well. Brutus does not like to have his ears sniffed, and he seemed iffy at times. Although it went well for the most part, we added a center fence section just to be safe, especially through the night. However, nothing major happened. They are both really good boys, and I believe they will be awesome "slobber brothers." lol.


I also believe that he may have been beaten by a previous owner. Dad used the hammer to bust out a section of the dog house door to widen it after using the jigsaw (temporary fix until he gets a new dog house built). The steady noise of the saw didn't bother Meat Head, but the noise from the hammer scared him. He gave a painful whine and laid down, and he was not near the dog house. He was probably beaten and/or was "gun shy" as Lanndan described. Apparently, some hunters can be cruel and abandon animals that are gun shy.


Jewel knew we would love and protect him.  I didn't have my camera on me outside yesterday during the introductions, but I did snap this picture with my phone.  554996_626324057381353_1195882043_n.jpg


The first picture was taken by the Humane Society when my dad and I picked him up after he got off work.  You can tell he is trying to hide that grin, but he couldn't fool me! lol.  Mom had to work over time, so she got a surprise when she got home!  Smiley Happy


Humane Society.jpg


These are from when we got him to the wood shop for the night.  You can easily see he needs some meat on his bones.


MH 1.jpg

He is also shedding a bit more than normal due to his past lack of nutrition.


MH 2.jpg


(Before dad swept up the cedar shavings) Meat Head: "I smell...*sniff sniff* cedar shavings from wood used to build furniture.  Wait!  *sniff sniff* A 4 or 5 piece cedar bedroom suite to be exact!" lol  He was smelling everything in the shop lol.


MH 3.jpg

Nala (the once extremely skinny cat that found us): "What is the thing that slobbers doing in my shop?"

MH 4.jpg





Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

kimmi I'm so glad Meat Head is fitting in so well with your family (furry members included)!  Thanks for sharing your photos, I love the one of the suspicious Nala, and can see you guys and Meat Head having many wonderful adventures together in the near future Smiley Happy

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Your family looks so happy!  That picture of you and your Dad is priceless, the Humane Society did a great job capturing the "completeness" of you all!


I have a gun-shy rescue myself, he hides under the table whenever there's a shot from someone hunting, even if it's a long way off. My dog is also afraid during thunderstorms, but we just snuggle him close and he's ok. It's so sad to imagine what pet's have gone through before them come to us, but looks like Meat Head is found his forever loving home.


Hope you all have fun together this weekend!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

I love the photos, Kimmi!!!!! You and your dad look so happy and Meat Head looks darling! Haha, Nala's photo is hilarious....your caption totally matches her face! Your dad's eyes definitely show joy and smile!


Kudos to your and your fam for taking him in and giving him the start of a brand new take on life!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Aww. Absolute adorbs. You guys are so sweet! So glad he (and Nala) found a good home with you guys. ^.^

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

I believe Meat Head's first weekend at his forever home was an awesome one.  The weather was beautiful, and he had a fun weekend of playing with people and Brutus. Although Brutus has some issues when it comes to sharing food, he has been getting along well with Meat Head.  They were playing tug-o-war and chase yesterday!  


It took Meat Head a couple of days before he started playing with toys.  Now, he loves them!  He had two in his mouth at one point!  Smiley Very Happy  Brutus is more for wrestling and sitting on people.  His favorite person to on is me lol.  


Here are some pictures of his first weekend.  Sorry for the picture spam lol.


mh1.jpgThe Slobber Brothers!!!!!


mh2.jpgI predict they will soon sit on me at the same time lol.


mh3.jpgHe loves to shake hands.  He tends to ask people to shake before they have to chance to ask lol.  I believe he is a gentleman.


mh4.jpgJust like the other critters, he will always get hugs.


mh5.jpg"My opossum."


mh6.jpgToy snuggles.


mh7.jpgHe was checking out my phone as I took a picture of us lol.

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Too bad I can't give a heart for each picture, they are some charming photos!  Looks like Meat Head is so happy there and the picture of him and Brutus is so sweet!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Thanks, and I believe he is happy, too.  He and Brutus have been playing together more, especially with the toys.  Meat Head seems to like the floppy toys that don't have stuffing, but those are not lasting too long with him lol.

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Awww, he and Brutus look so adorable together!!!! And look at him and his little toy!! He's such a ham!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"

Lol!  Smiley Very Happy  He is a ham, especially when he runs!

Re: May Be Getting A New Furry "Brother"



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