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Marc Jacobs Makeup

It is said to debut sometimes next month. Are any of you excited for their line? I am. I love their perfumes and can't wait to see what kind of makeup they're going to release.

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Ohh, I cant wait to try those lipsticks. The packaging is so cute too.

<3 Melissa

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

I absolutely love the Marc Jacobs perfumes, so I am curious about the makeup.  Price point will be a factor, especially with the nail polishes.  Since I change my nails often and also experiment on nail wheels, I'd be afraid to use it much lol.


Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup



i was reading Glamour and i realized they too were excited about the MJ makeup line! in the first picture he says he will be coming out with a felt tipped liquid liner inspired by amy winehouse at $30.00 


second picture is a smokey eye palette inspired by courtney love he says, its $42.00 


the third is a nail polish in like a smokey grey color, but its only $18.00, inspired by liza minnelli of course. 


the fourth is 3 different lipglosses, the purple fuchia looking one is called "truth or dare" the light pink bubblegum color is called "overproctected" and the orange one is named "sweet escape" all at $28.00 



so the prices seem about the same as YSL & Dior's cosmetics line, but the nail polish seems pretty cheap. 

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Ah, I'm cleaning out my bookmarks so I'll share what I found from stalking the collection so far. EYE CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!



lipgloss and eyeshadow palettes:

blushes/bronzers I believe:

An impressive range of colors for foundation, me thinks:


eye liner/mascara:


*phew* enjoy!

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

OHHH I wanna try the foundation, blushes, and EVERYTHING. 

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

the foundation looks AMAZING & the concealer

theres an eyeshadow palette the long one with i think 8 neutral colors, that would be perfect, 


i really am so excited for this line

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

We just had a training for the makeup and got to try most of the products.  They are really fantastic! The quality is top notch and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. I already have a few that I must own once they are available lol

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

Are you allowed to tell us which ones you've got to have just yet?! If you are, please share! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

This is a stick up. Hand me over all that gorgeous makeup and nobody gets hurt Smiley Very Happy

Re: Marc Jacobs Makeup

@Spyski I'm really trying to be good and NOT buy things but these products are really testing my limits and I may have to make an exception lol The nail polishes are gorgeous! 1 swipe coats completely and it is a laquered finish, so super shiny and satiny.  There is this silver glitter one that is calling to me.  The glitter is very fine and two coats covered my nail completely with a pure silver sparkle.  The eyeliners are amazing!  Super pigmented,  creamy consistency and it sets within 15 seconds and then does not budge. They are retractable and include a sharpener on one end to shape the point for a fine line.  The mascara is super black and has that shiny laquered finish. I was really impressed with all of the products overall.

@CrazyRN I am so right there with you.

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