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Marc Jacobs Makeup

It is said to debut sometimes next month. Are any of you excited for their line? I am. I love their perfumes and can't wait to see what kind of makeup they're going to release.

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup





I can't wait!

That packaging is AMAZEBALLS!





Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Women all over our BT Community will have an Mar Jacobs Makeup Launch button on their alarm clock set tonight.Smiley Very Happy

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

I heard they're going to have a party in stores for the launch tomorrow!!! Samples and  swatches galore...I can't wait!

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup


Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Aaaaahhhh! I'm dying to see all the products! But must wait until later for the x3 points....*summoning all my willpower*.....

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

I have no will power and will be placing my order as soon as I wake up tomorrow lol

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

omg this awesome news!! I'm excited!!

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

As I was looking at the Marc Jacobs website I saw something that might help everyone as they choose some of the lip vinyl products, the ones with the black logo have more coverage and the ones with the silver logo are the more sheer ones. I thought that would be a good little bit of information to pass on.Smiley Happy

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

OK. the packaging is so sleek and sophisticated!! i'm drooling in front of mah computer. lol.


i have my eyes on the lipsticks and the blush. oh, maybe i'd get the foundation too. but, i'll wait for some swatches and reviews first. haha!


Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Ahhh, the packaging is gorgeous and everything looks amazing and shiny and I need ALL the nail polishes and probably most of everything else, ahahah. 

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

@keelybt- Man ya'll are so lucky to get to play around with it. I wish we would just get to see it.Smiley Happy

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Ah, I'm cleaning out my bookmarks so I'll share what I found from stalking the collection so far. EYE CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!




lipgloss and eyeshadow palettes:


blushes/bronzers I believe:


An impressive range of colors for foundation, me thinks:




eye liner/mascara:



*phew* enjoy!

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

@beautytester,  SO BEAUTIFUL!


Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

This is a stick up. Hand me over all that gorgeous makeup and nobody gets hurt Smiley Very Happy

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

@Spyski I'm really trying to be good and NOT buy things but these products are really testing my limits and I may have to make an exception lol The nail polishes are gorgeous! 1 swipe coats completely and it is a laquered finish, so super shiny and satiny.  There is this silver glitter one that is calling to me.  The glitter is very fine and two coats covered my nail completely with a pure silver sparkle.  The eyeliners are amazing!  Super pigmented,  creamy consistency and it sets within 15 seconds and then does not budge. They are retractable and include a sharpener on one end to shape the point for a fine line.  The mascara is super black and has that shiny laquered finish. I was really impressed with all of the products overall.

@CrazyRN I am so right there with you.

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Thank you so much for sharing! It's great to get the insider scoop!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

I don't think anyone will be disappointed with the products.  I came in to work today without makeup on because I knew we would get to play with the products.  I'm now adding an eyeshadow palette to my must haves.  I put on one of the colors and thought it's nice but I have shades like this.  I just took another look and I SO DO NOT. Super vibrant and has a sheen that almost gives a wet look.

Also I'm so excited that ALL of our freestanding stores and select Sephora inside JCP will be carrying the line.

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

OHHH I wanna try the foundation, blushes, and EVERYTHING. 

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

the foundation looks AMAZING & the concealer

theres an eyeshadow palette the long one with i think 8 neutral colors, that would be perfect, 


i really am so excited for this line

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

We just had a training for the makeup and got to try most of the products.  They are really fantastic! The quality is top notch and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. I already have a few that I must own once they are available lol

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